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October 19, 2001

New owners for Blake's Pharmacy.
Our hometown pharmacy is changing hands and the new owners are Mitch and Kathy Wendlandt.
Mitch has been practicing pharmacy for 7 years and Kathy is a teacher at Gretna Middle School. Mitch and Kathy have 2 daughters and they are all very excited to be here with us in Louisville! We certainly welcome this new, old business to our Main Street!
Please stop by and say hi to Mitch and Kathy!

Response to Osama..

In case you missed the recent modifications to our homepage.... Click Here! (then keep clicking)

Inspired by some very very creative Louisvillians, the Elves at WireBuilt requested permission to photograph their seasonally-correct creation that  helps to capture, in a small way, our small-town response to the nonsense of the last several weeks. Many thanks to our clever craftsman and his clan!

Local Commerce Section
Congratulations to Terri Scholting Agency, Inc. our latest addition to the on-line Louisville Commerce section. As you all know, Ms. Scholting offers a full compliment of insurance products including life, health, property, auto insurance and more. You can reach Terri at her office 234-2504, or by email at: mailto:tscholti@amfam.com

Please let any business in Louisville know that Home State Bank has made this site possible and that there is no cost to appear in the Local Commerce Section. Please have anyone interested contact 234-2085 and we will help them get listed.  Remember, we ALL benefit when Louisville does business with Louisville Businesses!

You can Join in the Discussion! Just Click Here:> http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/discus/
(When you get there, click on "Last Week")

Give me a Scoop!
Many of you have commented that a big scoop would be useful after reading some of these Newsletters...

Here is your chance to help out!
Save this Link:> Click Here:> http://louisvillenebraska.com/news/submit.htm
Bookmark the above link and use it the next time you have anything newsworthy.
School Events, Jaycees, Natural Disasters, Carp are biting in the Platte, anything Useful.
When you fill out the information it goes directly into the cue for review for the next Newsletter. This gives everybody the best shot at getting the latest scoop as quickly as possible. Give it a TRY!!

If that football scholarship is looking like a 75 yard punt..
Maybe right now is the time give some thought to the next step towards success!
Home State Bank 
Click Here: is a great place to talk to friends about plans for the future, like College!

Last City Council Meeting Minutes
Click Here:> http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/city/mn101001.htm
The above link is for the October 10th Meeting.

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