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February 14, 2007

Valentines Day History

A Fish Story

With all the attention on History I am reminded that this Valentines Day 2007 marks a special anniversary for me personally.
I am sure each of you has a similar memory.

10 years ago today, February 14, 1997 I woke up in Moscow.
I traveled there to have dinner with my future Father and Mother in law.

That morning I faced one of loves greatest tests in the form of an orange mound of sparkling gelatinous substance offered to me on a beautiful breakfast platter by my future bride to be.

I remember the look of excitement, pride and great anticipation in her eyes as she entered the room with this magnificent treasure, this elegant breakfast fit for a King or a very honored guest.
I am sure that this represented a significant investment, not only in her time and care, but financially. As I studied her eyes, and shared her happiness I noticed a scent that I remember to this day...

..something was not right..
..there was a problem here..

I felt my heart pulse shooting up, not with excitement at this special romantic moment, but with fear .

A thin slice of pumpernickel bread was prepared for me spread with this expensive orange sparkling delight , and I very gratefully and admiringly took a big old bite .

...... oh no ...

They say that as you face the final moments of your life, and the end is inevitable that your life flashes before your eyes. I think that this has to do with the slowing of time at such critical moments when your mind shifts into warp drive. This was one of those moments.

That bite started down the pipe, and the now clear and unmistakable, and undeniable scent of bait filled the nostrils... time stood still.

I don't remember the struggle very clearly, but my mind like a field general was commanding that bite to continue down, don't make a fuss, maintain an even strain soldier,.. but the rest of me was in mutiny.
I traveled 1/2 way around the world, now was not the time to make a bad impression.

She was watching my face for my reaction. (gulp)
The battle was over, that bite was down.

" Here, we have lots more, and it is all for you!! " my fiancee announces as the next slice is prepared with a huge scoop this time.

This was the defining moment, I said; " Irina, I hate Caviar "
I fully expected that I would be hitchhiking my way back to the airport.
Instead she smiled and said; " Me Too! "

" All Russians know that all Americans love Caviar!
You guys can't get enough of it, ...so what's with you?

The message that I leave you on this Valentines day is that good communications is the essential key to happiness.

No matter who you plan to spend your life with, or what kind of adventures are in store for the both of you, you have to be able to say what you truly feel, and listen or there is no hope for your happiness.
Talk to your Valentine! (How bad can it be?)

Happy Valentines Day!


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