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September 10, 2004

Damn Foolishness!!
We received this note from Bill Tempelmeyer, in response to our Aug 5th newsletter about the Weeping Water road work.(8/5 Newsletter)

I "Enjoyed the photographs regarding the paving of Main street in Louisville in September 2000.

"I recall the arguments for and against the original paving back in the late thirties.

In case you are wondering what were the arguments against paving, well for one thing the original old timers said, “It was just a bunch of damn foolishness” and that was the end of their reasons.

Some said it would not be good for the horses, others did not want to see the large old shade trees, that lined Main street, being cut down.

I recall watching the construction of the “new Post Office” in about 1946 and was wondering if any of your readers can recall what was there before the Post Office? (
Send Bill a Note)

As best I can recall it was one of Louisville’s original taverns, a rickety old wooden building that leaned towards the South or the North depend on the direction of the last wind storm.

Keep up the good word, we do enjoy."

If you haven't yet read the History as recalled by Bill, you must click here: http://www.louisvillenebraska.com/history/index.htm

LouisvilleNebraska.com - Historian
Bill Tempelmeyer

Your name: John Plucknett
Your news: B.U.I.L.D. MEETING MINUTES 9-7-04


Meeting Visitors:

Julie Hendricks: Came to request that BUILD take over the running of the “L ZONE”
promotion for the high school Basketball games. Maureen will poll the members and get back to Julie. Julie also expressed deep appreciation for the other monetary and non-monetary support that BUILD gives to the High School.

Joe Pittack:
Was welcomed into the group as the new owner of Blake’s Soda Fountain, Inc.

Linda Grunewald:
Was welcomed into the group as the new owner of Blake’s Floral.

Treasurer’s Report:

Will be held at the City Hall on 9-15 from 9-10 for Joe Pittack & Linda Grunewald. Nancy is to send flyers around for it.

SIGNAGE UPDATE: Discussed the new sign for the Hwy 50 sign on the west side of town. Trying to get the High School Art Students to do the work and BUILD pay for materials. Estimated cost would be $500. BUILD will be at the 9-8 City Council Meeting to discuss with City.

The first “BAH” to be held at Home State Bank on September 23rd from 5:00 ­ 7:00 PM. Open to all Main street owners & employees and invitations will be sent out. Purpose is to provide a “semi-social” setting to encourage Louisville Business Owners to network together and discuss city issues and opportunities. To be hosted jointly by BUILD and Home State Bank. Refreshments and snacks will be provided.


Due to some recent inquiries about economic incentives and help that Louisville has to offer, there was a “Fact Sheet” and a historical summary put together by John Plucknett and Dee Henry and was passed out to the members present. Some discussion followed about this program being specifically limited for use in the Downtown area. Anyone interested in this program or an application is to see Dee Henry at the City Offices.

LOUISVILLE “LB 840” ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FUNDS: This was also brought up and discussed among the group, and another “Fact Sheet” and a historical summary passed out by John Plucknett and Dee Henry. Some discussion followed about this program usable anywhere within Louisville and within 1 mile outside of the city limits. Anyone interested in this program or an application is to see Dee Henry at the City Offices.

NEBRASKA EDGE PROGRAM: John Plucknett also presented information about the Nebraska EDGE Program (to Enhance, Develop, and Grow Entrepreneurs). This is a program supported through the University of Nebraska and is run on a county wide basis. Right now Otoe, Nemaha, & Johnson Counties have a consortium that they have jointly supported this program for many years. They are inviting Cass County to join this consortium and the Cass County Nebraska Economic Development Council is considering this invitation.
This program offers 14 week courses to existing or potential entrepreneurs on how to grow an existing business or start a new business. The goal of this program is to develop a Business Plan that will either support the idea/concept, or shed light on why it wont work.
This program has been in existence for over 15 years across Nebraska and has been very successful.
John Plucknett will be the local liaison person for this through his membership on the CCNEDC.

NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY OCTOBER 5th, @ 7:30 AM at Senior Center.

John Plucknett, Secretary.

1st Annual Louisville Band
Golf Tournament!!!!
Sponsored by the Louisville Jaycees

Saturday, September 25, 2004
Fontenelle Hills Country Club - Bellevue
2:00 PMShot Gun Start
18 Holes - Golf Carts - Dinner - Prizes
Mulligans will be sold

Help the Louisville Band go to the
2004 Cotton Bowl !!!!!
Dallas, Texas
December 2004
$45.00 Single
$80.00 Couple
$160.00 Four-Some
Call Charlie Denson

For all of you folks out there that have no idea what a hamfest is; this is your chance to find out!! Amateur Radio, (not to be confused with CB ..please!!), is a wonderful hobby full of tradition and community service and an essential role to play under emergency conditions.
Click Here: http://www.aksarbenarc.org/

These are folks that simply love the technology and the adventure and the nostalgia of radio and what it has meant to mankind. Many many of todays inventions owe their beginnings to Hams that just had to mess around until they figured out how to make it work.
Click Here: http://www.aksarbenarc.org/

Seemingly normal people like Roger Behrns, and Myself are really Hams! ...(Who Knew?)

Tomorrow morning, wander on over to the Sarpy County Fair Grounds and you will find out!

Join Club Louisville
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Computer John
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