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June 12, 2002

Cedar Creek Day

So, you have been wondering how you can show off that Champion Pet Frog, and you can also sing just like Met Torme??.....

Well,.. Tomorrow is your lucky Day!

'...cause it's Cedar Creek Day!

Check Out the List of Activities they have planned by Clicking Here: http://www.cedarcreeknebraska.com/upcoming_events.htm

Even if you have no frog, you can still appreciate Art!

Louisville Art Gallery
Come as you are, Special Event!

If you've missed the Artist Reception for "ABSTRACTS AND INSTRUMENTS" - don't miss the show!! This is a great exhibit and one that should not be missed. So, on Saturday afternoon, June 22, from noon to 4:30 it's a "come as you are" special event with a second chance to meet the artists along with painting and drum demos, and of course some free snacks. 
Spend the afternoon in Louisville browsing the antique and specialty stores, visit soda fountain and hang out in the Gallery. 

5% of all sales during this special event will go to the Louisville Public Library to assist them in purchasing new computers and upgrades.

Louisville Art Gallery 
Louisville, Nebraska 
[email protected]

Virtual Town Meeting

Well after a great deal of research and soul searching, and meetings and discussions, 
I concluded that we absolutely needed to take a major step with the Discussion Forum, or relegate it to the Good Ideas that just didn't work out bin. 

I know how much folks enjoyed the ability to make a quick comment anonymously and stir up a debate, but the problem was that we were not alone in this activity and recently some of the most avid posters were not even residents of our State let alone, Our City of Louisville.

Take a peek at the Traffic the Website has been Drawing: Click Here: http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/wusage/ 

Well, all of this national and International traffic and anonymous posted messages creates a lot of unnecessary and more importantly counter-productive controversy. Look at our Guest Book: http://louisvillenebraska.com/vbpro/guestbook/entries.html 

It also violates our Charter with this WebSite to serve exclusively Louisville Nebraska.

So, after an expensive software upgrade, (funds donated by one of our leading businesses), we have graduated to a new dynamic which will bring us closer to the original idea of Louisville Neighbors discussing issues with other Louisville Neighbors and finding solutions.

As you post on the Discussion Forum, your real name will appear, and as your neighbors respond to agree or disagree, their names will be seen as well.

However, those outside of the Community will be unable to see anything at all.

I know that it seems a little strange after 2 years with the anonymous system, but please look at this for the good that it will be able to do. 
Imagine that it is just a virtual town meeting where you can speak you mind. 
Just like in a live town meeting, those that speak will be visible to those that hear them and those that respond will be visible as well!
There are currently 35 neighbors who have registered! Why don't you join us and see what they are talking about! (Click on the User List and See all your Neighbors)

Please Register For Your Personal Account, Here: http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/discus/discus.cgi 
We will verify your info, and approve your new account by return email.
If anybody would like to talk about it a bit more, give me a call.

Computer John

By the way, check out the History Section of the Website:
Some of you Guys, have never taken the Louisville History Quiz!!

Computer John
Assistant Editor


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