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May 11, 2001

Glad Grads and Parads, (I meant parades but it didn't rhyme)
Spring has been pretty great this year, when it stopped raining long enough to see it. 
I was watching an extremely diligent street sweeper going back and forth over our sparkly new Main Street early this morning. That is a clear sign that Spring has made it to Louisville! Furthermore, I noticed that those dependable and lovable B.U.I.L.D. folks have already put up the light pole flags all the way up and down Main Street, so the entire effect is just pretty cool!

The most important moment in the scholastic carriers of our proud LHS class of 2001 is almost at hand.
Tomorrow concludes thousands and thousands of hours pouring over books, and chasing after busses and sweating out exams. Congratulations and the best of wishes for all of our graduating Lions!!

Two Weeks 'till Louisville Daz!
Louisville Daz is promising to be a real event this year, and the Louisville Jaycees have been working on the details since last year. For me the center piece of the festivities is always the parade down Main Street, and this year we have a lot to celebrate and be proud of.

In years gone by the parade has been wonderful, but kinda dinky. I understand it is a dinky town and all, but we have some big thinkers. Just look at all the things that are getting done around here!

I hereby toss down the Challenge: Let's have Every Business in Louisville represented this year in the Parade!

The Elves at WireBuilt have put the Parade Sign-Up form right here on the website, so that's one excuse that just disappeared.

Click Here: http://louisvillenebraska.com/events/entry.htm  
Put 10 minutes aside and figure out how you can decorate a vehicle, band the horses together, build that float, or just march proudly down Main Street. We have put out a call for the mysterious "Sleepless in Louisville" herself to join the Elves and myself on the WireBuilt Company float. Come and see if she makes it!

There are loads of activities that you need to think about. 

#1 Bed Races
I am still a little fuzzy on this one, but it sounds like a ton of fun for the right bunch with the right bed!

Apparently a bunch of folks in beds are going to line up at 9:00am on Sat Morning 5/26 on Main Street and they will race for the honors! (This is BEFORE the beer garden opens, mind you.., you think maybe it was a long cold winter?) 

You probably want to call Theresa at 234-6355 or Michele at 234-2826 or email: mailto: jcsluggers@yahoo.com to get the particulars, and then grab that pillow and go!

Horsing Around..
For those without a bed, get signed up for the Horseshoe Tournament!
Those were not fox holes those Jaycees were out digging in the park week before last, those were Horseshoe Pits!

Show everybody that you can still fling that thing by contacting: Theresa at 234-6355 or Jeneane at 234-2433. Hurry, they are filling up quick!

Louisville's Finest
This reporter had a chance to watch our Louisville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad in action recently and to gain a greater appreciation for our Men in Uniform.

Certainly we all remember the terrible tragedy of the Bashem Family fire, and the sirens, smoke, flames and hoses. Well, we had a much more casual and relaxed but no less professional encounter with the Louisville Fire Squad when we requested a burning permit and some monitoring for a controlled burn west of town.

Click Here: http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/vfd/vfd.htm  
These folks gave up a good chunk of their Saturday to help insure that we did not accidentally burn down our neighbors. They brought some family along to watch the Dads do their stuff, and we had cold pop and watched a small mountain reduced to a smoldering mole hill under the experienced eye of Randy and his trained fire fighters.

I learned that among the many sacrifices that our Volunteers make to have the honor of wearing the uniform, is a tremendous amount of time away from family. Between training, certification, and duty there is always something that is calling them away. I guess I can't think of anything that I have ever done that gave so much and asked for so little. Let's be proud of our Louisville Volunteers.

City Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes:
Click Here: > http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/minutes.htm

Give Me some News!
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Louisville Commerce
Highlighting some of the recent additions to the Louisville Local Commerce section:

The Creme Team! Click Here: > http://louisvillenebraska.com/Dari_Creame/index.html  
Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!! Check out the tasty stuff that just popped up on Main Street!
You think maybe these guys are gonna do some business when the heat starts around here pretty soon!
The menus aren't printed yet, but we will get you a copy as soon as they are available, better yet, stop by and just taste everything! http://louisvillenebraska.com/Dari_Creame/index.html  

Say about that new Graduate...
Maybe right now is the time give some thought to the next step towards success!
Home State Bank Click Here: > http://www.hsbonline.com/college_loans.htm   is a great place to talk to friends about plans for the future, like College!

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Computer John
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Louisville Memories
Once again our History Editor, Bill Tempelmeyer has brought us some great memories of Louisville Long Ago. 

Story # 10 


It was in late Fall of 1947 when a couple of High School boys were in "Boop's" Barber Shop begrudgingly getting a badly needed hair cut. When, as usual, Boop started reminiscing about his adolescent years in Louisville. 
This story takes us back to the days even before the movies.

According to Boop back in his day the local merchants sponsored a Minstrel Show that came to town about one Saturday night each month. The purpose of the show of course was to entice people to come into town and buy their wares.

Each show had a grand finally in which "Miss Louisville" of the month was crowned and she would win a set of dishes. Each merchant in town gave coupons worth one point for each five cents spent in their store. You would then write the name of the girl you favored on the back of the ticket and you would drop your coupon into a large box as you entered the Opera House.

During the performance the votes would be tallied and at the end of the evening the Master of Ceremonies would walk center stage and in a loud clear voice call out the girl's name.

It seems as if the local adolescence had decided to rig the next month election. They all agreed to pool all their coupons and write the same name on each one. The name they selected was Lucy Bowels.
Sure enough the next month the Minstrel Show arrived as scheduled, collected all the coupons, tallied the names. As the show ended the Master of Ceremonies stepped center stage and announced in a loud clear voice, "Tonight's winner is ..LOUSY BOWELS !!! There was silence in the hall as everyone looked around for the winner to come forward. Again the M.C said, MISS LUCY BOWELS !!! again a pause .MISS LUCY BOWELS. Another pause, 

Then on key one of the local boys, sitting high in the balcony at the rear of the room stood up and in a booming clear voice said, "I THINK SHE HAS MOVED." All the boys roared in laughter and the older folks sat in dismay.
Thus ended another evening of home spun entertainment by the local boys as they endured life before television .

Mr. Tempelmeyer can be reached by emailing: mailto:History@LouisvilleNebraska.Com 

Say,.... again about that new Graduate...
Maybe right now is the time give some thought to the next step towards success!
Home State Bank Click Here: > http://www.hsbonline.com/college_loans.htm   is a great place to talk to friends about plans for the future, like Med School!

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