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Louisville Invaded by Talented Women!!
Last Saturday morning, if you were anywhere around town, you could not have missed the 2002 Art Chicks Gallery Talented Women Fair! There were folks from all over that exhibited a wide variety of crafts and skills, or just enjoyed our prosperous little City of Louisville!
The latest in fashion was on display everywhere, Click Here!
Take a look at the event, Click Here

A word from our Mayor...
Mayor Dan Henry has prepared a letter to explain several issues relative to the Peoples Service Contract as well as the planning and maintenance of our Cities water resources.
Please Click Here: to Read: http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/rePeoplesService.htm

Don't Trust Mosquitos..
Apparently the West Nile virus has been identified in Lancaster County, so the advice from our Irina our Louisville Insect Editor is don't forget that bug spray!
Read Here: http://theomahachannel.com/oma/news/stories/news-158319620020729-190714.html

Louisville Financial Editorial
Stock Market Outlook from 228 Main…
By Mark Leibman

When I add it up, I think the positives outweigh the negatives and we are at, or near the end, of the stock market decline.

I believe the market is now significantly undervalued. Of course, my opinion is not going to turn this market higher. It will take continued growth in the economy and company earnings and a renewal of investor confidence.

However, I am confident that economic growth will continue and that a growing economy will generate higher company earnings and bring this bear market to an end. When market psychology turns, the stock market may move up quickly.

Going to cash now would be, in my opinion, a mistake. I firmly believe the best defense remains a well-diversified portfolio.
World Herald Public Pulse Letter 7/24/2002
Throw the Looters in Jail
The stock market continues to fall even as the economy grows. Car sales, home-building, even waiting lines at restaurants point to underlying strength. One of the reasons behind this paradox is that Americans cannot understand how it is possible for even a single corporate looter to commit acts of fraud and other felonies, and still be free to walk the streets.
Why should a person who has gained tens of millions of dollars through fraud be treated any better than a burglar or car thief? America needs to see one of these wise guys handcuffed, in a courtroom, on his way to jail pending trial. We need to see the sheriff padlocking the gate on the mansion built with ill-gotten gains.
Isn't there a county prosecutor, state attorney general, or Justice Department official who can figure out that stealing is a crime and needs to be punished? The American system is too strong to be down for long, but a return to justice would go a long way toward healing the wounds of the recent past.

Mark Leibman
P.O. Box 368
Louisville, NE 68037
402.234.2337 voice, days

Louisville Commerce
Louisville welcomes our most recent new business on Main Street, Leibman Financial Services!
Located in the "Financial District" adjacent to Home State Bank, LFS has combined their Main Street address with their "Cyber" address and is unveiling their new offices at 228 Main, with their website at http://www.228Main.com/ Please welcome Mark Leibman and his staff by stopping in to say hello at either of their addresses. The Coffee is ON!

Ohhh,... Baby!!
Those wild and unpredictably predictable Louisville Jaycees are at it again!
The 2nd Annual Cass County Cute Baby Contest is heating up! If you know of a cute Baby, or even know somebody who KNOWS a cute baby, or if you are yourself a cute Baby, Click Here for the Scoop! http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/2002CutieContest.pdf
As always, everybody wins when our Jaycees are on the case!

Get Regular...
Stay up with all the latest buzz, by checking into the Discussion Forum ONCE A WEEK! http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/discus/ Click on the words "Last Week" on the top left of your screen and read, post and get into the Louisvillian Groove... If you need help to setup your personal account just give us a call 234-2085

.....And now a word from our sponsor!
When you have a bank as friendly and pleasant as Home State Bank, you just want to visit and say hi! But sometimes it simply isn't convenient or possible to get there and that is when you will really enjoy the freedom of Internet Banking. Find out about it today. Click on> http://www.hsbonline.com/how.htm

Thank You Sunderland Family!
New fire truck was put in service July 15th!!
Click HERE to See it!

$50,000 was donated by the Sunderland Family Foundation, and the rest was raised by a bond issue through the rural fire district. Keep in mind, such trucks are really expensive, this one is about $177,000, it is brand new 2002 model, has foam system,2-stage pump, high pressure and volume. With it our Louisville volunteers can fight fires more successfully.

By the way, if you would like to try your hand at being a hero, the Fire Department Recruiting Committee is looking for more volunteers!

Your application will be sent to the Sheriff's office for approval, then a committee considers your application and if you are approved you will be taking classes on both fire and rescue during first 6 months of probation. To keep volunteers close to fire or rescue vehicles, applicants need to live in Louisville or within about 1 mile of city limits.

For more information and to apply Call Randy Payne 234-2254.
Thanks to our Good Friend Darlene Holmes, we have these beautiful pictures to share: Click Here!

To All Louisville Residents,.. Summer Clean Up Day is Here!
Not only is it time to meet once again at that big Community Dumpster on Depot Street, but Dee and has several important reminders for you, Click Here! http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/toallresidents.htm

What do you call a woman with Roses in one hand, and an Ice Cream Scoop in the other?...
Well, you can take a Peek Click Here, for a clue...
Yes, it is Laura the Floral, Ice Cream girl!
Laura Osborne who has been running Blakes Floral shop for the last 8 months is taking over Blakes Soda Fountain today, August 1st, 2002. Laura has ideas to make the food service the best it's ever been.
Congratulations and best wishes in running her new business. 

Berner Real Estate has moved .....  www.BernerRealty.com
to 227 Main street across from Art Gallery and
Leibman Financial Services.  Stop by and see their beautiful new offices, and say hi to Lynn and her Dad.

Southridge Addition
The latest addition to our growing City, is now unveiled!
Southridge Addition is almost ready to go, they will be paving streets in the new addition area in about 2 weeks, after that there will be a special event to Officially Opening Southridge.
You can look at the phase one plot, lots location and prices.
Questions? Call Lynn Berner, Exclusive Sales Agent For Southridge Addition at (402) 234-2607.

Custom Built Homes
Speaking of Homes.. the finest quality construction and the most elegant design is right in your home town of Louisville. There is nobody easier to talk to about making such an important decision than the man himself, Jim Williams! Take a Peek at what Jim Williams Construction has in mind for you! Click Here: http://www.JimWilliamsCustomHomes.com/

What the Cat Saw...
Hi Hardware Cat Fans!

I gotta stop volunteering for stuff. I just can't say no, when that Mayor Dan comes around with some idea about improving the City, I am always first in line to do my part. Ya know, the guy has just endless ideas and , well,.. look around ya at all the stuff that is going on, but .. HEY.. I am just a CAT what can I do???

Turns out I am now responsible for some kinda environmental statistics.

I just keep track of how many folks walk into the hardware store and say,.. "Hot enough for ya?..." which recently is most of 'em...

So, the next time you walk into the Hardware Store and ask,.. "Hot enough for YA??" and I just look away like I'm uninterested, well...I am just taking notes!  Meow!
Having fun, and Helping the Mayor south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat

Computer John
Assistant Editor


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