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Our Pride of LIONS

Lets go Lions chomp  the Indians!

Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally

Friday October 10, 2008 from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m.

at 3rd & Cherry to Main Street to the Fire Station

Big Game 7:00PM Louisville Lions  host Weeping Water Indians

Big Dance Saturday, 10/11 at 7PM

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  Dani Gennaro, Hayley Pilcher, Ashley Sjogren, Kaitlyn Coughlin and Paige Gardner show the plaque and medals won at the ECNC Cross Country Meet held at Timber Lake near Brainard.


Photos and Story Compliments of Krambeck Photography and the Lions Den

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Scary 1st Annual Scarecrow March

3PM - 6PM Friday

or Saturday 10/11 - 9am - 12noon

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Grab that scary or funny or weird Scarecrow you created and March it down to City Hall immediately following the Homecoming Pep Rally on Friday.

What? No scarecrow? - you can STILL get in on the fun!

Click Here for Scarecrow Rules  

just let us know you are still planning to enter one:

Register Here

  Beyond the fame & glory you may win $75 in Bank Bucks from Home State Bank!

Remember Must be at least 4 Foot Tall and Built to Last 30 Days strapped to a light pole on Main Street and admired by hundreds of visitors

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Coming Next Week


BUILD will be offering Beautiful/Natural Christmas Decorations

Including On-Line Ordering


Welcome Eagle!

The Village of Eagle is now a Chartered Community member of the www.NebraskaCommunityWebsites.com Project www.NCWP.org (Powered by Louisville's WireBuilt ) and their website is being introduced to all of Cass County today: Click Here to Get Next Weeks 1st Ever Eagle  Newsletter

Click Here: www.EagleNebraska.com

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  Mandy's Elves are putting together Christmas in Louisville Our Traditional "Ringing in the Season" festival, just as Joel and Todd are getting our brand new Christmas Lights installed up and down Main street!

Negotiations are finalizing for a complete catalogue of Natural Christmas treasures that will be available  from BUILD this year


 Look for more information shortly, here on the City Website



Posted by the Kernal Heidi Novotny on Friday, October 03, 2008

Cub scout popcorn sales start Saturday, Oct 4 and continue until late October. This is our one main fundraising event each year. Proceeds  fund our den activities, and may even help send a scout to camp.
Buy some great popcorn for yourself, or give it away as Halloween treats, or give as thank you for people you appreciate.

The Boy Scouts will not be selling popcorn this years, so you will be looking for scouts 11 and under. Thank you for your support of


Posted by Nancy McManis on Friday, October 03, 2008

There has be a grest response to our first ever Scarecrow contest and we are excited for all the participation. If you have an idea but haven't had the time ...we have extended the ENTRY FORM date to
Tuesday, Oct 9th so you still have time to make your creation. Entry forms and a rules sheet are on the Louisville Website HERE and at the City Office.

All Scarecrows MUST BE 4 ft or larger (contrary to the article in the Plattsmouth Journal which said ANY size). We will be at the City Office to accept your creation on Friday, October 10 from 3:00-6:00 and Saturday, October 11, between 9:00 AM-12:00 Noon.

Be sure your scarecrow has a "NAME" sign.

If you have any questions please call
Nancy McManis 234-3715 or Nancy Kratky 234-2750

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From the Editor
Guest Editor  - Mark Leibman
Reflections on the Credit Crisis

A tremendous amount of capital has disappeared because of a fact that most people knew, which turned out to be false.

The false fact:You can’t lose money in real estate.

People stretched to buy houses that they perhaps could not afford, thinking they could refinance or sell at an ever-higher valuation. Lenders made mortgages on questionable terms, in part because the loans were backed by houses that could be repossessed and sold if necessary for ever-higher prices. Investors bought mortgage-backed bonds for the same reason.

At the root of it all, every step of the way was

the false fact:You can’t lose money in real estate.

The over-investment in housing was supported by government policies. Tax-free gains upon selling a residence and “affordable housing” programs for less-qualified buyers encouraged people to over-extend. The packaging and sale of mortgages into widely-distributed securities created additional funding for the housing bubble.


Housing is cyclical and always has been. There have been four boom-and-bust housing cycles over the last half century. One bust caused the S&L problem in the late 1980’s. That crisis spilled over into the bond market and certain insurance companies, and featured a thousand insolvencies of savings and loans. The government was forced to create a new entity, the Resolution Trust Corp, to deal with $480 billion of assets from failed institutions. Today’s mess may actually be smaller in proportion to the size of our economy.


The current crisis may not be larger than some problems we’ve had in the past, but it is widespread. As with the extraordinarily high interest rates of 1980-1982 that brought the economy to its knees, every corner of the financial world has been affected. It will take time and money to get through this.


History does show how past cycles ended. We dealt with our problems (perhaps in a less-than-perfect way). The economy recovered sooner or later, then grew to reach new heights in production, jobs, and wealth. Likewise, the stock market eventually began to rise in fits and starts and ended at new record levels. The strength of the American System has always overcome its imperfections and the excesses that lead to problems.


The timing of recovery is uncertain --which makes it more interesting than we would prefer.

The lesson for today is to think about our strategies in the context of the long view, without over-reacting to this latest chapter in a very long book.

228 Main  P.O. Box 368  Louisville, Nebraska 68037 

Having Fun and Celebrating Homecoming South of the River
Computer John



Guest Editorial

Louisville Main Street Business

Reflections on the Credit Crisis October 1, 2008