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December 29

Lions Invade Memphis!
For those of you that never believed that all that tuba practice would amount to much... How about our movin' and shakin' LHS Marching Band!

Tomorrow, Friday, December 29, 2000, the Mighty Louisville Lions Marching band will make it's first ever Tennessee appearance at the 42nd Annual AXA Liberty Bowl! http://www.libertybowl.org/ starting at 12:30 pm CST on ESPN.

To make the performance even more exciting they convinced a couple of College Football Teams to play each other before and after the Lions do their thing!

The word on the street is, the Music Boosters were quietly working on a giant inflated replica of Hank the Hardware Cat to use in their grand finale, but the deal fell through when Hank's agent insisted on a 5 year deal with final say on the music selected. Oh, well...

On a Related Note
Speaking of bowl games... Our guys in red are going to make mince meat out of Northwestern this Saturday starting at 7:00pm. http://www.huskerpedia.com/northwestern.html They won't have the quality of entertainment that the Liberty Bowl will, but the Big Red Machine is going to get even with the Wildcats for having the nerve to where an "N" on their helmets!

Best Display Contest!
Envelope please... And the winner IS!
say... wait a minute...
What happened to the voting? You said there was going to be voting and the best photo would win! 
What the dot com is going on here anyhow???

Well it goes something like this..

The Christmas Lights Contest was rather a non-starter... 
As of 12/20 at 4:59pm there had not been a single submission.
I was feeling a little depressed about the whole deal, and suddenly there was a knock on our door and a
nice young lady was standing there and said; "Is it too late to get my photo in for the contest?" 
The Elves said absolutely not!! She came in got the grand tour of WireBuilt International Headquarters had a fresh-baked Christmas Cookie and we talked for a little bit. 
We thanked her for the photo entry, and she left. 
Sooooooo....... there really wasn't much voting to be done at that point

We believe that there was a unexpected shortage of film at Jeff's Jack & Jill that led to the problem, however our winner of the 2000 Holiday Lights Contest is Heidi Warner and here is her award winning entry!

Next year we hope to have a little more vigorous struggle for the $50 grand prize..
Congratulations Heidi!

Christmas in Louisville
Quick to volunteer for some cold weather hazardous duty; the Elves at WireBuilt took to the streets on Christmas Eve night to capture a little of the beauty of Louisville on that dark and cold and beautiful evening. Click here> http://louisvillenebraska.com/Christmas2000.htm  
We know that there are many folks in other parts of the world that receive this Newsletter for which this little town is home. We hope that you enjoy these pictures and your memories of Christmas's past.

Get Regular...
Stay up with all the latest buzz, by checking into the Discussion Forum ONCE A WEEK! http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/discus/ Click on the words "Last Week" on the top left of your screen and read, post and get into the Louisvillian Groove...

Computer John
Assistant Editor
LouisvilleNebraska.Com Newsletter
mailto:[email protected]

Louisville Memories
Once again our History Editor, Bill Tempelmeyer has brought us some great first hand Louisville memories. 

A Very Nice Lady Grandma Meyers 
By Bill Tempelmeyer

This week's story is about a fine old neighbor lady we called GRANDMA MEYERS. 

As you read this please understand that mein Deutscher ist nicht sehr gut therefore I used my best German phonetic spelling to illustrate how Grandma Meyers sounded to eight year old Bill.

GRAMA MEYERS ... 1938) This fine individual was nothing like the previous characters. 
She was a very nice lady and appears to have lived well into her eighties when I was just a young boy in 1938. 

She lived in a spotlessly clean large white house on Depot Street just a couple of doors East down the street from my mother's house. 

I never saw anyone come or go and seldom saw her out in the yard. However once in a great while when I walked past her place on my way up town, she would come out of her front door, creep down the front steps and shuffle along the sidewalk out to her front gate. 

As I approached her she would partially extend her right arm with a nickel pinched tightly between her thumb and forefinger and say, Villy, Villy ... kommon zee mer, Villy. Any way that is what it sounded like to me. 

She would give me a scrap of paper and say, "Villy, sie gaben ... Herr Reihart." (this all meant, Billy take this note to Fritz's Butcher Shop.) there would always be a slight pause then she would say, "Sie bringen bitte" (you bring please). 

After this she would show me the nickel and put it in her apron pocket, and as I would turn and start to continue my trip to town she would pat me on the head and say, "Villy, Villy, du bist ein zer gute boop" (you are a very good boy Billy). 

Then I would be on my way to Fritz Reinhart butcher shop with the scrap of paper clutched in my hand and a dream of that nickel stuck in my head. After Fritz's gave me the package of meat I was off on a dead run back to Grama Meyer's house. 

As I neared her house she would again open the front door, creep down the front steps, and shuffle out to her front gate. I would give her the package and she would give me the nickel, and as I turned to run back up town she would again pat me on the head and say, "Villy, du bist ein zer gute boop" or something like that.

With the nickel held firmly in my clenched fist I headed straight for Joe Zastera's drug store where I would climbed up on one of those huge soda fountain stools and order a glass of chocolate milk, with ice. Thus, to the mutual satisfaction of everyone, ended another business transaction.

Next time My favorite eccentric and neighbor lady Aunt Florence.

Mr. Tempelmeyer can be reached by emailing: mailto:[email protected]  

What the Cat Saw...
Hi Hardware Cat Fans!
Sorry folks, can't talk right now. I am trying to hitchhike my way to Memphis and it is SLOW going!
I never saw much use for an opposable thumb until just now.
Merry Christmas and a Mouse-Filled New Year to Everyone!

Hank's Link of the Week
We all have our personal heros. There are those around us that inspire us to do great things and for me there is no greater role model then Garfield...
When I have had a hard day of watching people inventory bags of "Mole-No-More" I relax with my Garfield comic strips and in reminds me to not take myself too seriously. Look it could be worse.. They could be asking me to count the wing nuts!

Having fun, and Tryin' to Keep Warm south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat
mailto: [email protected]

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