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  Lions are Loose!!
  Today is the Last Day for Classes, its Summer for the Kids!
 Jesse Abbott and Dallas Lemmers Medal at State
All Lions Photos Compliments of Mike Krambeck,   For The Best Local Sports coverage in Cass County Click Here 
LHS Graduates return to Louisville to celebrate 40 and 50 year Re-Unions
The Legendary Lions of '59

Front row (l-r):  Doug Alfrey, Orval (Pork) Robbins, Dan Stiffler,  Emmett (Butch) Brown, Don Vogler.

Back row (l-r):  Coach Ernie Lee, Terry Janusz, Frank Puls, Robert Wiesneth, LeRoy Voightman, Student Manager Gary Knutson

(not pictured:  Jerry Luken)


1959 Lions “Pep Rally”

Saturday, May 23rd


2009 - 5:15pm


Forty-five minutes prior

to the start of the Alumni Banquet

All Louisville alumni and area residents are invited to attend a

pep-ralley celebrating the 50th anniversary of the

Louisville Lions Class of 1959

Class C Boys Basketball State Championship!

Join us at the school in the “old gym” where the team played their home games during that magical season.  Team members will share memories and the event will also honor team members who are no longer with us.

Show your school spirit and community spirit.  Visit with old friends while enjoying refreshments in a fun and festive atmosphere!

 “Through the four short years of high school, up the hill so steep and long As we look down in the valley where the Platte flows slowly on We may see the sunlight gleaming, on the waters dashing bold, Then we’ll cheer for Louisville High School, and the Purple and the Gold

-excerpt from “The Purple and The Gold” written in 1916  
by LHS Music Teacher Emma (Marquardt) Rawalt

Again this event is open to the public and you do not have to have tickets to the alumni banquet to attend this event.  However, if you are a Louisville alumnus and would like to attend the banquet following this event you can make reservations until May 16th, 2009.  You can find the reservation form at www.LouisvilleAlumni.org 

Enjoy the Video of this years Louisville Spring Parade Below
(Final Parade for Nancy McManis and Dee Arias - See John's Editorial Below)
HINT:To Compress the 30 Minute Parade Experience - Start All Videos Together 


Louisville Spring Parade 2009 Part 1



Louisville Spring Parade 2009 Part 2



Louisville Spring Parade 2009 Part 3



Louisville Spring Parade 2009 Part 4



Louisville Spring Parade 2009 Part 5



Louisville Spring Parade 2009 Part 6



Louisville Spring Parade 2009 Part 7



Louisville Spring Parade 2009 Part 8


  Help Us to Organize Louisville Daz 2010 - The Good 'Ol Daz!


  Raffle Winners

The raffle winners from Saturday's

Air Your Art in Louisville event were:

Mary Fredrickson - $25 Jeff's Jack & Jill gift certificate
Lawrence Roloff - gift basket from Slattery Vintage Estates
Brenda Jones - 4 free lunches from Art Chicks
Paul McManis - gift basket from Taylor Quik Pik
Doris Swarmer - lawn mower from Stander Ace Hardware and Home State Bank

Dee and Nancy thank everyone who helped with the parade and the entire event.

You know who you are!!!

We couldn't have done it without you.

We are looking forward to the

Last Hot Sunday in July Car Show.


From the Office of 
Senator Dave Pankonin
For Immediate Release: The Rest of the Story

May 15, 2009, Lincoln— The state’s $6.9 billion, two-year budget received the third and final vote this week in the Legislature. The budget bills, as passed by the Legislature, are remarkably similar to the proposals introduced by the Appropriations Committee. The budget anticipates a 3.2 percent reduction in the 2009-10 fiscal year, and a 5.3 percent increase in 2010-11. The average increase for the two-year cycle is only 1 percent. As I said last week, the opportunity to avoid draconian budget cuts and even provide a very small increase to fund some extremely important services is based on the availability of federal stimulus funds and the ability to tap into the state’s Cash Reserve Fund (Fund).  

When the legislative session began, the Cash Reserve Fund contained about $566 million. The proposed budget uses about $254 million from the Fund and allows the un-obligated balance to carry over to provide assistance, if it is needed, in the next biennium. The Nebraska Budget Act defines the term “cash reserve” as the funds required for the period before revenue would become available for expenditure. Nebraska law requires that the Fund always contain a minimum 3 percent reserve to protect the state, should an unexpected fiscal emergency occur. In recent years the Fund balance has steadily increased, because the Legislature has made wise policy decisions. The decisions have produced only modest tax cuts and spending increases. This approach has allowed monies to accumulate in the Fund, so that now, when we are in a severe economic downturn, we can use some of the resources we have been saving to reduce the number and size of budget cuts, and to direct some funds to areas of great importance. 

The proposed budget cannot meet every need, but it is important to highlight a few of the important areas that will receive funding thanks, in part, to the federal stimulus funds and careful stewardship of state funds by past legislatures. They include state funds to replace the anticipated loss of federal funds for the Beatrice State Developmental Center, services for some of the people who have waited a long time for developmental disability services, small rate increases for Medicaid health care providers, increases for K-12 and higher education, funding for criminal background checks for people who provide transportation for foster children, and increased support for area agencies on aging. 

The governor received the budget bills on Wednesday, May 13 and has five days, excluding Sunday, to decide what

to do with them. If he signs the bills or declines to act on them, the bills will become law. However, with budget bills, the governor may also veto specific line-items. If he does invoke his veto power, the bills will be returned to the Legislature, where veto overrides may be considered. By next week state senators will know if there will be any vetoes. It will then be up to the Legislature to accept the governor’s budget changes or to stand by its own budget plan. For now, we must simply wait to see what will happen in the final chapter of the budget process. 

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.

      We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.

      State Capitol

      PO Box 94604

      Lincoln, NE 68509

      (402) 471-2613 


Something Brand New in Plattsmouth!


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Potato Project 


Six Cass County Churches got together at Marvin and Ramona Ohlerking's farm to cut and plant 1/2 mile of potatoes to give to those in need in the Fall.

Clergy and congregation members from the Elmwood Christian Disciples of Christ and United Methodist churches, The Weeping Water Christian Church Disciples of Christ as well ans the United Methodist and Christian Disciples of Christ churches in Louisville took part in the planting project

As clergy, we are hoping this idea catches on and more churches and their congregations will becme involved . We are prayerful and hopeful that next year we will be able to add at least one more item to the crop.

In the Fall, we will give bags of potatoes along with simple recipes to those in need during these hard economic times.

Pastor Cathy Stander, DOC.

The "Potato Project" was born in a Cass County Ministerial Association meeting here in Louisville.
Pastor Cathy
All created things are living in the Hand of God. 
The senses see only the action of the creatures;
but faith sees in everything the action of God


Celebrate the Good Life!


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From the Editor
A Parade to Remember
Flipping Frozen Snickers Bars
A Last Saturday On Main Street
The sun came out, and the wind calmed down at 1:10PM
Time to start the parade!
It is remarkable the effect that a simple thing like, lining up and marching down the street has to rejuvenate the spirit and remind us who we are. Smiles all around, kids scrambling for candy thrown by the decorated parade floats, flags, balloons, sirens, music, dancers, cheerleaders even the Mayor! 
Louisville was out to strut on Saturday,
and it was a thing of beauty
The Louisville 2009 Spring  Event was highlighted by a perfect 30 minute parade, organized and flawlessly executed by Nancy McManis, Dee Arias, Todd Ray and the BUILD organization.
 It is really important to recognize the people that have worked so hard for so long to make nice things happen in our Community.
It is now especially important to welcome and encourage new faces, and fresh energy in order to keep things on track. It is especially important now, as we are officially loosing the most dedicated and talented people on the BUILD Events Committee, Nancy and Dee who are officially retired from Parade Planning and Organizing.
For 8 Years Louisville Daz, was the Official Louisville Community Spring event, and it was enjoyed by hundreds each year. The Jaycees created Louisville Daz, but as an organization evevntually saw it's membership "age-out" and were no longer able to sponsor such an event.
BUILD as an organization stepped in with similar variations including the Parade to keep the Community Spring Event alive. Recently the focus on Louisville's Art - Based reputation and popularity inspired creative themes.
"Air Your Art in Louisville" was one such theme.
I have spoken to past members of the Jaycees and it appears that we will be able to move forward for 2010 with the
Louisville Daz Event, and Name with their Blessing
That means: 
Louisville Daz Returns - Spring 2010
We are officially bringing back the Good Old Daz, but not without you!
We have received an offer of Mentoring, and Guidance, and Assistance in Planning, from the founders of the Jaycees, the creators of Louisville Daz but it is going to require a new Committee to Organize and Execute this event.
Here is the Bottom Line:
If you want to have a Spring Event, a Parade,
that Community Pride You need to step up, be counted and get involved. 
send and email now, and get involved in the planning [email protected]
Having Fun and Planning Louisville Daz - Re-Loaded South of the River
Computer John