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April 25, 2002

Louisville Nebraska
Nebraska's 2002 Showcase Community

Louisville, Nebraska is no longer the best-kept secret in the state of Nebraska, much to the dismay of the "Committee to Keep Louisville for Louisvillians." 
The State Department of Economic Development and Governor Mike Johanns let the hardware cat out of the bag in a big way on April 4, when they presented Louisville with the 2002 Showcase Community Award in a ceremony at the Capitol in Lincoln. The award recognizes recent achievements in identifying community development goals and seeing them through to completion. The award is given to only one community each year--it is the State's most prestigious award.

Evidently, the governor found out what any visitor to Louisville can plainly see--a vibrant, growing community on the move. There are no empty storefronts on Main Street. People want to bring their businesses to Louisville but cannot find the space. The pain of getting through the paving project has been forgotten, and the benefits remain. Visitors look at the Main Street scene and marvel, "What a great town you have!" Everybody is working together for improvement: city government, interested citizens, and the business community.

The best part of the story is that we've only just begun. The next few years will bring the Highway 66 Connector south of Louisville with a Main Street stretching south to meet it. This will create new areas for business and residential development while tying directly to our classic downtown district. Louisville will end up with the things a 21st century community needs while maintaining ties to its 19h century origins, the best outcome for a city in the path of certain growth in the decades to come.
Congratulations Louisville!!

        By Mark Leibman

One Month Countdown to Louisville Daz...

Louisville Daz is fast approaching! 

May 25, 2002 the Louisville Area Jaycees will be holding the Annual Louisville Daz celebration. 

We will be having some of your old favorites like the Pancake feed, Baby Contest, Horseshoe Contest, Car Show, Model Contest, Parade, Pedal Tractor Pulls, and the Family Street Dance. 

This year we have added a men's softball tournament along with the co-ed softball tournament! We also have a carnival with Midway that will be running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Advance ticket sales will be available for the rides from the Louisville Area Jaycees and Sunday will be a "Band Day"... ride the rides for $9.00! If you like Craft Shows, we have 30 tables reserved so far, full of people excited to part of Louisville Daz! The Craft Show will be set up on Main Street this year. 

The Build Committee has agreed to help out with the parade this year and they have some special surprises planned. The Parade will run at 11:00, so come early to make sure you've got a good seat! 

The Family Street Dance will again be held on Copples Lot, featuring Herbie and the Hot Heads! 

Local Commerce Section
Please let any business in Louisville know that Home State Bank has made this site possible and that there is no cost to appear in the Local Commerce Section. The Elves at WireBuilt are happy to help you prepare a page for the purpose. Please have anyone interested contact 234-2085 and we will help them get listed. 
Remember, we ALL benefit when Louisville does business with Louisville Businesses!

Bandwidth Blues
Folks, In the next couple weeks we are going to be announcing the real alternatives that are soon going to be available for real high speed Internet Access for Louisville! Please be cautious about making any long term commitments until you hear from us! Stay Tuned: Computer John 234-2085

The City Says; Clean up your Act!

Spring Clean Up Day is scheduled for May 4, 2002 from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the city shop. Alternate rain date is May 18th. Acceptable items are general trash, leaves and grass, white goods (refrigerators and appliances) $5.00 each. Items not accepted include paint, tires, batteries, oil and hazardous items.Click Here for more Info!: http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/city/spring_clean_up.htmGreat News from the Cass County Election Office! 

Cass County Election Results will be available after 8:00 p.m. Election Night on the Cass County Web Site-Election Page. 

Results will be updated throughout the evening. 
Visit: www.cassne.org 

Becky Hight-Moravec 
Cass County Election Commissioner 

City of Louisville Meeting Minutes

City Council Meeting Minutes, April 10, 2002 
City Council Meeting Agenda, April 24, 2002 

Get Regular...
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What the Cat Saw...
Hi Hardware Cat Fans!

After my nap the other morning, I woke up hungry and went after the mouse that my pet humans play with all the time. Turns out it's not a real mouse at all, but some kind of computer gizmo, made out of plastic. Yecchhh!

Anyway, after one of the pets brought me some real food (they are well trained), I had another round with the plastic mouse. I ended up on the internet! Went to www.228main.com, the relaunched website of Leibman Financial Services, Inc. I read the newsletter articles about the economy, markets, and current events and even saw some investment research on a couple of stocks. If I wasn't already fully invested in cat toys, I could even look at my account balances and transactions. This computer thing is pretty cool--I just wish the mouse tasted better.

Having fun, and chompin on mouses south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat


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