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November 9, 2001

You are Appreciated!
I know that sometimes we feel like we just don't get no respect, and for a lot of us that is just the way the Cookie Crumbles! But all this week the good folks at Home State Bank have been going all out to show their respect and appreciation during their Customer Appreciation Week! Customers have been munching and munching on some rather crumbly and delicious cookies and even some Apple Cider! Yumm! Click Here!

Heads Up!!
I am hereby announcing that tomorrow, Saturday, November 10th is going to be a GREAT DAY! I am going to guarantee it!
First off, we are going to have some unseasonably nice weather and it is probably the last you are going to see for a while. It will be just a shame to not enjoy such a wonderful Autumn day in our small City of Louisville!

After you get your cookie and cider at HSB, and you are feeling really appreciated, then you need to get that car down to the Car Wash and show that car some appreciation!

Last, we are going to have a great Football Game to enjoy at 2:38 and the weather will be perfect for those big floppy warm Huskers sweatshirts, so we should have a sea of red on Main street!

If you don't see that well anymore, Gary and Diane will be offering a very large television screen for your viewing pleasure at our local Good Times Tavern and you can be sure that the Husker Faithful will be there to support the Big Red Machine!

Local Commerce Section
Congratulations to Jim Williams Construction for their new website; http://JimWilliamsCustomHomes.com/ and their inclusion in the Local Commerce Section.
Even in the early stages the site shows beautiful photos of Mr. Williams work and the quality he can provide to the new home owner!

Please let any business in Louisville know that Home State Bank has made this site possible and that there is no cost to appear in the Local Commerce Section. The Elves at WireBuilt are happy to help you prepare a page for the purpose. Please have anyone interested contact 234-2085 and we will help them get listed.
Remember, we ALL benefit when Louisville does business with Louisville Businesses!

Art Chicks Holiday Preparations
Louisville has become the new Cultural and (dare I say,..) trendy Artistic mecca of the Midwest with thousands of folks converging on the now famous Art Chicks Gallery and the recently opened Coop de Ville!
Loads of exciting Holiday Merchandise is now available for your On-Line Shopping!!
Click Here to see their special Barnwood Art Gift items.

Louisville Art Gallery
Continuing our brand new legacy of art and culture, Louisville is proud to announce a brand new business on Main Street, Louisville Art Gallery! Steve Sherman has announced his Inagural Exhibition and Sale on November 17th, Click Here! to visit Steve's New Website: http://LouisvilleArtGallery.com/

Get Regular...
Stay up with all the latest buzz, by checking into the Discussion Forum ONCE A WEEK! http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/discus/ Click on the words "Last Week" on the top left of your screen and read, post and get into the Louisvillian Groove...

Give Me da News!
Please Bookmark this Link: http://louisvillenebraska.com/news/submit.htm
When you become aware of some interesting news that pertains to Louisville, Click Here, write a paragraph and click it off before you forget it.
This automatically cues the news item for inclusion in the next Newsletter that is currently sent to more than 400 subscribers. Pretty good coverage for one little click!

Last City Council Meeting Minutes
Click Here:> http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/mn102401.htm
The above link is for the October 24th Meeting.

Say about that new Graduate...
Maybe right now is the time give some thought to the next step towards success!
Home State Bank
Click Here: > http://www.hsbonline.com/college_loans.htm is a great place to talk to friends about plans for the future, like College! Start thinking now about that graduate next spring!
What the Cat Saw...
Hi Hardware Cat Fans!
Well, as many of you know, I have been rather moody recently. (meow..)
I suspect that none of you fully appreciates the burden that being an icon represents.
The responsibility that I have as the feline ambassador of good will, is a constant pressure. People travel great distances to "See the Cat.." They have "..Heard of Hank.." or they are "..Here to Pet the Cat.."  it just goes on and on..
In the good old days, I would just snooze by the old paint shaker watchin Larry mess with a new battery display or whatever. But now, the pressures on.
I have even heard that Mayor Henry is thinking up ways to attract new businesses and new folks to discover our special little town, that means more stroking and petting and distractions from my primary mousing duties. (sigh..)
Wears me out just thinking about it. I better get a nap.

Having fun, and Watchin' the Paint Shaker south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat



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