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  Louisville Elementary Receives a Special


Dr. Jack Schmidt
Executive Director IAIE
Recorded 10/14/08
"All You Crows,  - Get Outa Here!!"
Chief Executive Defends Main Street
  scares birds - starts new dance craze "spook shuffle"
Lofte Theatre Performance - Friday 10/17
"Alas!  Poor Yorick!"

"Laughing Stock" Opens Friday at the Lofte
Results are in for the 12th Annual Schoolhouse Fiddling Bee
  Louisville High School Cheeleaders
  Group Plans "Super Fun" Youth Night for Sat 10/25
BUILD Ringing in the Season Event Chair - Mandi Chubb
Announces Advance Christmas Wreath Sales
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Air Joel 

 Undaunted by Rain and Wind - Joel Jones is Focused on Turkey Day
Computer John Confesses - Way Too Much Fun 
"Laughing Stock" at the Lofte
The Lofte Community Theatre in Manley would like to announce its final regular-season show for the 2008 will open on Friday, October 17.  "Laughing Stock" by Charles Morey takes the audience members behind the scenes to witness the hysterical goings-on of a small barn theater.  The acting company finds itself wrestling with outrageous auditions, ego-driven rehearsals and opening nights where absolutely everything goes wrong.  Many audience members will enjoy the humor because of the script's similarities to the Lofte itself. 
Cast members include Kevin Colbert and Bob Pinkerton of Weeping Water; Melinda mead and Joshua Smith of Plattsmouth; Jamion Biesterfeld of Louisville; Roland Kelley of Otoe; Tim Sorensen of Elmwood; Brenna Jean Thompson and James Michaelson of Lincoln; Virginia Howe Kincaid of Elkhorn ;  Rob Carrera of Bellevue ;  Mary Kathryn Nagle and Shari Hoelker of Omaha .  
Performances run Oct. 17-19, 24-26, 30-31 and Nov. 1-2.    Curtain times are at 7:30pm except for Sundays which are 2pm matinees.  General admission tickets are $15 and can be purchased by calling the Lofte Box Office at (402)234-2553 or online at www.Lofte.com.
Cast Members clockwise from Left:  Tim Sorensen, Roland Kelley, Mary Kathryn Nagle, James Michaelson, Jamion Biesterfeld, Melinda Meade, Bob Pinkerton, Virginia Howe Kincaid, Brenna Jean Thompson, Shari Hoelker, Kevin Colbert, Rob Carrera and Joshua Smith. 
 "Alas!  Poor Yorick!"  Kevin Colbert contemplates the future of The Playhouse in a scene from "Laughing Stock."
The Lofte Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization supported in part by The Cooper Foundation, The Midlands Community Foundation, and the Cass County Visitors Promotion Committee.  The Lofte Community Theatre isdedicated to providing opportunities for area residents of all ages and those in surrounding communities to participate in the creation process and companionship of live theatre in rural Nebraska and to enjoy the social, artistic, and educational benefits of this art form
 Joel Update - Up in the Air - Up to the Minute - Update

 All the Christmas lights have arrived, all the custom brackets have been created. All the old lights are almost down. The beautification of mainstreet began with removing the old, frayed, broken, ugly and even dangerous old lights. 
Working, early and late and around nasty weather as well as difficult parking options Joel is thinking Christmas lights before Thanksgiving.
More Joel Updates in the coming weeks as he prepares Louisville's Finishing Touches for Christmas.   
Saturday Oct. 25!!! 
  Our Wonderful Louisville High School Cheerleaders
Cheerleaders are sponsoring a fun night for the youth of Cass County and surrounding areas.  It is our 2nd Annual and we are really gearing up for a super fun-super frightening night.  We are geared towards the younger kids from 5-7pm and a bit scarier form 7-9pm.  Hot dogs, chips, dessert, pop, water & hot cocoa will all be available for a very fair price and admission is just $5.00 a person.   Free face painting, a bouncy house storytelling & a big bon fire are all other attractions that are included with admission.  It looks to be a great night.  Any help you can be in getting the word out would be so helpful. 
This is a fundraiser and a percentage of the profits goes back to the community. 

The Twelfth Annual Schoolhouse Fiddling Bee in Avoca, Nebraska , was enjoyed by all present on Sunday afternoon, October 12, in The Old Avoca Schoolhouse


Seventeen musicians from Nebraska (Bellevue, Brock, Grand Island, Lincoln, Omaha, and Unadilla) and Iowa (Clive, Council Bluffs, Des Moines, and Pacific Junction) competed.

In the Open Division, each fiddler has to play a hoedown, a waltz, and a tune of choice.  The winners are:

First Place - Anna Ericson, Des Moines, Iowa
Second Place - Jim Harvey, Omaha, Nebraska
Third Place - Alana Hux, Lincoln, Nebraska

In the Singing Division, each fiddler has to play and sing a tune at the same time.  The winners are:

First Place- Mariah Buettner, Grand Island, Nebraska
Second Place- Dottie Ladman, Lincoln, Nebraska
Third Place- Piper Monson, Brock, Nebraska

In the Fee Fi Faux Division, each musician has to play a fiddle tune on an instrument that is not a fiddle.

The winners are:

First Place - Juan Carlos Veloso, classical guitarist, Bellevue, Nebraska
Second Place - Kyla Buettner, clarinetist, Grand Island, Nebraska
Third Place - Makayla Urbauer, mandolinist, Lincoln, Nebraska

In the Hocus Pous Division, the fiddler must play a tune using cross-tuning, sound effects, dancing, etc..  The winners are:

First Place -  Dottie Ladman, Lincoln, Nebraska
Second Place - Jim Harvey, Omaha, Nebraska
Third Place - Jade Segur, Pacific Junction, Iowa

In the Twin Fiddling Division, two fiddlers have to play a tune together with one playing the melody, and the other playing the harmony.  The winners are:

First Place - Alana Hux & Makayla Urbauer, Lincoln, Nebraska
Second Place - Connie Pritchett & David Pritchett, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Next year, the 13th Annual Schoolhouse Fiddling Bee will be held on Sunday, October 13, 2009.

For more information, contact
Posted by Nancy McManis on Monday, October 13, 2008
Louisville Population Boom 
28 new residents arrived this week, some in the form or celebrities like Johnny Cash, Envious Flo, Mayor Spook, Sonny and Cher-crow, Boo Palini and the Tin Man to name a few.
Louisville’s First Annual Community “Scarecrows Among Us” contest prompted this increase in population.
All Scarecrows have “ties” to the community by being
tethered to utility poles on Main Street where they will be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, hopefully until Halloween.
After much deliberation, the 5 judges scored each creation and the totals came out as follows:
The First Place winner of $75 Bank Bucks goes to “Deer Hunter ­
Revenge of The Herd” by L & L Drywall. It also received a ribbon for the “Best Non-traditional Scarecrow”.

The Second Place winner of $50 Bank Bucks goes to “Freedom” by the Louisville American Legion Post 353.
It also received the ribbon for
“Best Group Effort.”

The Third Place winner of $25 Bank Bucks was
“Dr Lewis & Villa Kare Komunity” by the Louisville Care Community.

The Home State Bank entry ­ “Johnny Cash” was awarded a ribbon for “Best Named Scarecrow”

A special thanks to the Middle School homerooms who created 12 scarecrows for the event…..we appreciate the efforts of the students and teachers.
Note: Close voting resulted in only 1 point difference between 2nd, 3rd 4th, & 5th places.
BUILD is already making plans for next year’s scarecrow event which may include entries from all of Cass County.
Start planning now…there are websites with detailed instructions.
"Bank Bucks" are a product of Home State Bank
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From the Editor
Just Way Too Much Fun
Something in the Water Down Here

How is a person supposed to concentrate with all the laughing and hoop-la around here?

I am watching something about the end of American Capitalism and our transition from super-power status to a third world country, and how all that is going to hinge on our decisions in the voting booth a few weeks from now. 

I stopped worrying about illegal immigration, the dilution of our traditions, Islamic Jihad, gas prices all that is all old news. We need to concentrate on this weeks armageddon scenarios.

So, how can I be expected to properly wallow in all this stinken bad news, when there is a goofy looking Mustard Man scarecrow hanging in front of the window?


  I am Mustard Man.. OK. What does THAT  mean?

I am not good with coded messages, I mean: 

John Lennon said "I am the Walrus" koo koo ka choo. 

I am still trying to figure that out

Any ways, the pair of Nancy's (Nancy McManis and Nancy Kratky) that brought us this new Scarecrow-esq Louisville Fall Festival have really started something!

There is something nicely inclusive in this new  Event. It is very authentically Louisvillian like Terri's idea for the huge trivia contest, everyone can get in on the action, everyone has something they can contribute. Turns out there are other people out there just as nutty as we are. Especially in the UK Take a Peek Click Here

People around here just seem to find ways to be happy, even if there is no good reason for it! It must be something in the water, and now that we are going to get into the Water Wholesaling Business, that means everybody will start to be incureably happy!!

Having Fun and Drinking Louisville Joy-Juice South of the River
Computer John