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Louisville Student Wins
2009 KPTM / RUNZA  
Student of the Year
Click Her Picture Above - Be Patient - She is at the End of the Video
FYI: Gray Wins KPTM-Runza Award (5-6-09)
Kelsey Gray is named the female KPTM-Runza Student-Athlete of the Year on the Wednesday sportscast at 9:00 p.m. on Fox 42. Kelsey was honored with the weekly award on March 18, setting up her candidacy for the annual honor, which is based on scholarship as well as athletic achievements.

Missed the sportscast? Click here to access KPTM Sports then click on Wednesday Sportscast.

Jesse Abbott and Kelsey Gray were named as the Outstanding Senior Athletes at the Sports Award Recogniton Night.
 All Lions Photos Compliments of Mike Krambeck,
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  A Louisville Main Street
Grand Opening!!!
  Someone will be the Proud Owner of a New


 LHS Class of 2009 Graduation

Saturday 5/9 at 3PM 

Look for Photographs Next Wednesday in the Community Newsletter



Big Spring Festival Next Week!



Deadline For the Parade Registration is Friday!

Louisville's B.U.I.L.D. GROUP (Businesses United In Louisville's Development) would like to invite you to join us in our Annual Spring Parade-one of the largest in the area
Date: Saturday, May 16th
Time: 1:00 PM - Line up at Noon on Cherry St
We encourage participation by businesses
as well as churches, schools, civic and private groups
We love to see imaginative floats but
welcome vehicles and walkers.
Entry forms can be found at  "louisvillenebraska.com"
under Events Click Here
Deadline for entries is Friday, May 8th
For questions call Dee 402-234-7705 or Nancy 402-670-9016
Along with the parade we will have entertainment on Main Street, food vendors and an art fair from 10:00 - 5:00 - an "Air Your Art In Louisville" event
Our businesses will be open for shopping and restaurants
invite you to stop in for a bite to eat
Bring your family and make a day of it in Downtown Louisville 


Louisville Postmaster Delivers


Louisville Welcomes:

Nathan Lloyd Gifford was born on Easter Sunday April, 11, 2009 at 9:13 a.m.

Nathan weighed in at a whooping 9 lbs. 7.8 oz. and 22 1/2 inches long!
Mommy and Nathan are both doing well and enjoying our "bonding" time.

Congratulations Allison and Family!!


From the Office of 
Senator Dave Pankonin
For Immediate Release: A New Colleague's Proposal

May 1, 2009, Lincoln— LB 396, to create the Medical Home Pilot Program Act, was introduced and designated as a priority bill by freshman Senator Mike Gloor of Grand Island. Senator Gloor is a retired hospital administrator, who serves with me on the Health and Human Services Committee. I respect my new colleague and appreciate the expertise that he brings to the Committee and the Legislature. I voted with all of the members of the Health and Human Services Committee to advance LB 396 for floor debate.

As defined in LB 396, a medical home is a location, usually a clinic or physician’s office, where a patient can build a relationship with a primary care provider, who uses a holistic approach to coordinating health care for the patient. This approach is expected to include guidance and education to enable the patient to manage some of their health care needs. LB 396 creates a pilot program using family physicians as medical homes for Medicaid patients. This model has saved money, and provided better and more accessible health care in similar programs across the country. Medical home doctors are likely to provide care that our parents or grandparents would have recognized. For example, they may call patients to remind them to take medication or perform routine health tests at home. They may have flexible office hours, and they might make house calls.

LB 396 requires the state’s Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care to design and implement a medical home pilot program in one or more geographic regions of the state by January 1, 2012. The Division must establish reimbursement policies and use incentives to encourage both physicians and patients to participate in the new program. By June 1, 2014, the Division will evaluate the success of the pilot program, and report the results to the governor and the Health and Human Services Committee. The report must include an evaluation of health care outcomes and cost savings, and recommendations for improving, continuing, expanding or ending the program.

The Medical Home Pilot Program Act includes the creation of an advisory council to be appointed by the governor. The council will have seven voting members, and the chairman or another member of the Health and Human Services Committee will serve as a nonvoting member of the council. The voting members will include doctors who are family practice physicians, pediatricians, and internists, and a representative from a licensed hospital in Nebraska. The advisory council will guide and assist the Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care in the design and implementation of the pilot program, and promote the use of the best health care practices to ensure that eligible patients can access medical homes under this program.

During its public hearing, LB 396 received strong support from doctors, and hospital and pharmaceutical representatives. A proponent from Nebraska Advocacy Services pointed out that establishing medical homes for Medicaid recipients and using a comprehensive care approach have been shown, in other states, to lower costs by increasing the use of preventative care, especially for people with chronic health conditions, while also improving the quality of their care.

Last month LB 396 was passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor. It will become law in September.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.


      We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.

      State Capitol

      PO Box 94604

      Lincoln, NE 68509

      (402) 471-2613


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Something Brand New in Plattsmouth!


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Potato Project 


Six Cass County Churches got together at Marvin and Ramona Ohlerking's farm to cut and plant 1/2 mile of potatoes to give to those in need in the Fall.

Clergy and congregation members from the Elmwood Christian Disciples of Christ and United Methodist churches, The Weeping Water Christian Church Disciples of Christ as well ans the United Methodist and Christian Disciples of Christ churches in Louisville took part in the planting project

As clergy, we are hoping this idea catches on and more churches and their congregations will becme involved . We are prayerful and hopeful that next year we will be able to add at least one more item to the crop.

In the Fall, we will give bags of potatoes along with simple recipes to those in need during these hard economic times.

Pastor Cathy Stander, DOC.

The "Potato Project" was born in a Cass County Ministerial Association meeting here in Louisville.
Pastor Cathy
All created things are living in the Hand of God. 
The senses see only the action of the creatures;
but faith sees in everything the action of God


Celebrate the Good Life!


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World-Class Entertainers at the Lofte
What do you get when you cross world-class juggling talent with family friendly comedy? The answer is, the Gizmo Guys!

Allan Jacobs and Barrett Felker have amazed and amused audiences around the world. The Gizmo Guys have strutted their stuff in places as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Japan and have taught juggling at the renowned French and Canadian National Circus Schools.  But, what makes their act so appealing is their combination of technique and infectious humor. The Gizmo Guys' rapid-fire act inspires sidesplitting laughter in audience members of all ages.

The Gizmo Guys are based out of New York City, but have visited Nebraska several times in the past. Most recently they performed at Lincoln's Lied Center for the Performing Arts in 2007 and treated a sell-out crowd to their special brand of family entertainment

The Gizmo Guys will be performing at the Lofte on Friday, May 8th at 7:00pm. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for children ages 12 and under. Their show generally runs about an hour.

Everyone from age 0-100 is encouraged to join us for this fun-filled evening. Bring the kids. Bring Grandma and Grandpa. The whole family will have fond memories of this one!
The Gizmo Guys, Allan Jacobs and Barrett Felker will perform for one night only at the Lofte Community Theatre in Manley on Friday, May 8th.
The Lofte Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization supported in part by The Cooper Foundation, The Midlands Community Foundation, and the Cass County Visitors Promotion Committee.  The Lofte Community Theatre isdedicated to providing opportunities for area residents of all ages to participate in the creation process and companionship of live theatre in rural Nebraska and to enjoy the social, artistic, and educational benefits of this art form.
Help Wanted at the Parks
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Platte River State Park


Mahoney State Park

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Shadow Lake Towne Center
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Hey, Life is Better Here!

If you are among the geographically challenged that happen to live somewhere else...

Come and Join Us! Easy as 1, 2, 3..... 4

1) Select a lot in our new Subdivision, 2) drive down and check it out,
3) get a loan eat dinner, then 4) buy some firewood!
you too can experience the Better Life!   

From the Editor
The Green Buzz
Life is Good when you are Mowing the Lawn
This past weekend was wonderful!
It stopped raining long enough to get the mower out,
and I saw people smiling. The scent of fresh cut grass, the green glow of neat, and trim landscape, the satisfaction of a finite task with a beginning, and an end - being able to say, Done!
There must have been 15 guys out, all mowing their lawns Saturday. It sounded like a huge hive of mower-bees buzzing  down the slopes.
We were invited to go to Holy First Communion Mass on Sunday, and that is always remarkable. All these kids, fresh and new like todays minted pennies. Fresh faces, new souls.
The girls are all on one side of the church, and the boys on the other. Tubbed, scrubbed, and on their best behavior
I was noticing one little angelic girl in her beautiful white dress and veil, looking around the church, eyes wide like golf balls. Mouth slightly open in an expression of sheer stunned wonder, awe and solemn profound amazement.
I wondered if this was in fact the effect of the Holy Spirit Descending upon her, and then I noticed she was poking the girl next to her, and gesturing across the church, like a circus barker. Hmmm..
I Suddenly flashed back about 50 years remembering my own first Communion...
I can remember seeing them passing the collection basket for the offering, dollar bills, fives and tens, everywhere and it dawned on me, that must be for us!!
I mean, it makes sense! Here we all are all dressed up really nice, sitting here together in the front of the Church, everybody admiring us and noticing us. I have never done this before, they must have forgot to tell us! That basket is obviously for us to split! I put my mind to the problem of dividing up the loot, who gets how much? Who decides? Hmmm.. I wonder...  - (Whack!!)
About that point I gotta bop on the head, and was told to pay attention.Well, no Communion Loot basket for me.
Well, it worked out okay!
Life is pretty darn good, I got a working mower now, and I probably would have lost all that First Communion Loot in AIG Stock anyways..
Hey, maybe the loot's in Heaven!
Having Fun and Congratulating our Class of 2009 South of the River
Computer John