New Well on Depot Street

This is old well that most of us heard but never seen...

New well site is between city workshop and old well house on a Depot street.

Land was frozen, so they had to bring a huge saw and cut that dirt like concrete.

Then they had to remove those huge chunks with big machine..

Here is one of those - piece of cake!

After all the chunks were removed they dig a little deeper trench.

Then they lined trench with special material.

And filled it with water that is necessary for drilling process.


Drilling more...

This is casing for the new well being installed.

Here is well casing in the ground already.

This is one of our heroes from People's Service next to drill bit 
(makes me think about dentist..)

Now you can imagine the size of well, casing, etc. relative to this drill bit!

Here is a screen (a part in the well that went bad in the old well and made us 
suffer last Summer), never thought it looks like this and is so big!

Screen comes down into the new well...

They've filled the space around well with coarse sand (or small size 
gravel - you name it),

and some special filling too.

Added wonderful cement from our local plant (heard many times 
friends saying "Cement is good around here!")



As soon as well is tested and certified we'll have more water and, hopefully, drought is over this year too :)

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