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Louisville Wednesday Newsletter -

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Natalie Minchow--

USA Volleyball National



      The USA Girls' Junior National Volleyball Championships were held earlier this month in Reno NV and Natalie played on the team that won the 16-and-under USA Volleyball National Championship. Natalie's team, the Nebraska Juniors 16s, was only the second in Nebraska history to be Open Division National Champions.
      Competitive tryouts for the team were held in November of last year, among the top volleyball players in the region. Natalie felt that it was an honor just to be chosen for the team as most of the players came from the premier class A and class B volleyball programs.
The first practices started in January, and from the very beginning the team made winning the National Championship their goal for the season. Achieving that goal meant a lot of hard work training with their coaches, Lindsay Wischmeier-Peterson, a former Husker player, who is now the director of volleyball operations for the University of Nebraska; and Annie Rice, a former UNO player.
      Many of the girls on the team play multiple sports, just as Natalie does, so the team started out behind most of their competition. But they got better as the season went along, winning 3rd place in National Qualifying tournaments in St. Louis and Kansas City. And the Juniors peaked at the right time, winning a big Invitational in Chicago in May, before capturing the National Championship in Reno, over a field of 128 16-and -under teams from across the country.
      Due to the school volleyball season being so short, many volleyball players improve their skills and their chances of playing in college by playing on a club team. Natalie has been playing on volleyball clubs since 3rd grade, and has benefited from excellent coaching and competition opportunities. She is trying to pass that knowledge on to the younger players in school, helping to coach the Louisville Jr. Lions girls volleyball program.
     A left hander, Natalie plays Setter and Right Side hitter for Louisville High School, and has high hopes for this year's High School volleyball team's success. With a little luck and additional hard work, they may get to experience the thrill of the same kind of celebratory dogpile on the court that Natalie experienced with her teammates after they clinched the National Title.
                                                                                                                                 --- Article courtesy of Mark Minchow
(photos provided by





goes the "Extra Mile!"

Each week, the Gregg Young Chevrolet Dealership will award $500 to the group or individual that's gone the extra mile. Our own Marian Johnson from Louisville received the award this past week for her efforts in our community.  Special thanks to Cathy Leibman for letting the Editor know!  :)  Check out the link below to see Marian's interview!



First Christian Church 2010 Concert Series

Blackwood Brothers from Memphis TN

July 26 - Monday @ 7PM

306 W. H St.

Weeping Water NE

Free Admission w/ Love offering taken


The Weeping Water First Christian Church Concert Series is excited to announce the return of former Southeast Nebraska favorites, Jimmy Blackwood & The Blackwood Brothers Quartet from Memphis TN. The quartet will in concert Monday July 26 at 7:00PM at 306 H St in Weeping Water.  Admission to the concert is free and an offering will be taken to support the ministry of the quartet. For more information contact Ken Johnson at 402-269-5508

The Blackwood Brothers Quartet was formed in Mississippi in 1934 with brothers Roy, Doyle, James and Roy's son, R.W. The quartet move to Shenandoah in 1940 and were heard three times daily on KMA radio. Hilton Griswold joined the group as pianist and the group traveled across Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota during the 40s and many today still remember the quartet from those early radio days.  The Blackwoods’ have always counted their days in Shenandoah and the friends they made back then as some of their greatest blessings. The quartet moved to Tennessee in 1950 and continues to travel around the world singing gospel music. All of the original brothers have passed away but James’ sons continue the 76-year heritage of what has become the best-known quartet in the history of gospel music. The group today consists of Jimmy and Billy Blackwood, first tenor Wayne Little and bass singer Randy Byrd, acclaimed the best tenor/bass combination in gospel music and Mike Hammontree at the piano. The result is one of the best quartets you will ever hear!  We in Weeping Water  and the surrounding area are always happy to host a return appearance by this world-renowned group. Make your plans to attend this great concert.




Daily Lunch Specials for July 12th- 16th

Mon. 7/12: Mini French Dip, Soup - Garden Tomato

Tues. 7/13: Hot Turkey Sandwich, Soup - Broccoli Cheese

Wed. 7/14: Meatloaf Dinner, Soup - Creamy Chicken & Rice

Thurs. 7/15: Beef & Bean Burrito, Soup - White Chili

Fri. 7/16: Tuna or Chicken Salad Wrap, Soup - French Onion

Have a great week!







After a long up and down rally season, the Louisville Power Drive team has finished its 3rd rally season. This year brought many challenges and new ideas with the building of a new car, and it also brought with it continued success with the return of 48 car in its second year. The long, late hours spent designing and making modifications to the cars to get them ready for rallies was well worth it. The Louisville team competed in 5 of the 6 rallies this season and again represented Louisville by performing well.

The advanced class car 48, in its second year finished with three 1st place finishes and one 2nd place finish on the year. The team was also awarded best pit crew for their efforts in preparing the car for the rally and a smooth pit stop during the rally itself. A few senior members played a big part in making the 48 car a success the past two years, these seniors are: Sean Churchich, Cori Hall, DJ Hobbs and Pat McAndrew. The 48 car performed well at the state race finishing 4th after a few mechanical failures which took the car out of contention. The 48 car did finish on a high note by placing 1st in the vehicle documentation and receiving a Snap-On tool box as the award for their efforts.

The standard class car 45 started out well. Finishing 1st in the first two rallies, the car was off to a great start, but during the 3rd rally in Columbus on a rough track, a weld broke causing the car to hit a curb and roll. Extensive damage was done to the right side of the car and it took the team almost 3 weeks to make repairs to get the car ready for the final state rally. The 45 car performed well receiving good times during the braking and maneuverability contests and also ran well in the rally. Still a few minor mechanical problems from the rollover kept the 45 car from placing in the rally, but the combined effort brought home an overall finish of 3rd in the state.
Thank you again to all of our sponsors who have helped make Louisville Racing a success. As a team we have enjoyed the overwhelming support from the community and friends and hope to again have another successful year in 2011.


Louisville Power Drive

Louisville Power Drive

Advanced Class Car 48
1st Place – Motorsports Park Hasting – Hastings, NE
2nd Place - UNL Tractor Testing Lab – Lincoln, NE
1st Place - Alternate Fuel Challenge – Columbus, NE
1st Place – Cuming County Open – West Point, NE
1st place – Best vehicle documentation – Mid-America Motorplex, IA
4th Place Overall – State Championships – Mid-America Motorplex, IA

Standard Class Car 45
1st Place – Motorsports Park Hasting – Hastings, NE
1st Place - UNL Tractor Testing Lab – Lincoln, NE
3rd Place Overall – State Championships – Mid-America Motorplex, IA

Best Pit crew - UNL Tractor Testing Lab – Lincoln, NE






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CONTACT Diane Mayfield

Cass County Extension


4-H volunteers have been busy helping youth Discover 4-H – Discover You with Cass County 4-H events and workshops.

4-Hers learn to connect projects to potential careers while developing life skills at the different activities and workshops and have the opportunity to enter finished items in the Cass County Fair which runs from August 11-14 this year



New & Used Car Lot Attendant
Copple Chevrolet -  GMC

Is looking for a dependable, self motivated individual to maintain the appearance of our new & used car inventories.

The individual would be responsible for keeping the vehicles clean inside and out, properly displaying vehicles in three lots, maintaining the surrounding areas & other miscellaneous tasks.

Must have a clean driving record. Please E-Mail your response to:

[email protected] or [email protected]




Email your story to [email protected]

Thanks for helping to keep YOUR LOUISVILLE Newsletter fresh and up-to-date!  :)


Hello Louisvillians!

     So, what does it mean to go "the extra mile?"  To be sure, we could ask our own Marian Johnson since she received this special award this past week along with a bit of prize money too!  Congratulations again, Marian, on your recognition.    

     I was thinking about this award, though, and I was wondering if anyone really sets out to win this?  Do people really volunteer and help others in their community for glory, fame or fortune?  I'm sure there are a few, but I would venture to guess that the vast majority of people who have been dubbed "the extra miler" have done so simply because they have a good heart and desire to serve others.  They seek opportunities to assist when needed, and they offer a friendly hand when others need to be pulled up again.  To me, that's what an "extra miler" does.  

     I don't know about you, but I could list several people off the top of my head who I would consider "extra milers"--people who really and truly care about others and seek the genuine betterment of our community.  I am sure that you could think of a few people too.  Who might they be?  Without mentioning specific names since there's no way I could do justice in this small space, I might think about the business owners in town who continually support fundraising efforts and sponsor ads and other school-related functions.  I would think of the town workers and crew staff who work tirelessly to make our little town of Louisville better for all who live here and visit.  (Speaking of which, what do you think of the new corner/street improvement at the end of Main Street?  Absolutely divine, in my opinion!)  I might think of the town leaders who continually create fabulous functions to make our community better.  There's one coming up at the end of the month...hopefully, your calendars are marked for the Last Hot Weekend in July here in Louisville!  Finally, the unsung heros...the people of all ages...who continually do the right thing for others by treating them how they would want to be treated.  All of these folks and, of course, Marian Johnson, are worth of the "Extra Mile" Award!

      Challenge to you this upcoming week:  go the extra mile for someone you don't really know very well.  See what happens!  I encourage you to try this and see what your kindness can do!    

      Have a wonderful week, Louisvillians!  

      Your Louisville News Editor,


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