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Just Beyond the Bleachers

New Royals Stadium Location Chosen 9 Miles to Louisville


Hwy 50 Convenient to Louisville Lakes, Camping and More!

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Dwerlkotte Steps Down


Crystal Dwerlkotte, head volleyball coach at Louisville High School the past three seasons, has stepped down

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All Lions Photos Compliments of Mike Krambeck,

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 Twitter Mania Invades Cass County as local business look for inexpensive new ways to market, and communicate. Sometimes referred to as "Micro-Blogging" the utility is the fastest growing phenomna on the internet by anyones measure.

Basically  you create an account, and develop "followers" by making short posts, called "Tweets"  - before you roll your eyes, and dismiss this, I will tell you that husker Coach Bo Pelini Tweets , and there are a lot of people like me following.

so, go tell Coach if you think it is a stupid idea..

All the Editors at Nebraska Community Websites now Tweet, and some are gathering followers already. More importantly you are invited to "Follow", join, get in the loop, and Tweet your own messages, boy Scouts, 4H, Hair Styles, LHS Drama Club, Dentistry, the Mayor,  whatever youv'e got going on, you can connect and share with the County and beyond.It is really low-tech and easy. Give it a tweet!

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Tweets Flu Updates World Wide

All the Editors "follow" all the other Editors so a Weeping Water Tweet, gets to Elmwood, and an Elmwood Tweet gets to Plattsmouh, and the residents of Eagle can follow and share what's going on - it just takes the whole "connected" thing up several notches.

Here is a starter list of Tweeters to Follow:


Local Tweets:

Shadow Lake Towne Center


The Lofte Theatre


Cass County Fair










Weeping Water












you will notice that the information distibuted in Tweets, is short, blunt, informal, spontaneous, and less structured than you receive in a Wednesday Newsletter. The one, does not replace the other, it just lets you get closer to everything.You may get the scoop on an Especially Great Garage Sal, just in time to scoop up a great deal - or hear that your neighbors shed is on fire. Who Knows! Stay Tuned!


BUILD Meeting

Critical - June BUILD Meeting

Next Tuesday 6/9 7:15AM

Louisville Care Community

FREE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Plan on Attending - We Really Need You!


Congratulations Lexie and Matt!!


  Lexie Scholting (daughter of Terri & Greg Scholting) married Matt Rickert (son of Rick & Judy Rickert) were married on Sat. May 30th 2009.  Lexie has been a lifelong  resident of Louisville.  Matt is from Columbus NE.
They met through their insurance professions.  She is a self employed, Independent Insurance Agent who works out of Southwest Omaha and Louisville offices, he works as a Regional director/manager for Aim Healthcare. 
They are honeymooning on the Riviera Maya.Eldorado Resort in Mexico.  Following their honeymoon they will reside in Southwest Omaha.



"Bright Dreams, Hard Times"

America in the Thirties

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Fishing Buddies Program  

Would you like to learn how to fish?  Is there a child or adult that you would like to learn to fish with?  Here is the perfect opportunity for people who want to learn to fish or who need to relearn the basics. 

This 6 session program is designed for child and adult pairs who have little to no fishing experience and would like to learn to fish.  Youth ages 6-12 years old are invited to develop fishing skills and knowledge with an adult mentor (limit of 2 kids per mentor/buddy).  

The sessions will meet on Monday evenings from 6-8pm at the Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium for the first 3 meetings.  The last 3 meetings will move to a local lake for on the water experience.  Fishing hand-outs, bait and equipment will be available for participants to use during the program.  Session dates are June 15, June 22, June 29, July 13, July 20, and July 27.   

Pre-registration is required as well as a $20 check per child to reserve your spot.  This check will be returned upon completion of the program.  Spaces are limited and your registration must be received by June 8, 2009.  

Fishing Buddies Registration 

Adult Mentor

First & Last Name: _________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________ 

Child Participant

First & Last Name: _________________________________________________

Address (if different from mentor): _____________________________________

Phone Number (if different from mentor): _______________________________

Age: _________ 

Child Participant

First & Last Name: _________________________________________________

Address (if different from mentor): _____________________________________

Phone Number (if different from mentor): _______________________________

Age: ________ 

Return this form by June 8, 2009 with a $20 deposit check (per child participant) payable to Nebraska Game & Parks and send to:

      Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium

      Attn: Andrea

      21502 W. Hwy 31

      Gretna, NE 68028


Missoula Children's Theater Auditions
The Lofte Community Theatre near Manley is proud to announce that for the fourth year in a row, they will be hosting the Missoula Children's Theater based out of Missoula, Montana.  The organization uses the performing arts to improve children's social and communication skills as well as create a strong work ethic and improve self-esteem.  Dozens of directors working in two-person teams will travel the country this year and in all, over 60,000 American kids will be able to take to the stage thanks to MCT.  This year, the Missoula Children's Theater will be coming to the Lofte in a little red truck full of props and costumes to perform, "The Pied Piper."


Auditions will be held at the Lofte at 10am on Monday, June 15th.  They are open to all children who will be entering the first through the seventh grade.  The audition process will take two hours.  Parts available for approximately 70 children.  No advance preparation is necesary.  The children should be ready to smile, show energy and have a great time.
Rehearsals will take place for the entire week from 10am-2pm.  Although not all actors will be needed for each session, they should make sure they have a clear schedule for the entire week.  It is important that each child attends all rehearsals required of their role.  Parents should also plan on bringing a sack lunch for their child each day including audition day, June 15, as the first rehearsal will take place immediately following auditions.  There will be two public performances taking place at 3pm and 6pm on Saturday June 20th. 
The Home State Bank in Louisville is sponsoring MCT's entire summer residency tour to the Lofte.  Bank president John Plucknett along with his wife, Lynn will also be hosting the tour directors in their own home.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Plucknett are long-time supporters of the Missoula Children's Theater, having become familiar with it over twenty years ago at their home in Ogallala when their own children were young. 
For more information in regards to "The Pied Piper," Missoula Children's Theater, or the Lofte, please call (402) 234-2553 or visit the Lofte's website, www.Lofte.com
The Lofte Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization supported in part by The Cooper Foundation, The Midlands Community Foundation, and the Cass County Visitors Promotion Committee.  The Lofte Community Theatre is dedicated to providing opportunities for area residents of all ages to participate in the creation process and companionship of live theatre in rural Nebraska and to enjoy the social, artistic, and educational benefits of this art form.


For Immediate Release- Weeping Water


Garden Creek Label Recording Artist Wess Adams of Nashville TN

Makes Local Appearance Saturday, June 6 in Weeping Water

The event will be at First Christian Church 306 "H" Street beginning at 7:00 PM. 

Wess Adams, a full-time performer and recording artist with Song Garden

Music Group, He will be make his second appearance in little over a year to Nebraska.

Wess is a former Locomotive Engineer, answered God's call to full-time Gospel Music ministry in 2004.

Wess' first project, "On Track", correlates the railroad with the Christian Life. Featuring a Grammy nominated song entitled, "Every Knee Shall Bow", sung as a duet with Allison Durham Speer. Wess' latest project, "God's Country", is real country music, with a clear

proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Featuring songs by both David Staton & David Patillo.

The Legendary, Ben Speer, recognized Wess ' abilities, and placed  him on staff of the Stamps/Baxter School of Music at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN.

For more information regarding Wess' appearance, contact: Ken Johnson 402-269-5508. 

Admission is Free with a Freewill offering to further the ministry of Wess Adams.


The following is ready for immediate release
Anne Pope
Public Relations - SWVA
(402) 781-9233
[email protected]
Barb Slattery, owner of Slattery Vintage Estates near Nehawka recently announced the creation  of the Scenic Weeping Water Valley Association (SWVA).  This new association is comprised of several local businesses all working toward the common goal of promoting tourism to southern Cass County in the Weeping Water Valley area.  Other members include Tammy's Soap Shack and Creative Edge Graphics both of Weeping Water, Plantman Nursery of Nehawka, and the Lofte Community Theatre of Manley.
With so many unique commercial, historical and cultural destinations, the southern area of Cass County can be an attractive area for day-trippers and visitors from surrounding states.  By combining their resources, members of the SWVA hope to use tourism brochures, print and radio advertising to pique visitors' interests.  In the future, the SWVA hopes to hold special events spotlighting the valley's products and services.   Already, this new non-profit group has received a marketing grant from the Cass County Visitor Promotion Committee.  Additional grants and sponsorships are being sought to advertise the area even more.
The SWVA is currently seeking other members.  Businesses, historical societies and various points of interest in the Weeping Water Valley area are encouraged to contact Barb Slattery or other association members with their questions.  Contact information can be found on the SWVA's website, www.VisitTheValley.org


Saturday Chalk Fun at Shadow Lake



Friday Night Tunes at Shadow Lake


From the Office of 
Senator Dave Pankonin
For Immediate Release: A Nontraditional Victory

May 29, 2009, Lincoln As I reported earlier this year, LB 134 was my priority bill for the 2009 session. The bill was prompted by a local issue, but it quickly became clear that it had statewide implications. This week, after months of strategic planning, collaborative work and careful negotiations, I asked the Legislature not to pass LB 134 but to “kill”it instead. This move might seem like an unorthodox way to handle a priority bill, but it actually represents a significant victory in what may become a three-step process to resolve a statewide policy matter.

Four key points led to the introduction of LB 134 and are still relevant today.

Point 1 - There will be trail development in the future. In the past recreational trails were constructed almost entirely within city limits, as a part of natural resource districts’ flood control projects, as popular features in city or state parks, or on abandoned railroad lines.

Point 2 – There is general consensus that unrestrained use of eminent domain to take private property for trail development is not good public policy. The MoPac Trail extension project in Cass County did not fit the previously-used models. So, the answer to the question about how the 10 mile trail project would be completed was, “The Lower Platte South NRD could use eminent domain to take the needed land from more than 20 private owners.” This decision was made after a citizen advisory group, formed by the NRD, recommended against using private land for the trail project. The affected landowners in Cass County were united in their opposition to the taking of land on which they live and, in many cases, from prime farmland, with which they earn their living. It quickly became clear that the landowners had no way to influence the NRD’s decision.

Point 3 - Affected local governing bodies should have a defined role to play, if eminent domain is to be used to take private property for trail development. Early this year the Cass County Board of Commissioners twice voted unanimously against the Lower Platte South NRD’s proposed trail route. In addition to concerns about the use of eminent domain for the taking of private property, the Board had equal concerns about county road safety issues that would be created by the proposed route. There was no policy in place to reconcile the differences between the two political entities.

Point 4 – A process is needed to ensure that a fair and even playing field exists, if eminent domain is to be used to take private property for trail development. Nebraska does have a state trails plan. The Game and Parks Commission oversees it. However, unlike the plans in many other states, the Nebraska plan is silent on the use of eminent domain for recreational projects.

Efforts by affected landowners, the Cass County Board and the Legislature sparked changes in the original trail plan. The Lower Platte South NRD and the Cass County Board renewed discussions about the trail project. Although LB 134 had the support of a number of state senators, it would have had significant opposition from within the Legislature and from several groups that advocate for expanded trail development. I made the decision that I could not risk sacrificing the landowners and Cass County with an uncertain floor fight. Instead the status of LB 134 became a bargaining tool in an effort to convince the NRD Board to approve a moratorium on the proposed trail route through the 2010 legislative session. The moratorium was approved with the understanding that I would “kill” LB 134, and the Legislature’s Natural Resources Committee would study the use of eminent domain for recreational projects between legislative sessions.

Nebraska needs a statewide policy on trail development. If such a policy is put in place, I think most trail projects can be worked out at the local level. In light of what happened in Cass County, as well as similar events that could occur in other parts of the state, the policy needs to eliminate the use of eminent domain for recreational projects, or to include a process for resolving conflicts that is fair to all parties.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.

      We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.

      State Capitol

      PO Box 94604

      Lincoln, NE 68509

      (402) 471-2613 

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Free and Fresh Classified Ads
I Got Out-Voted

After years of good Feedback and Suggestions
We have finally updated the Free Classified Ads with an automatic expitration feature.
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I was of the opinion that old ads, were kind of charming, and that someone might find a part for an old tractor 3 years after it was posted. What harm was there in keeping the old ads around, but I was told in almost every Community that Fresh is where it's at.
So we took a vote on the Louisville Discussion Furum, as to when the expiration should take affect, and the winner by 4 to 1 was 30 days.
So Be it
Effective a week ago, the timer started and all ads in all 15 Communities were marked as if they were posted that day, and the 30 Day timer began.
So, in about 20 days, the vast majority of Classified Ads will vanish, and only those ads posted recently will remain.
Now, I have not had a chance to test this very well, but each expired ad will email the poster and advise them that their ad has expired, and give them a one click re-submit option.
Clever Huh?
here is the Rub..
The majority of those Classified Ads were posted by people with Somebody @Alltel.net email addresses.
Unfortunately, nobody is gonna get a notification with those old now extinct email addresses.
so, I suspect I will get some complaints.
That is okay, we are making great progress.
The entire www.NCWP.org network is growing, in terms of users, Communities, Sponsors
I am really pleased and quite Surprised.
None of this was supposed to amount to much. It was just supposed to provide some casual low grade publicity for Irina's company www.WireBuilt.com
There was never a plan to become a news service by any means.
Next May 2010 it will be 10 years
Go figure..

Having Fun and Editing Newsletters South of the River
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