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May 23, 2002

Louisville Nebraska
Nebraska's 2002 Showcase Community

Louisville Daz! 

Look at all the Fun we are Gonna Have!
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Friday May 24
Carnival with Midway at Copple's Gravel lot 6-11pm

Saturday May 25
7-10 am- Pancake Feed at the Fire Hall
7am-2pm- Baby Contest
7am-2pm- Model Contest
9am- Softball Tournament 
9am-4pm- Craft Show
11 am- Parade
11am-4pm- Car Show
3:30-6pm- Pedal Tractor Pull (registration 3pm)
8pm-12am- Beer Garden
1pm-12am- Street Dance With Herbie and the Hotheads
12pm-12am- Carnival with Midway

Sunday May 26
12-6pm- Carnival with Midway "wristband" Day

There will also be pottery demonstrations, face painting and various other things going on during the day on Saturday. 

Our Louisville Jaycees have really out-done themselves this year!

Cass County High Speed Internet Task Force
A volunteer effort that has been working hard to come up with real sustainable Broadband Solutions for the Economic Development and betterment of ALL Cass County is on the verge of making their final vendor selection. Read the details Here! http://CASSiNet.com/

Memorial Day - This Year Especially....
Memorial Day Flowers Here: http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/LouisvilleRose/index.htm

A Question of Freedom...

to Computer John and Louisville friends, 

I appreciate the position of those who object to the sometimes rude and rowdy environment of an open, anonymous discussion board, and those who question the wisdom of such a thing. 
At the same time, include me in the camp of those who believe that the right of free speech is so valuable that even objectionable and disagreeable speech must usually be protected. 

For example, I am known as a strong supporter of our local schools as well as a determined critic of certain aspects of our schools--we need to support the worthy aspects and challenge the things that need to be challenged. To many people, this makes some of my views completely outrageous. 

The discussion board served as a way to get community news out, to provoke discussion, to spotlight local issues. Some of these purposes are things about which everyone can agree. If we put our heads together, we could come up with an outstanding breakthrough. I can see the shape of it; I just do not know how to get there. 

Anyway, here it is: 
An online newspaper, updated with some frequency (monthly, weekly, as needed, I don't know). School news, sports news, church news, community events, Main Street news, a couple of columns, birthdays, anniversaries, obits, movie reviews/book reviews by locals, biographies, local history, etc. AND...an opinion page, sometimes with USA Today style format--pro and con, essays covering both sides of an issue. Stories could have a comment box like the World Herald Online--where submissions are screened before posting. Anybody could submit a guest editorial.

The only problem I have is that such an endeavor would take a great deal of time and coordination, and I can't figure out how to make it viable (or even possible) without a LOT of volunteer assistance from a LOT of people. 100 regular readers are not going to pay 1% of their income so that a single full-time editor could attempt to live on the average wage of those 100 readers, paying costs out of that--and no one would pay terribly much for the right to advertise to 100 people. 

Subscriptions and ad sales are not going to get it done. 
There might be a way to involve the school very heavily. 7th graders this year interviewed area WWII vets, and their reports were newsworthy. Linda Behrns works in her Challenge (gifted) program on writing projects, and other teachers have done newspaper-style projects. 

There are always kids who are up on computers, wanting new challenges. 
As for the possibility of overlap/conflict with the established print media, tough cookies. Louisville has suffered from lack of coverage in the Plattsmouth Journal for too long, and we will never obtain the advantages of a hometown newspaper out of the conglomerate that owns them. 

For what it's worth.... 
Mark Leibman

(printed by permission)

What the Cat Saw...
Hi Hardware Cat Fans!

Well, it seems like they are in the process of moving Lincoln East the way politicians keep showing up around here! Congressman Berueter visited a few weeks back and now Governor Johanns is coming to tour our little City on the 7th of June!
(I thought he was off in Korea or someplace!)

Well, anyways he really should have tried to make it for Louisville Daz, 'cause that is when we really shine! You just gotta try riding on that 'ol Tilt-a-Whirl with Mayor Dan! (dang I like that guy) That's the Ultimate! I suspect I know where you'll find ol Computer John, soon as they get that Beer Garden open... I think he is the official tester or something.

Having fun, and Ridin' the Rides south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat
mailto: [email protected] 


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