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232nd Birthday



Click HERE to View the Declaration of Independence

Freedom is Never Free

Click Here to Read what happened to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence   


Brand New in Louisville!

A Portion of the Funds by law go to Community Betterment


Vote for Booth Sparklers!

Vote For the People that YOU feel, deserve special credit for the Successful 2008 Fireworks Booth

(Look over there to the Right - and VOTE!  >>)

The 2008 Booth Has Been a Major Project with hundreds of labor hours and special challenges to overcome

(Dan Henry rescued the effort with a special delivery of rock and wood chips just in time to prevent a wet and muddy disaster. Todd and Gabe out there shoveling rock in the heat, Ken  getting the lights to work, Larry hooking up phone lines, Maureen setting everything up, Irina wrestling deflated 30' Eagles) 

Under the Supervision of BUILD Co-Chairs

Jerod Plucknett and Paul McManis

Vote for those that gave that extra measure of their time, talent, blood, sweat and tears

Lets recognize our Sparklers

(You can Vote 4 times >> LOOK RIGHT>>)

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Swiss Alps - in Manley 

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"The Sound of Music" Revisits the Lofte

The last time the Lofte Community Theatre performed Rogers' and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music," gasoline was around $1.50 a gallon.  The year was 1985 and the "Born-in-a-Barn Players" were still housed in a converted barn free from amenities like air conditioning and running water.

After a twenty-three year hiatus, Director Kevin Colbert was ready to revisit the world's most beloved musical.  "I'm really excited about making this version an even bigger production than what we were able to provide last time," said Mr. Colbert.  Indeed, the Lofte's new performance space offers the cast and crew wing space, dressing rooms, and a stage twice as large as the one at the old Lofte.  Plenty of room to allow for grander sets and added depth to make the audience really feel as if they were transported to the Austrian Alps.

The story behind "The Sound of Music," is loosely based upon the book, "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers," written by Maria von Trapp and published in 1949.  The Rogers and Hammerstein stage version tells a romanticized and shortened story where Maria (serving as a governess) and the Captain fall in love during the days just prior to Hitler's anschluss of Austria in 1938.  The version as told by Maria von Trapp in her book states that the two actually married in 1927, several years before Hitler's rise to power.  There were also 10 von Trapp children instead of just 7 as portrayed in the movie, and together, Maria and Georg had 3 of their own.  

Principal actors in the Lofte's production include Jenniger Gilg of Omaha as Maria, Greg Leger of Omaha as the Captain, Janet Sorensen of Elmwood as Mother Abbess and Samantha Colbert of Weeping Water as Liesl.  Other members of the cast include Brenda Jones, Jordyn Marcoe, Kara Habrock and Maylea Bauers  all of Louisville; Cynthia Sheldon, Jeff Johnston, Kabrianna Mumford, Tim Sorensen, Jill McLaughlin and Lizzy Pegler all of Elmwood; Eileen Moser, Kevin Colbert and Jean Colbert all of Weeping Water; Lucy Myrtue of Murray; and Katie Schmitt of Murdock 


 Performance dates are July 18-20, 24-27, 31, and August 1-3.  Curtain times are at 7:30pm except for Sundays which are 2pm matinees.  All tickets are $15 and reservations can be made by calling the Lofte box office at (402)234-2553 or visiting the Lofte website, www.Lofte.com.  Several dates are very nearly sold out already so early reservations are strongly encouraged.


Pictured above:  Front Row from L to R, Abigail Raasch, Jenniger Gilg, Kabrianna Mumford.  Back Row, Matt Bailey, Samantha Colbert, Luke Heidbrink, Anna Schoettger and Jordyn Marcoe.

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Hey, Life is Better Here!
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From the Editor
The Stand
Don't Fear Tent Sleeper
For those of you that have not experienced this, the Fireworks Stand is a 10 day, 240 hour volunteer event marathon. No other Louisville fund raising project requires this level of stamina.
We are coming down to the wire!
You may not know that  volunteers even spend their nights camped out in the booth to make sure that there are no problems. Think back to all the severe weather we have endured recently and imagine spending all those nights in a tent. Wow! What an adventure!
Unique Opportunity
There really is no other event that provides this level of opportunity.
It would take a LOT of Bake Sales to raise the money the FireWorks Booth guarantees. BUILD feels that it was worth all the work and sacrifice.
This demonstrates that BUILD has the membership, the management and the will to take on  large projects, and succeed. The success of this marathon is a tribute to Jerod and Paul BUILD Co-Chairs and it reinforces the position BUILD has earned as Louisville's Active Community partner.
Lynn Berner would be very proud of what she started.
What Project will BUILD Fund Next Year?
Maybe You Can Suggest!
You are invited to attend the Next BUILD Meeting on Tuesday, July 8th at 7:15 am in the Louisville Care Community meeting area. Pick a Committee that will showcase your talents, and interests. Work alongside Local Business Leaders, get to know people that might open up new opportunities for you in the future.
So, as you light that Roman Candle Friday Night,
think about all the the 56 folks that signed that piece of paper back in 1776 and sacrificed so much, think about your neighbors that  contributed their time to help make this Recent BUILD Project a success, and think about how you might want to try a couple hours as a Volunteer!
By the Way, it's Not Too Late Cinderella!!
You Still Have A Chance to Pitch In!
4PM Friday - July 4th the Booth Comes Down and Lots of Volunteers will make that task go real fast! Click Here
Volunteers Help Keep Louisville Strong! 
Having Fun and Voting for Sparklers South of the River
Computer John