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April 20, 2001

Louisville Days!
Last Year Click Here: > http://louisvillenebraska.com/events/daz_report.htm   
It is soon going to be time for that most gala of all Louisville Celebrations; Louisville Days!
May 25th and 26th is a little more than a month away, so mark you calendars now!

Water Relief!
Just think back to last year; do you remember what it was like? Right about this time the rumors were starting to circulate that they were going to tear up Main Street, and then we found out that it was going to last all summer!

That was about the point that we discovered that the water supply was in trouble, and there was no water to help plants and lawns get through the hot summer.

It was dusty, dirty, hot, sweaty and frustrating and it just seamed to go on, and on..

Okay, that was then, this is now!

On April 11th our brand new City Council removed the water restrictions, we have a brand new beautiful Main Street and it is springtime!

I think the expression is; Count Your Blessings!

Bashem Family Update
Click Here> http://louisvillenebraska.com/fire/fire_on_depot_street.htm  
Thanks to Keri Cosson for providing us this update on Ken's condition:

"I talked to Diane just yesterday and she said Ken is doing okay. He's still got some infection and is on the ventilator but he's responding pretty good. She said it's just up and down like a roller coaster still. She's still really grateful for everything everyone has done for them and brings that up all the time. She really wants to thank everyone from Good Times also for the wonderful benefit they had and a thank you to Diane & Gary Read. She really enjoyed coming down and meeting Diane and Gary with me and appreciated the money that was raised."

We are looking forward to Ken and Diane back, happy and healthy!!

Our Louisville Jaycees, teamed with Home State Bank, are sponsoring a Spaghetti Dinner tomorrow, April 21st at the Louisville High School Cafeteria from 4:30pm to 7:30pm as a benefit for Tim Hobbs. This will be some seriously tasty chow and will serve a very important cause.

There will be Free Will Donations, so you can chow-down, dig-deep and feel-good all at once.

Separate donations to the Hobbs fund should be addressed to:

Tim Hobbs Fund
c/o Home State Bank 
PO Box 429 
Louisville, NE 68037 
Phone: 402-234-2155

City Council Meeting April 11th, 2001 Minutes:
Click Here: > http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/mn041101.htm  

Next Meeting April 25th, 2001 Agenda:
Click Here: > http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/ag042501.htm  

Give Me some News!
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When you become aware of some interesting news that affects Louisville, go to the above link, write a paragraph and click it off before you forget it.
This automatically cues the news item for inclusion in the next Newsletter that is currently sent to more than 400 subscribers. Pretty good coverage for one little click!

Louisville Commerce
Highlighting some of the recent additions to the Louisville Local Commerce section:

Affordable Plumbing Click Here: > http://louisvillenebraska.com/plumbing/index.html  
There is no need to call a plumber in Omaha! Louisville has the best folks right here, and we are all better off when Louisville buys from Louisville.

Lawn Care Click Here: > http://louisvillenebraska.com/lawn/index.html  
Take that weekend off, for a change and let the pro's take care of that yard!

Art Chicks Click Here: > http://www.nebrartchicks.com/  
The Elves at WireBuilt have completed the Art Chicks website, including some great shopping on line!

Al's Paint Service Click Here: > http://louisvillenebraska.com/als_paint/index.html  
After they finish with your lawn, have all take a whack at that ugly fence of yours!

So now, your plumbing leak is fixed, the lawn looks fantastic, and the fence is perfect, you are a happy camper,.. except your out of money..
No Problem! This is Louisville, there is a solution for everything!

Home State Bank Click Here: > http://www.HSBOnline.com/   is offering competitive Home Equity Loans just in time for those Spring Projects!
Send Diane a Note, and see what she can do for you! mailto: [email protected]

Get Regular...
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Computer John
Assistant Editor
LouisvilleNebraska.Com Newsletter
mailto:[email protected]

Louisville Memories
Once again our History Editor, Bill Tempelmeyer has brought us some great memories of Louisville Long Ago. 

Story # 9 
Wilber the Town cop 1947 
The fire works story

Back in the late forty's the local High School kids didn't have much for entertainment. No TV, limited transportation, very few High School sports, and illegal drinking by adolescence had not been invented in Louisville. 

This unsavory practice was conducted only by those bad kids that lived in Weeping Water.

The consumption of beer by individuals under twenty-one did not get started in Louisville until the late sixty's when our generation's children were in High School.

This made it necessary for most of us to create some recreational diversions to pass away our time between Church services on Sunday and the Band Mother's Dance the following Saturday night. 

Although we did not have a recreational center, a video games, or a regular teen age hang out for entertainment we were fortunate that the town fathers did have the foresight and wisdom to provide us with one form of recreation in the form of "The Town Cop."
Our's was named Wilber and we did spend many an otherwise dull evening passing the time with Wilber. 

It was reported that on one hot summer evening near the first part of July in 1948, a bunch of Weeping Water boys came to town to impress the Louisville girls. Of course the Louisville boys were not pleased and they devised a plan to usher the Weeping Water boys out of town.

The first phase of the plan was to acquire several pieces of fire works, including three multi shot sky bombs. These, with much trouble, were placed on top of the grocery store. 

Attached to each fuse was a cigarette. After lighting the cigarette the boys scrambled down the back of the store, ran down the alley and joined a few of their friends that were talking to Wilber as he sat in his "Squad Car" in front of the Hardware store.

The boys told him that they had just been talking to a bunch of kids from Weeping Water and the Weeping Water boys said they were going to set off a bunch of fire works right here in down town Louisville. The boys even told Wilber their names and gave him a description of their car. And sure enough with in a minute or two sky bombs started exploding right over down town Louisville. 

With that the boys pointed down the street and said, "There they go now Wilb." And with that he took off in hot pursuit and later found them driving around town acting as if they didn't know anything about the fire works. Wilber would have nothing to do with their insistence of innocence and told them all to get out of town and go home.

Thus ended another evening of more home spun entertainment. 

While we're on the subject of entertainment next time I'll tell you a story told to me fifty five years ago by my barber "Boop" Riehart about when he and some of his High School buddies went to an old Minstrel Show in the Louisville Opera House.

Mr. Tempelmeyer can be reached by emailing: mailto:[email protected] 

.....And now a word from our sponsor!
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What the Cat Saw...
Happy Spring, Cat Lovers! 

Have you noticed the changes on Main Street? 

Art Chicks ( click here:> http://www.nebrartchicks.com/ ), has opened "The North Forty", appropriately located just north of Art Chicks. You can buy flowers. You can buy pots. You can buy flowers and pots, and the green thumb lady, Jennifer, will plant them for you. I hear humans don't like to scratch in the dirt...go figure! 

Jennifer tells me they have a big shipment of catnip coming in soon. Yippee! 

The Dairy Creme will be opening next Monday, the 23rd of April. 

New owners Jess and Tami Martin have re-vamped the the menu to include such delights as footlong hotdogs, cheese balls, fried mushrooms, tenderloins and french fries. 

My favorite item on the menu is mouse fritters! Of course they will continue to serve all those yummy ice creams. Jess and Tami have been working harder than cats to install booths in the back room for customers, and plan to have a back yard patio for those who prefer eat in rather than take out. 

Jess and Tami will be looking forward to seeing you everyday of the week except Tuesday. 

B.U.I.L.D. will be hanging new flags soon, in preparation for spring spruce up. So when you're out checking in the new hot spots in town, stop by and pet the cat! 

Hank's Link of the Week
As you must know, I am not one to while away the hours watching the paint-can shaker. My mind is like a fur-covered invention factory!
I have been thinking up new ways, to do just about everything and that is why I am so fond of the US Patent Office Website! Click Here: > http://www.uspto.gov/ I can search and find out if some other Cat has thought of my idea, and if NOT, I can go out there and get that patent!
Right now, I am trying to come up with a way to get petted all the time, without having to look cute... (bad for my image)

Having fun, and Playing in the Water south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat
mailto:[email protected]

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