On November 5, 2002

Vote FOR Proposition 1

This is NOT a new tax

Voting FOR Proposition 1 will not increase your taxes.

Proposition 1: Shall the City of Louisville adopt an economic development program, pursuant to Nebraska Statutes 18-2701 through 18-2738, which (a) limits expenditures to 50% and (b) specifies the type of economic development purposes, for which the sales and use tax revenues may be expended on economic development for the duration of the existing 1% City sales tax, and appropriating annually from the local sales and use tax a maximum of $70,000.00 per year for use in economic development? A vote FOR will result in adopting the economic development plan. A vote AGAiNST will result in not adopting the economic development plan.

               X __FOR                                   ___AGAINST

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