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BUILD Booth Boasts Double Bang


Looking Out Steve's Back Door

View from back of Louisville Art Gallery towards Copple

Provided by Councilman Steve Sherman

...is that a Monet?  


a Voice from The Past..

Remember Don Wildrick? Class of '57


Bugs in the Library

Ruth Ann brings Pipe Cleaners for Creepy Crawlers

New Books and More have Just Arrived 

Seward Pair plans to "Ditch Dewey" 


  Computer John - Suddenly  Stimulated

  ...oh, Lord..Now what?...


 Drive right past those Sarpy tents,
ignore those inflated godzilla's in Gretna,
take your hand out of that basket of Papillion punks
(after all, you don't know where they have been)
Bring your pyrotechnical pennies home to the land south of the Platte and take a gander at the Louisville Fireworks booth! You won't believe the punks we've got here!!  
Community and Business Volunteers will be displaying and selling high quality Fireworks to bighten your 4th of July celebration starting today, all the way through July 4th!
Each Firecracker you Buy at the
Louisville Fireworks booth
will come with 2 bangs, not just one.
There is the one bang that happens when the fuse gets lit, and a second that happens when Louisville's Main Street comes alive with
beautiful holiday Lights this Christmas.
That last one, is quieter and lasts a LOT longer as the current plan is to create a permanent Holiday lighting system, with state of the Art LED technology that will last for many, many years. Give that a thought, and buy an extra Roman Candle or 2. Get a chance to meet former Commissioner
Paul McManis, or even Andy Mixan both will be appearing live and in person at the booth for free punk,  autographs, inspiration or financial advice.
Pitch In a Little Time and Earn a Cool Discount for Helping!
Louisville Class of '57 
Hi from Don..
My roots are from a town they used to call
Weeping Water, Nebraska. 
My father was born there in 1909, and my
  grandparents lived there 65 yrs.  Fred and
  Ethel Wildrick were my grandparents, They are
  buried in the cementary up on top of the Hill.   I
  was born and raised in Louisville, Nebraska, 
  and graudated from Louisville High School, in
  1957,  we were always rival with Weeping
  Water,  Iam 71 years old and have a cousin
  that still lives in Weeping Water,   Willie Kunz
  in my relation.  And had a another cousin 
  Helen Downy Stien from Weeping Water. 
  So Iam really interested since that is where my
  root are from  and I remember the city well in the
  50 and 60s.  Larry Knott,  Kenny Startton, I had an uncle that lived there.  I just enjoy seeing if I remember any of them, and
I do Geneagoly for a hobby.  I remember the Cass County Fairs on main street, the old show building,  My grandparents went to the Stone Methodist Church on the corner of the Main street,  I remember the floods there the old dam going fishing in the Weeping Water Creek. 
Yes, I would like to get the news if for no other reason, my Roots are there.  I have a lot of pic and info of long ago Weeping Water, Nebraska.  So I hope you will accept my chance to see if I remember anyone from there anymore and see pic's  if the old stone Church Methodist is still there, I use to go with my grandmother every Sunday when I went to stay with them.  So
  please let me know.
My Address
  Don L Wildrick
  308 Palmer Lane
  Mesquite, Nevada,  89027
  Home Phone:  702-346-0710
  Email:  [email protected]
  Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.
The highlight of the summer at all Nebraska libraries is our June Summer Reading Program which is always a big hit.  This year it's titled "Catch the Reading Bug!"  Ruth Ann handed out "bug" kits that she made containing all sorts of items, straws, pipe cleaners, insect wings to color, etc., from which the children make different "creepy crawlers" while learning more about them.  They take turns reading, songs are sung, games played, prizes handed out and, of course, there are always treats. 
Approximately 20 children are attending, ranging from preschool to young adults, all of whom are having a great time!  A party will be held on the final day, July 2nd.
Our free-will book sale held during the "Art in the Park" fair was very successful.  Leftover paperbacks and some hardback books were donated to the Cass County Sheriff's Department for their library and Greenwood Methodist Church for the missionary book drive.  Presently sale tables have been removed from the Senior Center and City Office but may resurface in the future.
Two board members traveled to Seward to attend a "Ditchin' Dewey" seminar led by the Seward librarian. 
Many libraries are looking into this system as an easier and more understandable way of categorizing books on shelving and has proven to be popular with those that have already instituted a new system.  Whether or not to "ditch" the Dewey Decimal System will be decided at future board meetings. 
Presently we are pulling old, outdated books from our shelves in order to make our current and newer selections easier to find along with plans to relabel our existing shelves.  Our paperback selections are now in several categories and our very popular DVD and video sections is next on our "to-do" list, as well as labeling AR and other books with special labels to make it easier for parents and children to find Accelerated Reading books.
Removal of the old wooden sign at the library is being considered and a new library sign on the front windows would make it easier for visitors to find and hopefully rid us of our swallow problem and their not-too-subtle reminders of their presence on our entrance.
Our longer evening hours have proven popular and current plans are they will be maintained in the future.
New "Craft Saturdays" will begin on July 5 at 9:30 am.  Children can come to the library to make a craft and hear a story.  Each session will last approximately 45 minutes.  Children not enrolled in 1st grade as of the 2008-09 school year must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 
Also, the last Thursday of every month the library is host to scrapbooking sessions.  The library will be open from 5-10 pm for adults to bring their scrapbooking projects and use our facility to work and socialize with fellow scrapbookers!!! 
Last but not least, the back room of the library played host to an afternoon get-together of the Class of '53 prior to the Alumni Banquet.  Also, a local book club met in May for their monthly book club meeting.  If your group or class needs a great place to meet for a nominal fee, please contact Lisa Sheehan at 234-2509, or any board member to discuss details.
New books and movies have been purchased at the Louisville Library and include: How to really stink at Golf by Jeff Foxworthy; Phantom Prey by John Sandford; The Front by Patricia Cornwell, and The Last Lecture by Paush.  New DVDs include: National Treasure 2, Juno, P.S. I Love You, 27 Dresses, The Bee Movie, The Great Debators, and No Country for Old Men.  Summer Reading is now going on at the Louisville Library.  Stop in during summer reading sessions on Mondays at 10am and Wednesdays at 1:30.  Also, starting July 5, we will be hosting NEW CRAFT SATURDAYS!  Bring in your children to complete a craft and hear a story at 9:30 on the 1st Saturday of every month.  Children not enrolled in 1st grade or above will need to be supervised by a parent/guardian. 
Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!!!
Library Lisa
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From the Editor
Recently Stimulated
The US Treasury sent me some Moola!
My Patriotic Duty to Spend
It turns out they were serious about sending
everybody a little Economic Stimulous jolt..
My wife was opening all the bills, and whamo! here is a check from the US Treasury.
Now I am kinda worried..
In my experience, if somebody forks over $2 bucks, it is always followed by a request, a reminder, an order, a suggestion that you run out and do $8 bucks worth of something in return, like all those notes from Ed McMahon:
"You may already be a weiner!"
I never could afford free anything.
Always, ended up way too expensive..
What I understand is that the President of the United States of America has given me a direct  order to spend this money, on something that will stimulate the next guy to spend, and then, that guy will stimulate 2 other folks, and so on.....
Kinda like Amway, or something
I remember in Catholic High school, building a gizmo out of a discarded fly-back transformer from a junk TV, a lattern battery and a bunch of copper nails, on a piece of pine wood. I think it was a science project, or show&tell or something but if you got all the girls to hold hands and the last two each grab a copper wire, you could send a Zap through the whole screaming pig-tailed bunch.
This works extra good if they just set down their milk carton, baloney sandwich and/or Tiger Beat magazine, and their palms were real sweaty. It greatly improves conductivity. The greater the conductivity, the higher pitch the scream. Every time my younger sister would have her friends over for tea, another opportunity to prove
Tesla was right.
Very Stimulating!
Serious Fun for Hours!!
( until the Nuns found out.. ooooh.. )
Don't even try to shock a Nun, it is a Sin 
So, I guess this is sorta the same kinda deal.
I am no kid anymore, and I can't be playing around zapping school girls in the lunchroom. (dang it)
Time to graduate to FireWorks!!
I can take my Free Stimulous Moola down to the BUILD FireWorks Booth, and buy firecrackers for a good cause!
Very Stimulating!
Having Fun and Blowing Up Stuff South of the River
Computer John