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This Weeks Newsletter Interview

4th Wednesday of ea Month - Louisville Angels

Spotlight on Community Volunteers

Stacy Moxey

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The Louisville Leap

Computer John - Celebrates Leap Day in Louisville
(Oh good Lord, ....Now What?)



Benefit for Carolyn Owens
Five years ago, Carolyn had a kidney transplant and came out of it with flying colors.  But recently she was diagnosed with liver cancer. 
She has started chemo treatments and needs
help to pay some of her medical expenses. 
Please join us for good cause on Saturday, March 1st at Main Street Cafe
for a Spaghetti Feed starting at 11:00 AM
$5 per person, $10 per family
Pool, Dart, and Shuffleboard Tournaments at
Good Times starting at 2:00 PM. 
$15 entry fee for each tournament


On March 15th, We are Off to See the Wizard!

Look to the creative folks at the Lofte for a Brand New and Exciting Experiment

Interactive Oz!

(Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain)
Free Will Admission.  No pre-sales for this event.

MGM's 1939 film, "The Wizard of Oz" has been digitally remastered and can be found at the Lofte!  But, be prepared.  This isn't your oridnary movie experience. 

 Crafty Lofte volunteers are working very hard and are adding "surprises" during the screening to help keep the kids (and adults) on their toes.  The film begins at 4pm, but doors open at 3pm.  Come early and let the children play carnival-type games on stage.  Dress up as your favorite character!  Sing-a-long with the music!  "Boo" at the Wicked Witch!  This is sure to be a fun and memorable event for the whole family!

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Weekly Interviews
Louisville Angels
  Weekly Newsletter Feature - 3 Minute Interviews
Forth Wednesday of Each Month a Louisville Volunteer
February 27, 2008
  Stacy Moxey
Volunteer - 4-H - UMC - Bible School
Louisville Newsletter Interviews
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Third Wednesday of the Month Louisville Movers and Shakers
 an informal visit with a Local Business Leader
Fourth Wednesday of the Month Louisville Angels
an informal visit with active Volunteers 
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From the Editor
Louisville Leap
It has been 4 long years of waiting...
  Not everybody appreciates Leap Day in Louisville like me,
But I can tell you there is no better place to be!
If you have never been to Louisville on the 29th of February you have missed a rare occurance. Only every 4 years, and only when the year is evenly divisible by 4, and NOT divisible by 400 ( Hey, I didn't make this up! ) does a day in Louisville rise to this special set of circumstances and Gregorian parameters.
Louisville Leap Day
 You only have 2 shopping days left, it is almost here!
You can roll out of bed early and shuffle down to the MSC for that Captain Hoovers Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast . Chat with Cory say hi to Jim Johnson and maybe even see  the Mayor going for some home made pie.
Walk across the street and have coffee with Mark Leibman and the whole world of investments and sage wisdom. Wander next door and be spellbound by the works of art that fill the Louisville Art Gallery and enjoy the wit and humor of City Councilman Steve Sherman. If you are really lucky you will catch him talking to the Good 'Ol Paul McManis and listen to a story of the old times at US West, Bell Labs and Main Street.
Make your way over to see Jay at Copple and have him show you that Sierra with the $3000 rebate (last day!) He has that world class smile! Makes you want to get some new wheels!
Drive your new Sierra across the street and shuffle in to See Ruth over there at the Library . They have got that new furniture, and new books and WiFi access for your laptop.
Take that new Sierra over to Waynes and buy a load of that Great Cooking hickory firewood he cuts and drys.
When you get that FireWood all stacked, you gotta some steaks! Better go see Jeff and have him cut you a nice T-Bone .
Time to get freshened up for the Big Leap Day Karaoke Event
8:30 at the Good Times Everybody is gonna be there!
Pete and Teresa have every song you ever heard on that Karoke machine of theirs..
..maybe even..
Sing a duet or two with Jerry Dowling, just like in the old Days! 
hey it doesn't get any better than that!
Now That's a Louisville Leap Day!
Leap into the sack, do it all again in 2012! 
Having Fun and Singing Karaoke South of the River
Computer John
mailto:[email protected] ebraska.Com
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