"We are closer than you think!"


Dear Friends;

It is with great sadness that we announce our decision not to rebuild Louisville ACE Hardware.

Please trust that we have not reached this decision lightly.

In the past few years regulations have been put in place by various government entities to protect the general populace. Flood plain levels have increased dramatically, requiring a severely elevated building. The American Disabilities Act has stringent guidelines that must be complied with. The State of Nebraska has a new Energy Initiative that will save millions of dollars on energy costs in the long term, but is an additional cost to new construction.

Unfortunately meeting these regulations would increase already high construction costs, and preclude us from erecting a building that would meet the retail needs of our community. And we have no desire to give you less than you deserve.

We would like to thank all of you for your support over our 22 years of membership in Louisville’s business community. The many expressions of sympathy and concern since the fire have both humbled and sustained us. We have been honored to serve this wonderful area that we are proud to call “Home”.

It is now time for us to look forward. Larry has begun working for the City of Louisville. Maureen has taken a position with Westlake Ace Hardware as a Paint Dept. specialist. Joe is enjoying time at home with his family while looking for a position that will fully utilize his many and varied skills. Taylor is preparing for her senior year at Platteview High School and working at the Louisville Care Community.

Thank you again for your unfailing support and rest assured that you will always be a part of us.

Former Staff of Louisville Hardware, Inc.
Larry and Maureen Gulizia
Joe Faubion
Taylor Brechbill