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July 8, 2005

Your Louisville Care Center
Special Note from Mark Leibman

The Louisville Community is facing a decision on Tuesday, July 12th.
Voters will be asked whether or not a bond should be issued to finance the construction of "Assisted Living" apartments.

The situation is much the same as it was 35 years ago, when citizens had to approve a bond issue for the initial construction of the Louisville Care Center. Then as now, the future could not be known and things were going on in the world that created a lot of uncertainty.

Perhaps it would pay to consider the things that we DO know:

1. Many long-time residents, including some pillars of the community, have had to move away when they could no longer stay in their own homes, yet were not ready for the nursing home. Assisted living facilities in other towns, away from friends and family, were the only solution.

2. Whether you look at demographic statistics on aging or in your own family or neighborhood, you can see the increasing need for elder care in all forms. By providing the full range of care from assisted living to traditional Long Term Care, the Louisville Care Center will be in a better position to meet the increased demand, to survive and thrive in the decades ahead.

3. It is no accident that towns with Care Centers and Assisted Living apartments have a richer variety of other medical services than towns with lower levels of elder care. Pharmacies and doctors and dentists come and go in some towns; they are more likely to stay in towns that support the full range of elder care.

4. What the citizens of Louisville began 35 years ago has turned into a masterpiece. The Louisville Care Center is renowned for its caring staff and its cleanliness. It has great leadership in the current administrative team, with both long tenure in key positions and a vibrant new vision at the top. The current team led the drive to become Medicare certified, so that short term stays for rehabilitation after knee or hip surgery or other hospitalization can be covered by Medicare.
This is a first for the Louisville Care Center, and is entirely due to the efforts of a dedicated and talented management team. Financial results and occupancy rates have been on the rise since the current team got in place. The Advisory Board members are focused on the right things, paying attention, and working to improve the facility in every way.

5. The bond issue also provides significant and needed improvements to the existing Long Term Care portion of the facility. When you own a diamond, it pays to polish it every once in a while.
In short, the citizens of Louisville did a very good thing 35 years ago--now we have a chance to do another very good thing.

On July 12, if everyone does what they should, we will be able to say...
"The issue has been decided--Louisville won."

Mark Leibman,
former member,
Care Center Advisory Board

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