Birthday in a purse Wlcome to
A girlfriends gallery, Louisville


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The Coop

The Chicks Hen-House. A lunchroom where absolutely great food is served to ladies who
dress to dine. No soft-spoken, tea-room where the clink of china is heard. No skimpy little sandwiches with crust cut-off.

The "COOP" is about CELEBRATION AND FUN where dessert is always part of a fabulous lunch. Where ladies Birthdays are something special and singing and dancing is encouraged.

1950's and 60's music blasts-out familiar tunes, Neil Sadaka's Happy Birthday Sweet 16 is the theme of the day and everyone is dressed in old hats, feather boas, old jewelry, gloves, glasses and old furs; all compliments of "GRANNIES CLOSET" located inside the "COOP".

The staff, in the "COOP" is fun and friendly and they've seen to every detail of fun plates and silverware, chenille tablecloths, delicious lunches, herbed iced-tea and very beautiful special desserts. AND if you have brought your camera, will take a picture or two of you and your gal-pals.

When the weather is nice (we are in Nebraska after-all) the merriment spills outside to the ART CHICKS "WHIMSY GARDEN" where, even we have to admit, it is nice to get down to those great talks with your girlfriend.

ALL LUNCHES are by reservation at 11;30 am or at 1:00pm; Wed, Thurs, Fri, and on Saturdays a 2:30 pm is available. Phone 402-234-2669...............
The same menu is served to everyone
, price is $10.95 (this does include beverage, entree and dessert; does not include tax nor gratuity). If there is a dietary need and you let us know in advance, we do a special plate for that need.