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hey... where the heck did that cool SIGN come from all of a sudden?!?
(Click Here for a PEEK!)

Well, the truth is this beautiful new sign, like most everything worthwhile, is the result of patience, vision, hard work, planning and then more hard work.

The "Welcome to Louisville" Sign Project Committee" is made up of these neighbors: 

Bob Copple, Teri Sholting, Barb Smisek and Melody Stohlman.

People in this town have wanted to have a sign for about 25 years. Last year this issue was brought up at Build meeting and a Committee was organized. Barb Smisek of Home State Bank recalls an early meeting on the project back on April 24th, 2001.

After many meetings the project began to take its current form.
Here is some of the Details:

The Approximate cost of the sign is $22,000 

Home State Bank gave $5,000 

Ash Grove gave $2,000 

A grant was received by Nebraska State Wide Arboretum who agreed to pay 80% of landscaping.

Plot of land belongs to Earl Meisinger who allowed city to put a sign there.

Louis and Shirley Riha donated fill dirt. 

And our Mayor...Mayor Henry did a lot of dirt work by himself on the 4th of July weekend.

The Committee reviewed many types of signs, different layouts and materials and ended up with this angled design. 

Designer and installer of the sign is - Rick Dolphins out of Ralston, Bob Cleary is doing the lighting. Landscaping is being done by the Village Nursery out of Plattsmouth. The Committee has plans to beautify the area along Hwy 50 from city pump house all the way to Main Street. Seeding for that purpose has already been funded. Eventually there will be put up a fence to cover back yard of the the house behind the sign.

All and all another prideful addition to our City on the Move! Please make sure and thank the folks involved for their hard work and contributions!

From the City Office

Water is Flowing!
While other towns are limiting their water use, (and we can relate - been there, done that) Louisville continues to water lawns, gardens and flowers. Go right ahead! The water situation is great. The wells are pumping record amounts and keeping up beautifully. 

Other news includes approval of the final plat of South Ridge Subdivision by the City Council on July 10th. What a great addition to this little city of ours. Ask Bob or Dick to show you the final drawings, they are sure to have one in their back pocket. 

Dee Arias is getting a handle on her new job. She would appreciate holding all complaints to a minimum while she's in training!! 

Artist Reception Saturday Night

Well, as much as I hate to do it, it is time to take down the current show, "ABSTRACTS AND INSTRUMENTS", and get ready for the next exhibition titled "THE ALL WOMEN ARTISTS SHOW". 

This show will feature some artists that have previously or are currently showing in the Gallery, along with some new faces. 

Madalyn Bruning, Bonnie Mercer, Liz Vercruysse and Susan McGilvrey all participated in the grand opening exhibition in November. Liz and Susan have continued to be represented since that time and will be bringing in some new work for this show. 

Madalyn's watercolors were very popular, and I'm looking forward to seeing what she has been doing since the grand opening. It is a privilege having her work return to the Gallery.

Bonnie has been working on a "red chair" series, and it will be nice to see her return as well. She has also been donating some of her time to the Gallery, and that has been greatly appreciated. 

Melissa Husby, the driving force behind the " Go Figure" show, also returns after spending some time studying in Philadelphia. 

New to the Louisville Art Gallery are Rita Murphy, Valerie Light-Anderson, Trudy Swanson and Arlene Nelson. 

Rita, an award winning, regional artist, is currently working in watercolor and using floral images for her inspiration. Arlene Nelson, who also works in watercolor, lives up the road in South Bend and spends much of the year exhibiting and selling in art fairs around the country. 

Valerie prefers to work in oil and has brought in some very nice still life paintings. 

Trudy Swanson works three dimensionally with a variety of steel, glass, ceramic and just about anything else you can think of. 

This show begins on Saturday, July 13, and runs through September 14. The artist reception is this Saturday night, the thirteenth, from 6-10PM. 

The Omaha Modern Dance Collective will be performing and singer/songwriter Beth McBride will be providing some excellent tunes. 

Hope to see you here!
Louisville Art Gallery

Linda Can Sew!
For those of you that have not checked out the Classified Ad section of the site, now is the time! We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of folks who have found it to be a fun place to browse and to see stuff!
Click Here: http://louisvillenebraska.com/bbs/ 
Try it Yourself!

WireBuilt Company and Darlene Holmes
In recent weeks we have been very pleased to have had very pleasant conversations with Ms. Holmes, who most of you know is the Louisville Reporter for the Plattsmouth Journal. Here are some of her wonderful photos to enjoy:

Click Here: http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/DHimaging.htm 

New fire truck put in service July 15th - click here!

We are very anxious to cultivate this relationship, and hope to provide you much more of Ms. Holmes work in the future!

Club Louisville
For those of you who have not joined us, you are not getting the inside scoop! We now have more than 60 of your friends and neighbors with their Louisville accounts approved and activated, you should see, who is signed up! 

.... Of course, ... you can only see who is signed up, by becoming a member your self.

See what is up in Louisville! Join the NEW Discussion Forum here:

If you have ANY question or concern, please give me a call! will help as best I can. John

Join the Club! Now Your Talking!!

What the Cat Saw...

Hi Hardware Cat Fans!

Well, I was mildly irritated with Ol' Computer John when he insisted on playing around, again, with the Discussion Forum of the City website. I thinks he is generally well intentioned, but he still doesn't understand how important it is for a Cat to remain anonymous!

I used to love giving Ol' Larry here some grief about the cheap kitty litter that he uses, and he was none the wiser when I posted under my Internet alias: Fur Ball. It gave me the opportunity to say my peace, and Ol' Larry could never figure out that it was actually me!

....say... He doesn't read these Newsletters.... Does HE??

Having fun, and Sleeping on Paint Shakers south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat
mailto:[email protected]

Computer John
Assistant Editor


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