April 25, 2001
Time: 7:00
Place: Village Office

1. Roll Call

2. Motion to approve and/or correct

(Note: All items noted with an asterisk are automatically approved when the consent agenda is approved unless removed by a council member.)

B. City Minutes of April 11, 2001

C. City Warrants

3. Hearings

4. Communications, Petitions, Remonstrances

A. Approval/Denial/Table - South Ridge Subdivision Agreement

B. Approval/Denial/Table - South Ridge Subdivision Final Plat

C. Approval/Denial/Table - South Ridge Subdivision request for waiver

D. Alan Mueller, Lot 804

5. Ordinances/Resolutions (resolutions require one motion) (ordinances requires two, one to introduce by title only and suspend the three required statutory readings and one to adopt)

A. Ordinance #707, South Ridge Subdivision

B. Resolution 01-13, American Media/Charter USA merger

C. Resolution 01-14, Speed zones on Hwy 50 and Hwy 66

6. Old Business

A. Sheriff's contract (approval)

B. Jaycees Poker Run (request to close part of Main Street)

C. Eastwood Drive/Hwy 66 Right of Way Issue

D. Rescue Squad Agreement w/Cedar Creek

7. New Business

A. Fire Department - request for purchase of additional pagers

8. Adjournment

AGENDA IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE: the agenda shall not be enlarged later than twenty-four hours before the scheduled commencement of the meeting. 

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