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March 30, 2001

City Wide?.. You Decide...
A petition will be circulated among the citizens of Louisville to change our council elections to city-wide instead of by precinct. 
If the petition drive succeeds, the question of how to elect council members will be on the 2002 ballot. If we choose city-wide, the seats to be filled in 2004 will be chosen on a city-wide ballot.
The election commissioner is helping us with the form of the petition.
Stay tuned for more details.

From the City..
Meeting Minutes from March 14, 2001 
Click Here:> http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/mn031401.htm

Library Reaches Major Milestone
This Sunday, April 1st, the Louisville Library celebrates their 100 year anniversary and everybody is invited for an open house celebration from 2-4pm to commemorate the day.

Our intrepid library reporter visited our librarian Ruth and she was shown a copy of the minutes of the library board meetings from 1901. They are pretty interesting.
Back then the Librarian was paid $3.50 a month, building rent was $6.00 a month, and how the library was founded by Women's Club members who donated one or more books. 

They have also created a large album with pictures of people, newspaper articles, photos, boy and girl scout information of those days, etc. It will be available for viewing starting on April 1st. You can also see such documents as a Louisville school year book from 1941. 
Please plan to drop by for 15 or 20 minutes and help celebrate our heritage!

Biscuits and Gravy!
Say, the folks at the Senior Center are going to be cooking up that legendary tasty breakfast again bright and early tomorrow morning! I can tell you I got down there myself a few weeks back and it was pretty tasty!! So,.. Join the in-crowd and crowd in there tomorrow for breakfast!

Get Regular...
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Computer John
Assistant Editor

Louisville Memories
Once again our History Editor, Bill Tempelmeyer has brought us some great first hand Louisville memories. 

Johnny and his Gas Machine 1947
By Bill Tempelmeyer

Johnny and his gas machine roared into town one hot August afternoon and came to a sudden stop in front of Roy Addyman's Cafe. 
Johnny climbed out of his small but badly dented black Ford truck and sauntered into Addyman's Cafe for lunch and a cold beer.

Upon finishing lunch Johnny climbed back into his truck and fired-up the noisy but powerless engine. After letting it idle for two to three seconds Johnny revered up the engine to near full speed several times while trying to shift into reverse. Each attempt was accompanied by the sound of gears grinding and a series of descriptive adjectives from Johnny. 

After several attempt at finding the correct gear Johnny was satisfied he had found reverse, raced the engine a few more times, looked straight ahead, and with a single motion let out the clutch.

As the truck lurched forward up onto the side walk everyone, including Johnny, realized that he had not found reverse but was instead in second gear. 

By this time a small crowd had gathered to watch what had become Louisville's daily afternoon entertainment. This also brought Roy out the front door of his restaurant in an attempt to persuade Johnny to let him back the truck off the side walk and into the street. 

As one would imagine Johnny immediately became very up-set at the idea of anyone questioning his driving skills.

As Roy and everyone else stepped back, Johnny repeated the ritual of racing the engine, grinding the gears, looking straight ahead and in a single motion letting out the clutch. Again the truck lurched forward, this time coming to rest against the front of Roy's cafe.

Again Roy offered to help, only to be rebuffed again by Johnny. With this Roy went into his cafe and returned with a hammer, threatening Johnny if he didn't get out of the truck. 

Naturally Johnny ignored Roy and repeated his earlier ritual of racing the engine, grinding the gears, looking straight ahead and in a single motion letting out the clutch.
This time the truck lurched forward again right through the front window and into Roy's cafe. 
Needless to say Roy removed Johnny from the truck, thereby ending a pleasant summer afternoon's excitement.

Next story Honky Meyers

Mr. Tempelmeyer can be reached by emailing: mailto:History@LouisvilleNebraska.Com 

What the Cat Saw...
Hi Hardware Cat Fans!
Sorry folks, I am still on vacation here, but I will catch up with you in April!

Having fun, and Lovin' the Sunshine south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat

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