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"We are closer than you think!"
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L H S Girls B-BALL Bulletin:
Lady Lions win a Pair of Sneakers?

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LHS News provided by Krambeck Photography and the Lions Den
Most Complete Coverage of Small Town Sports anywhere!


Soups On!
Louisville School Music Booster’s Annual Soup Supper
Friday, Jan. 25, 2008
4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Home made Chili & Chicken Noodle Soup (with free refills)
Home made pies or desserts
Cornbread & honey
Pickles & veggies
Coffee, Iced Tea, or Kool-Aid

$5.00 Adults, $3.00 children ages 5 – 12, children under 5 are free
Sponsored by the Louisville School Music Boosters
Co-chairs Heidi Novotny & Cheri Minchow


Almost Ready to Quack!
One of Cass County's best known events is
that foul winter exercise the Avoca Quack off!

Introducing Avoca's new Community Website Editor, Teresa Lorensen Click Here
Avoca prepares for all the media, the politicians and celebrity visitors that have over the years become synonymous with this
annual Avoca celebration of Quackery.

When the winning contestant last year
was asked; "Hey, Who is gonna pay for all this?" he responded
"Put it on my bill"

(insert rimshot here)
Don't Miss a single Quack!
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Special Louisville Invitations
Sarpy County Fair Parade!
Our neighbor to the North, Springfield has a great Community Newsletter Editor Connie that keeps the Springfield Community tuned in on all that is happening.
Read Her Current Newsletter Click Here
I spoke to parade organizer Russ Zeeb and Louisville Folks are invited to
"Show Their Stuff" and join in the 2008 Sarpy County Fair this year! Click Here to Register (before you forget!)
So... this is the deal: after you build your animated dog-grooming display float and parade down Main Street in the Louisville Daz celebration,
keep a tarp on it for a few weeks and you will be
ready to go on the road August 2!
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Feb1 Louisville is Invited to Participate in
N-Lighten Nebraska! Read Below:
How are the New Year's resolutions coming along?
Registration for N-Lighten Nebraska, a team wellness competition conducted by the Nebraska Sports Council, is now open!
This three month endeavor runs from Feb. 1-May 1 and provides all the tips and resources to make sustainable lifestyle changes to live a more healthy life, not to mention all the great prizes and perks. For more information,
visit .
Louisville resident, Danielle Kleber, is the director of the program so feel free to call or email her with questions. She can be reached at [email protected] or 217-4878
N-Lighten Nebraska also offers some great corporate features, so feel free to pass along Danielle's information to your company's wellness committee and/or coordinators.
Danielle Kleber, ATC
Northeast High School

Coming Next Wednesday (drum roll)
The New Louisville Community Website
Jared Plucknett, Information Technology Officer for Home State Bank completed his work and the final Community Website design has been turned over to the staff at WireBuilt Company for completion. Home State Bank has accepted the role of Principal Sponsor for the Louisville Nebraska Community Website and the new site will allow small businesses, Churches, teams, approved organizations and groups their own development areas to maintain with the support and tutoring of Nebraska Community Websites without cost. Please call us at 234-2345 to reserve space!

  (including the Library!)

Library Spice
Coming Soon!!! Evening Hours at the Louisville Library!!!
Starting February 4, 2008, the Louisville Library will be open on Monday and Wednesday evenings until 7pm. Please stop in and see your Louisville Library Board members as they are volunteering
their services to handle the evening hours!
Please let us know if you have any suggestions to help improve the service we provide to our community!! Stop in and see us!

By Popular Request:
Louisville Water Presentation
For those of you that requested a copy of the Presentation that was made during the Water Issues Forum, the link above is an extremely large Power Point Presentation.
(Not recommended for folks with slow, or dial up internet connections)
Thanks to Olsson and the City of Louisville for providing this file

Financial Peace
Posted by Jay and Dorretta Brummet
First United Methodist Church is sponsoring the Dave Ramsey-Financial
Peace University class
. Dave is a personal money management expert who
knows how to make this subject fun and has changed lives. We sponsored
this about a year ago and liked it so much that we are offering this
video series/workshop again. Please join us on Sunday, January
27th at 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome!
For more information, please call
Jay & Dorretta Brummet 234-4575

Nominated for "Most Inspirational" Community Editor
Teri of Murdock has the largest group of Overseas Military personnel subscribers to her weekly newsletter. One Soldier currently stationed in Kuwait, and originally from Plano, Texas wrote me to say that he looks forward to the Murdock Nebraska Newsletter and someday visiting Nebraska.
Read todays Newsletter Click Here then
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Clearly the "Most Fun" Community Newsletter
and the one I most look forward to each Wednesday is
written by Julie for Elmwood

Julie and hubby have a Roller Skating rink out there, and they have endless fun, wonderful pictures and stories each week.
They just have WAY TOO much fun in Elmwood! Read Julie's Elmwood Newsletter for this week, Click Here then:

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Minor Change to Louisville Classified Ads
The volume of Classified Ads continues to increase, and recently we are getting folks in China, India, etc that have been trying to post ads for all sorts of interesting goodies. So What? Well, there would be nothing special about our Classified Ads, if all that lovely stuff was allowed, so I zap it like a bug zapper. I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on that, currently about 40min a day just to keep our Classified Sections (all 14 Communities), clean and friendly,
by asking people to enter their zip code when they place their ad.
Not a huge task, for somebody from around here
Allison tells me, that everybody here knows their own zip code.
But, it is a real problem if you are sitting in a Beijing sweat shop banging away on a keyboard
and that helps me automatically weed out a lot of the non-genuine folks.
The point of this message is to apologize for the extra step,
and assure you I am not trying to keep the South Bend, Manley and Cedar Creek folks out,
just all the cell-phone parts and pharma ads

Just so you know!

...and now, a message from some of our wonderful sponsors...

The Main Street Cafe

Genuine Home Made, Local Recipes
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Hey, How about some Pie?

The Insurance Group
"Better Insurance, for Better Peace of Mind"
Give us a call. Let us show you
a better way to manage ALL your insurance needs
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Scary-Fast Internet from Future Tech
World Class Broadband Wireless Internet
Yes, you DO have a choice of providers!
First Month Free - if you Mention this Ad
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Henry Motors
the areas best selection of
Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles

Shadow Lake Towne Center
Where Shopping is an Event!
Look what's New at Shadow Lake!
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Farmers Bank of Cook
When the Temperature Drops
So do our Loan Rates!
Stop in and Compare Today!
Farmers Bank of Cook
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V i s i t   t h e   Li o n s   D e n
Get all the latest on our Louisville Lions at
Provided by Mike Krambeck and Krambeck Photography
View and purchase professional photos of our athletes (Click Here ) that will provide a lifetime of memories, and help support the fine work of Mike and Pam

Look Up Your Own Name!
The Cass Gram has an Online Feature that allows you to do a look-up
on News items that were published in past issues.

The Cass Gram is that handy, free single page news leaflet that you can
pickup at Subway, or Home State Bank

Click Here
enter any keyword, such as your last name to see what past news stories pop-up
Cass Gram - Get your News, while it is still News
Pick Up Your Cass Gram - Today!

Jeanne Speaks!
Don't let the snow and negative media get you down. Houses are still selling everywhere and there are some great deals to be found. Lots of people are looking for land to build their new home on in the Spring and several families are searching for their new next home on an acreage or in one of the wonderful communities in Cass County.

Interest rates keep getting better so don't miss our next two open houses
for a peek at what is available!

Sunday, January 27th 1-3 14331 West Sandhill Road, Louisville Asking $275,000
Sunday February 3rd 1-3 904 Prairie Hill, Louisville Asking $200,000

Visit our website 24/7 for the latest market offerings and virtual tours.  Call Jeanne Anderson at 669-2679 for your private tour of any home currently on the market in Nebraska.


Jeanne Anderson
Havenmakers-Deeb Realty


4.848% APR



5.308% APR

phone: (402) 234-2155

fdic.gif      ehlsm.jpg

Keep Up
with the Latest Louisville Issues:

Read the most recent City Council Minutes
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Now, let's Snoop on the Neighbors!!
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See what's for sale, and read today's local buzz!!
Louisville Interactive
We built this way for you to share with the BUILD group, (our Local Business Owners), your ideas, observations and suggestions to help improve Louisville. Your comments are now shared at the Monthly BUILD meeting, and your ideas are valuable! We are looking for trends, common requests or concerns.

All comments will be saved, reviewed and considered, so this is your chance to say what you think!
Take The New Survey _to_build.htm
Classified Ads
We made a couple changes to the Classified Section, and the popularity of this section has grown dramatically! You can now add a digital photo of whatever it is you have for sale.
Anyways the classified section, is now the most frequently visited section of the website, so get out there and sell something!

Anybody in Louisville can contribute a story..
or a Guest Editorial on pretty much any subject by Clicking HERE:

http://www.louisvillenebraska .com/news/submit.htm and typing the story in the little box.
This represents access to about 762 of our neighbors, and you don't have to pay to get your message to the Community.
(message must be approved by the editor's Mom, she says; "If you can't says something nice, then shut up and eat!")

Join Club Louisville
Be sure and check out all the Local Discussion by going to: Click Here:> http://www.louisvillenebraska .com/discus/ and clicking on "Last Week" the top left hand side of your screen.
Hey, Life is Better Here!
If you are among the geographically challenged that happen to live somewhere else...
Come and Join Us! Easy as 1, 2, 3..... 4
Select a lot in our new Subdivision, drive down and check it out,
get a loan eat dinner, then buy some firewood!
you too can experience the Better Life!

From the Editor
Happy Chickens
Deep Freezer in Paradise

For those of you that might be considering leaving the big city, and moving out here to the land that knows no parallel parking, may I suggest a deep freeze.
A Big One!

Before Louisville, I had no idea how useful these gizmos are

First off, you get some land, here or here start to get acquainted with your neighbors, it is a matter of time until make a beef connection.

People out here know, people, that know people that are planning to score a cow, a pig, (goat?) or in our case, neighbors that raise chickens!

I am serious! Real Chickens from Chicks! Feathers and all!
Apparently they buy baby chicks, and feed them chicken feed, and suddenly:
I had a Chia Pet one Christmas.. kinda like that I guess..

We made a connection with a neighbor that traffics in poultry, and I would be severely punished if I gave out his name, but Man! I gotta tell you! You have never had chicken, until you have one that is raised right here in Louisville!

Nothing like a bland old nasty supermarket pullet, this is a bird with a positive outlook on life, or at least had one until very recently.

We used to get eggs, from the same connection, but a dog got into the hen house and I guess, scrambled that deal.

Couple times a year, the Chics get plucked and the
big poultry buy goes down!
Coolers filled with ice, cash is counted out, a final check of the time and to see if the coast is clear, and off we go to meet our connection.

Money is exchanged, birds are counted, birds go in the coolers, and back we go to the Deep Freeze in the basement

all but one bird gets the big chill. It is tradition that one bird is reserved for the feast

One Bird, Fresh, Plump and Probably Flapping a few hours ago has an appointment with the Weber Grill and some smoked Apple Wood chips.

and my oh my, that is good stuff..
Life is Good Out Here!

Having Fun and Smokin the Bird South of the River
Computer John
mailto:[email protected] ebraska.Com

p.s. To subscribe or UN-subscribe to the LouisvilleNebraska.Com Newsletter, go to: http:// www.louisvillenebraska .com/news/newsletter.htm