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Easter Week Starts This Sunday

April 1 - Palm Sunday






Please stop in the library and say hello to our new librarian, Darla Mc Donald. Darla has lived in our area for 30+ years and has many new ideas to bring to our library.  On behalf of the Louisville Public Library Board, Welcome Darla!! 



Mark your Calendars!

 Cass County Fair
August 7-11, 2012

"Fun, Family and Memories"


Auditions at the Lofte


Manley, NE [March 21, 2012] - The Lofte Community Theatre in Manley will be holding auditions on Monday, April 9 and Tuesday, April 10 at 7pm for their 2012 season opener, "The Sunshine Boys."  The play is the story of two old entertainers, Al and Willie.  In the days of vaudeville, they were the top-billed comedy team, "Lewis and Clark."  Now they aren't even speaking. When CBS requests them for a "History of Comedy" retrospective, a grudging reunion brings the two back together along with a flood of memories, miseries and laughs.  George Burns won his only Academy Award in the film version of this Neil Simon play.

The two primary roles called for men approximate ages 65-80.  Other roles in the play include 4 men and 2 women ages 18-60.  A complete description of the roles and the script can be found on the Lofte website, www.Lofte.com.

The audition will consist of cold readings from the script.  Rehearsals will begin in mid-April.  The show runs May 26, 27, June 1-3 and 7-10.  Please bring a list of schedule conflicts to the audition.

Those who have questions may contact Artistic Director Kevin Colbert at   402-234-2553.




Easter Bonnet Parade!!

Fun things this weekend-Coop de ville is having an easter bonnet parade!  To participate, show up in a bonnet of your own design. We'll be meeting at Louisville Art Gallery at 10 for registration. The parade begins at 10:30. All participants will receive 20% off their entire purchases. First place winner walks off with $100 gift certificate, second place with $75 and third place with $50.
Can't wait to see ya'll flaunt your feathers!
Art Chicks is offering drop in lunches for $12.96 and FREE ART.  Come make something springy and amazing!!!!  10-3.  Lunch will include a Waldorf Chickie Salad, Spring Green Salad with strawberries, almonds and feta cheese.  Dessert is our homemade Sopapilla Cheese Cake.  Call for reservations or drop in.





WANTED - Massage Therapist

Indulgence Salon is looking for a Licensed Massage Therapist. This is a booth rent opportunity, place your own hours, and be your own boss. Please contact Jaime Kiss at  402-679-5803 or jaimekiss06@gmail.com for further information or if you are interested.

Indulgence Salon is located at 411 West 5th Street in Louisville.



American Legion Post 353


American Legion Post 353 in Louisville is now open for lunch and dinner. Our hours are Monday-Friday 11am-2pm and 4:30pm-7:30pm. Stop in and check out our menu!








Louisville Outstanding Volunteer



The B.U.I.L.D. sponsored LOUISVILLE OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER dinner will be held on Tuesday, April 10h at the Louisville Art Gallery at 6:00PM. The awards presented at this fourth annual dinner will honor individuals who volunteer their time for our community and get very little recognition - sometimes because only a few people are aware of their contribution. This event will give a voice to those who know and wish to thank that special volunteer. Decide which category fits and nominate him/her for that one. Everyone interested in attending the dinner may purchase the $10 ticket at the city office.

The menu is a choice of beef or chicken prepared by our fabulous Main Street Café. Nomination forms will be available at the city office, Louisville school offices or on the Louisville website….louisvillenebraska.com under “COMMUNITY”. They must be submitted on line or to the city office by Tuesday, March 27th. Nominees will be notified in advance so family members and friends will have time to purchase tickets if they wish to attend.

The award categories are as follows:
The Unsung Hero: This person has silently volunteered their time to perform an act that has helped our community or individual in our community.

The Lifetime Achievement Award: This person has been in our community for a majority of their lifetime and has contributed throughout their life to making Louisville a great place to live.

Outstanding School Volunteer: This person volunteers countless hours to our school and helps make the school a better place for teachers and students alike.

Business Person of the Year: The person owns or works at a business in Louisville and through that business encourages Louisville volunteerism and community growth.

L.O.V. Award – This is an all encompassing award that should go to a person that volunteers for numerous activities and is that person you can always count on to never say NO when you need someone to help out.

The person submitting the nomination may remain anonymous however, everyone who makes a nomination will have their name in a drawing for a GREAT prize. Questions, call Dee at the city office 234-7705.

Or fill out online form > click here





For Immediate Release: The Legislature's Child Welfare Reform Plan

March 23, 2012, Lincoln— The legislature is in the heart of its calendar now and has been working late nights this week with debate on the budget. The child welfare reform bills have also been moving through the legislative process. LB 821 would establish the Nebraska Children's Commission and the Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare in the Legislature's Office of the Public Counsel. The Commission would create a statewide strategic plan for reform, and lead collaborative reform efforts among public and private stakeholders, and the state's five service areas. The Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare would conduct investigations, audits, inspections and other reviews of the child welfare system.

LB 1160 would require the Legislature's Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee to report to the governor, the legislature and the chief justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court in 2012, 2013 and 2014 on progress made by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) toward recommendations outlined in the HHS Committee's 2011 interim study LR 37. (This study reviewed the effects of privatization on the child welfare system.) The bill would also require DHHS to report to the legislature by December of this year regarding a web-based statewide automated child welfare information system designed to house all child welfare data in one place.

The Legislature's Performance Audit Committee introduced LB 949. The bill would establish the child welfare system as a separate budget category and require DHHS to create performance measures and time frames for meeting them. LB 949 would require DHHS to include a strategic plan in its budget requests and provide quarterly updates to the legislature about transfers of more than $250,000 among child welfare programs.

LB 820 would improve stability for children in the foster care system and allow DHHS to fund a variety of community-based services for children and their families. Title IV-E is the federal government's program for adoption assistance and foster care. LB 820 would require DHHS to apply for a federal waiver for a foster care demonstration project. The waiver would provide flexibility in the use of Title IV-E funds to reduce the number of Nebraska children in out-of-home foster care. The bill would require that DHHS apply for the waiver before the end of 2012.  LB 820 would also create a group of child welfare stakeholders to advise DHHS on the application. The Department would be required to create a Foster Care Reimbursement Committee to develop a statewide standard rate structure for children in foster care. The legislature believes the state must provide foster parents with adequate compensation for ensuring the safety and well-being of the vulnerable children in their care.

As amended LB 961 would require an annual reduction of twenty-five percent in the average caseload of each case manager beginning in September 2012, and in the same month every year until Nebraska caseloads conform to national standards. LB 961 would also prohibit DHHS from extending past July 1, 2014 the lead agency contracts in existence when LB 961 becomes law and prevent DHHS from issuing any new lead agency contracts in Nebraska.

LBs 821, 1160, 949, 820 and 961 all include emergency clauses and would become law when signed by the governor.

Omaha Senator Bob Krist introduced LB 998 to replace the current Foster Care Review Board with the Foster Care Review Office. The board was created in 1982 as an independent agency to provide oversight to the state's foster care system. Possible conflicts of interest among board members have recently called into question the credibility of child welfare data that have been provided to the legislature. Under LB 998, as amended, the new office would be created, most of the staff of the current board would transfer to the new office, and a new Foster Care Advisory Committee would appoint the new executive director, review management and employee issues of the office, and assist the director in resolving issues in the foster care system. LB 998 would reestablish independent oversight of the foster care system. The new office would, once again, provide unbiased information to the legislature, the courts and to DHHS. The operative date for this bill would be January 1, 2013 to allow time to establish the new office and advisory committee.

These proposals represent a strong beginning for child welfare reform. Monitoring progress and strengthening the legislature's efforts will continue next year. I look forward to the work that lies ahead on these important policy issues.

I am always interested in hearing your comments by mail, phone or email.
    Senator Paul Lambert
    State Capitol, PO Box 94604
    Lincoln, NE 68509
    (402) 471-2613




2012 Events at Art Chicks


            March 30th & 31st- Free Craft Make & Take, Easter Bonnet Parade 31st

      April 14-Purse Swap

      April 27th & 28th Friday Saturday- Spring Flea Market

      May 11th & 12th- Special Day Out for Moms with free make and take art project

      May 26th- Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

      June 9rd Cocktails in the Garden with Plant & Garden Junk Sale, Plant Swap

      July 29th Sunday 9 to 4: Flea Market and Old Fashioned Dessert Festival/Car show

      September 24th Saturday Chocolate Festival-chocolate themed meal and treats at all the shops

      October All Month Long-shopping bonanza!  Punch card, visit all the local participating stores and enter to win a drawing for shopping spree worth over $300.00.

      October 29th Saturday: Witches Brew Party -11:00 and 1:00  is our grand celebration of everything Halloween! Two blocks full of music, dancing, broom ceremonies, fortune telling and much more.  Free gift to those who dress up.  Saturday 2:30 Little Witches in Training Party  Bring your little ones to a special 2:30 seating to celebrate Halloween and all its glory. Come in costume and learn about Halloween traditions, make believe fun and dancing

      November 12th- Holiday Open House & Art Chicks Lunchorama  Stop in and see all the new Holiday decor and Gifts in over 5 shops. Husker items, jewelry, purses, kitchen goods, baby and kids too.  Reserve your table for 2 or 52 and enjoy a show of the latest jewelry for the season from several designers and handmade gifts from local artisans.

      December 3rd Ringing in the Season All of Louisville will be bustling with the sounds and activities of the season. Kids Shopping with children’s luncheon at 2:30 Bring your little one and they can shop and wrap presents for Christmas surprises for everyone on their list.

      December Holiday Camp - Ladies, time to learn some new tricks to make your holiday prep easier. Spend time in Camp gaining the skills to “do it all” or at least laugh so much the stress disappears.

Visit coopandfeathers.blogspot.com and louisvilleartchicks.com for more details.

Art Chicks 402-234-2669








Recycling Schedule







Adoption fee on all animals is $60. This includes spay/neuter and vaccinations.

Microchips are an additional $25 (well worth it).

Adult Cats are always a free adoption to Senior Citizens!


Animal Shelter -



In-Home Childcare Help Wanted

For Summer Time
For elementary school children ages 6-11
Call Stacy at 402-234-3465

or e-mail




Get Your Easter Bonnet Ready!


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