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June 1, 2000

Tragedy Strikes the Quik Pik...

It came without warning, and it came at the worst possible time...

Saturday morning was beautiful in every respect!
Louisville Daz' 2000 in Louisville Nebraska was full of promise and excitement with the wonderful smell of breakfast sausage and pancakes wafting from the Firehouse. Our beloved volunteers in uniform turned their attention from death defying acts of courage to sizzling griddles filled with pancakes and pitchers of orange juice.

Sipping coffee, my thoughts drifted to the Model Car contest across the street and the anticipation of the contestants having carefully prepared their models for review.

Oh, to have grown up in a small town and to have been a kid with such festivities on a grand morning like this!

Louisville Daz was not all fun, there were real challenges to be faced like voting in the "Most Beautiful Baby" contest. Studying each photograph carefully, weighing the relative cuteness of startled and coy expressions on the various contestants. Feeling the eyes of parents and relatives watching for any indication of my preference. A hush fell over the surrounding on lookers as I plunked down a quarter and announced my choice.. then a squeal of delight from what I believe to be the older sister of my choice. Whew.. I got outa that without a scratch!!

I didn't bother to explain that my opinion as to what constitutes a cute baby is probably nothing to get excited about and probably a little insulting to the baby when you get right down to it, but everybody seemed happy.

Speaking of taste; It is my opinion that the hot dogs they have rolling around on that grilling deally-bob back by the coffee machine in the Quik Pik are the best on the entire planet! The trick is you have to come in late in the day, when they have been cooking a long time and they are getting very dark. Select the darkest one, dig a bun out of the plastic wrap and then get busy with the condiments.

I know it is difficult to get the sweet relish out of those $%f^d#@ little packets but all good things in life take time. You need at least 2, ...3 is better and then do the mustard and ketchup. I think they get all of a buck for these wieners and I probably consume that much just in condiments alone, but what a feast!

...but I digress..

There was apparently some technical difficulties with the public address system they setup for the parade, and there was a short delay while the Master of Ceremonies got cued up, but soon they had it ready and the main event was underway!! If you haven't already seen, here are the photos prepared by our staff photographer: http://louisvillenebraska.com/events/daz_report.htm

The streets of Louisville rang with the blare of fire engine horns and shimmered with the polished brass of the High School band! Floats cruised the avenue with smiling pretty girls and a limousine carrying our parades Grand Marshall; none other than the glamorous and sophisticated Diane Reed!

Particularly impressive was the synchronized dance routine performed by Louisville's own Dance Team, and the Mighty Louisville Tumblers coached by Ms. Snodgrass. I probably don't have their name right, but they were doing some might good tumbling so that's all I can say.

The evening was a perfect ending to a perfect day, with the Jaycees's sponsored Street Dance! The legendary Mark-A Dean and his Herbie and the Hot Heads band delighted the crowd with good old fashioned Rock & Roll under the stars!

Life is definitely very good!! Thanks again to the Jaycees and all their sponsors for the tremendous effort!

Oh, about the Quik Pik, they had a tragic failure of their ice cooler in the front of the store. It caused delays and extra efforts on the part of the staff running bags of ice in from the outdoor freezer. More on the later...

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