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Signs of a Bright Future!
Our intrepid photographer noticed how many of our Main Street business have really improved the look of their shops and our business district over the last couple of years. Quite a few bright new signs have appeared showing that Main Street Louisville is really Open For Business! Take a Look!
Click Here: http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/commerce/signs.htm

Benefit Golf Tournament
The Louisville Area Jaycees will be hosting a benefit golf tournament for Russ Sandberg on October 26th, dinner being served at 6:00 p.m. Shotgun start at 7:30 p.m. 
This is a 2 person team, 9 hole course, at Grandpa's Woods Golf Course in Elmwood, NE. Team registration is $60.00 due by October 18th to Pat Cunningham, P.O. Box 91, South Bend, NE 68058. (sorry this is late, my fault - cj)

All proceeds go to Russ and his family to help with expenses from his recent battle with Leukemia. If you can not golf you may also sponsor a hole for $50.00, with this your name will be located on a sign at one of the holes and you are invited to have dinner and enjoy the fun of the tournament. 

Any and all donations of prizes or money would be greatly appreciated as we will have flag prizes and prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places, any extra items donated will be raffled off to raise more funds. 

Any questions contact Pat Cunningham at (402)944-2349.

Louisville Elections 2002
Thanks to Our Cass County Election Commissioner, and our Good City of Louisville Officials, we have the election information that you need to review on-line. Click Here: http://louisvillenebraska.com/city/elections2002.htm

We also have some important information about Proposition #1 available, Click Here! http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/city/proposition1.htm
We will have several folks speak in support of this proposition, between now and election day, so get involved and get informed!

Ancient Tradition - Modern Imperative
Guest Editorial - Mark Leibman

Most of our fellow 7 billion human beings live their lives according to the whims of a king, or an emperor, or a dictator, or a general, or the chairman of the ruling party. For most people, it has been this way for most of history. Donít like the boss? Tough. Wish to see some improvements in the programs of government? Too bad. If you are the typical human being, you are stuck with what you have for leadership.

America is different. Our founding fathers adopted the institutions of representative government, and the generations since have expanded the right to vote to virtually all citizens. In the tradition that began in ancient Greece, carried through the great age of Rome, and has been the hallmark of American constitutional government for more than two centuries, we will go to the polls on November 5th to choose our leadership for every office from Senator and Governor to City Council and School Board Member.

The right to vote is an integral part of the American system of freedoms and responsibilities that, along with capitalism, has produced the most productive society in all of human history. Just as we choose how much and what kind of education and skills we want, and where to employ our talents, and how to spend or invest the proceeds of our labor, we also choose our legislative representatives and executive branch leaders to preserve and extend the common good.

The United States of America is a miracle in progress, and you can be a part of it. We havenít reached perfection, but we can get a little closer if good people pay attention and take action. Right now, that means learning about the election on November 5th and casting your ballot. 

Mark Leibman

Local Commerce Section
Please let any business in Louisville know that Home State Bank has made this site possible and that there is no cost to appear in the Local Commerce Section. The Elves at WireBuilt are happy to help you prepare a page for the purpose. Please have anyone interested contact 234-2085 and we will help them get listed. 
Remember, we ALL benefit when Louisville does business with Louisville Businesses!

Louisville Art Gallery
For those of you who have not taken a peek, our own Louisville Art Gallery is truly a first class exhibit! Please view their website for a glimpse and then stop down and meet Steve. Click Here: http://LouisvilleArtGallery.com/  Tell your friends and sign up on Steve's mailing list to find out about upcoming events and artists!

Club Louisville...
Just to clear up some confusion that apparently still exists; the Louisville Community Discussion Forum is now limited to those have a verified account, and with all the things that are going on in the world, this was really the only way that it would work. 

There are about 100 folks currently registered, and they are using their real full names, addresses, and phone numbers to verify that they are really Louisvillians.

First, the information you provide will never be used for any purpose other than authenticating the registration, Second you don't have to contribute anything to be a registered user, but you DO have to be registered to participate. 

Here is how it works:

1) You send in your registration by clicking the word, register, on the left side.
2) You include First, Last name and a LOCAL PHONE NUMBER, which we use to call you and just ask if it is really you. You say, Yes, it was me that registered! We say, Thanks! Have a Great Day! ..and go get a cup of coffee.
3) We then approve the registration and the system sends you an email to congratulate you.
4) You receive the congratulations email, click on the confirmation link and you are activated.

This only needs to be done once ever. I apologize for the steps necessary, but I can tell you that we have already identified and rejected 5 applications where someone used someone else's name, so it is necessary.

You can also upload a small photo of yourself, if you would like, but everyone can be completely confident that the person you are having the discussion with is exactly who they say that they are. That's the good part! It is a great tool for Good neighbors, and sponsoring communication and discussion is what it is all about! Questions? Give me a call: 234-2085

Now, Join the Club by Clicking Here, http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/discus/  and get into the Louisvillian Groove...

Give Me da News!
Please Bookmark this Link: http://louisvillenebraska.com/news/submit.htm
When you become aware of some interesting news that pertains to Louisville, Click Here, write a paragraph and click it off before you forget it. This automatically cues the news item for inclusion in the next Newsletter that is currently sent to more than 400 subscribers. Pretty good coverage for one little click!

Say about that new Car...
Remember, that next Thursday 10/31 is Alan's Birthday so make sure that you stop in and get a loan from him for a new Car! http://www.hsbonline.com/loans.htm  That is a great way to tell him Happy Birthday!

What the Cat Saw...

Hi Hardware Cat Fans!

That little gal at Blakes...
I have been hearing a lot lately about the doing's cross the way at Blakes. Seems that flower girl that used to hide in the back has now taken over half of the place!
I hear tell, that you can get breakfast and everything over there now.
Local breakfast connoisseur Steve Sherman, say that Laura girl does a real nice job, and works real hard at it.
I keep hoping for some nice mouse fritters on of these days, but well.. maybe not. Meowww.. 

Having fun, and Eating Bacon and Eggs south of the river....

Hank the Hardware Cat

mailto: [email protected] 


Computer John
Assistant Editor


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