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September 22, 2000

Huskers Tomorrow!!
Click Here> http://www.huskerpedia.com/iowastat.html
Our Corn Huskies are traveling to Ames to play the Cyclones tomorrow!
Check them out on the telly 2:36 p.m. CDT (ABC regional).
Click Here> http://www.huskerpedia.com/iowastat.html
Our Corn Huskies are traveling to Ames to play the Cyclones tomorrow!
Check them out on the telly 2:36 p.m. CDT (ABC regional).

Do It Once A Week!
Once a week, pick a Monday or a Saturday morning, check out all the buzz for the week by going to: http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/discus/ and clicking on "Last Week" on the top left-hand side of your screen. Read what everybody has been saying, and then add your 3 cents worth, (inflation), to the conversation. Get Regular!

Local Music Scene
We then have, at our local music Emporium and Lounge on our newly constructed Main Street, music from a very popular Omaha band, the Fish Heads. http://www.fishheads.com/
So life is actually pretty good down here south of the river.

Our Main Street
I have to say, after all the fussing and fighting and mud and dust, Main Street is starting to look pretty spiffy! Not only do we have almost wall-to-wall concrete now, we have a neat little red-brick sorta-kinda-lookin-like-a cobblestone thingy that borders the sidewalk. I suspect that it is red to honor the Huskers football team, but I am really not sure.

Heres the latest from our Rough Tough and Hard-to-Bluff Construction Reporter MG:
OPPD has finished setting and liting the street lights. They are currently looking for decorative brackets to install on the poles for banners, flags, etc.

The large white "X-files" trucks were lining the sanitary sewer with a space-age component that works as a pipe within a pipe. The work was done at night because of the lower use of the Main street sewer system at that time.

They have finished.

The sidewalks will be poured on the East side of Main, (providing the weather cooperates) by the end of the week.

The work on the south intersection by Copple's is currently under work, and work will begin on the North intersection by Louisville Marine after that.

Thanks MG!

We had hoped to have some photo's for you of the latest developments, but all the Elves at WireBuilt are on strike for shorter hours and better working conditions. More Later!

Elections are Coming
We are now only 30 days from Elections both federal and local elections and we need to start banging the drum to get everybody registered to vote and looking at the candidates!
Locally you can find out about the candidates that have provided information by clicking here:  http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/election_filings.htm

At the same time there are some folks running for office who's fate will be decided on the same night as our new Mayor:

The Presidential Race: http://www.cnn.com/2000/ALLPOLITICS/stories/10/04/presidential.debate/index.html
The VP Race:  http://www.cnn.com/2000/ALLPOLITICS/stories/10/06/debate.wrap/index.html

I am a determined and a dedicated voter. I vote in everything that I can. If I could, I would vote twice. I enjoy the opportunity afforded me by my Uncle Sam to put my mark, and be counted.
I have talked with other folks that feel it is just a birth-defect and one more way that I can find to waste time. (Hmmmmph!)

Regardless of how you feel about the federal elections, I can absolutely guarantee that the outcome of our Louisville elections with have a direct and lasting if not pivotal affect on our City and you and your family and friends in our small city of Louisville!

There is nothing more important for our City than to have your voice be heard, and your vote be counted this November 7th. If you know people that need an absentee ballet or a ride to the polls send an email to mailto:[email protected] and I will make sure that we get the right people together with the right people to make it happen.

One more time, here are your candidates: Take a Look:
Click Here: http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/election_filings.htm

Computer John
Assistant Editor
LouisvilleNebraska.Com Newsletter

What the Cat Saw...
Hi Adoring Cat Fanciers!

What a busy week, even for me. I've hardly slept a wink!
The jackhammers for two days up against the side of the store's foundation can drive you to drink.

That explains my nightly Catnip Cocktail! But I understand we will be getting sidewalk tomorrow, providing it doesn't rain. It seems construction workers hate rain almost as much as cats do!

You don't have to have cats' eyes to see on Main Street at night anymore.
The street lights are up and running, and they are much brighter than the old ones.

I hear some of the Louisville businesses are going to bury a time capsule under the sidewalk in front of the city building.

They have many interesting things, key chains, old photos, letters to future generations. They also have a picture of me! Purrrfectly delightful, don't you agree?

Well, it's time for my Catnip Cocktail. Until next time, keep your feet dry...........Hank

Hank's Link of the Week
I really don't care too much for Halloween.
I can never find a costume that fits, and I am pretty tired of going as a cat every year, but that Bonomo Turkish Taffy has always been my weakness... (sigh!) I heard Mr. Bonomo actually passed away this last year. http://www.adena.com/adena/jb/jb01.htm
But for those of you that look forward to Halloween, my Link of the Week will give you some great tips on Pumpkin Carving.

Having fun, and sipp'en catnip south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat


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