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April 18, 2007

Mega Trivia Mania!
The Biggest Louisville Trivia Event
in the last 150 Years begins less than 50 hours from Now!

As the tension builds, team members are beginning to show signs of
Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
as the specter of a wrong answer, and early contest elimination furrows the brow.

This Trivia Spectacular has grown, and grown since it was suggested by BUILD President Teri Scholting as a fun way to celebrate our 150 year Birthday. Now with 10 Teams and more than 40 contestants this Clash of the Louisville Trivia Gladiators can barely fit in the High School Gym.
As the list of prizes, and the stakes increase the anticipation builds to a fever pitch!

Given the amazing, (read scary), rate that interest has increased in her Trivia contest idea, we have politely asked Teri to limit any future ideas to no more that 1 a year!

There have been several instances of trash talking, and verbal bantering as the Teams each seek to gain an early psychological advantage.

When asked if these challenges were intimidating Captain Dee Arias, of the City Hall-Stars
squints her eyes, and says in that steely cold voice;

".....bring it on....."

The spotlight is truly on Paul Pankonin as the contest moderator and author of the critical trivia questions. Paul has organized the contest into Matches that will be 50 Questions, or 10 Minutes (whichever comes first) including a mix of Standard Trivia Questions, and Louisville Trivia, a Time Keeper and a Score Keeper and rules to maintain order.

Teri Scholting, writes in our Louisville Discussion Forum:

Are "YOU" up to the challenge??

Who will win? Will it be "The City Hall Stars?" "The Final Four?" "The Good Ole Time Gal's?" Or another one of the "Top 10 teams"? You decide...Buy a "chance", choose your favorite team!

Louisville’s 150 Year Trivia Challenge Teams:

American Family’s “Final Four”
Dennis Barnes
Phil Pankonin
Terri Scholting
Marian Johnson

Blake’s Pharmacy
Ralph Welte
Bill Nessen
Jim Johnson
Brad Johnson

Caring Buddies (LCC)
Margaret Henson
Pat Buzzard
Verla Schliefert
Ed Kasl
Alternates: Lei Smith and Jerry McClun

City Hall-Stars
Alan Mueller
Dave Pankonin
Cheryl Knutson
Dee Arias

GOOD ole’ TIMES girls
Marguerite (Williams) Streeter
Virginia (Tyo) Knutson
Bay (Heard) Reveillac
Mary (Biggs) Terry

Home State Bank
Trudy Sutton
 Linda Gaebel
 Lori Gray
 Andy Mixan

Louisville Antiques
Gary Buskirk
Ella Reichart
Pete Sutton
Marvelle Hansen

The Whole Fam-Damily
Bill Wegener
 John Ahl
 Mary Tietjen
 Jack Mayfield

Ash Grove Know it Alls
Dave Tietjen
Max Heard
Bob Dobbs
Roger Gaebel

GOOD ole’ TIMES boys

Come on out, bring your friends! Bring your family! It's the biggest event of the year!

Win FABULOUS Prizes!!
The prizes are piling up for Louisville's 150 Year Trivia Challenge. Remember - your $5.00 admission gets you five chances to win fabulous prizes if you pick the winning team!!! Extra tickets can be purchased throughout the evening. Some of the prizes are: Movie Basket from Farmers Bank of Cook, Gift Basket from Coop de Ville, Atlas and Hat from American Family Insurance, 2 Steaks from Jeff's Jack & Jill, 2 Lunches from Art Chicks, $10 Gift Certificate from Subway, $65 Gift Certificate from Main Street Cafe, Lunch Buffets and Pizzas from Gambino's, two $50 Gift Certificates from Taylor Quik Pik, a $39.95 VIP Treatment for your car from Copple Chevrolet-GMC, and a $79.00 VIP Treatment car detail from Copple Chevrolet-GMC. And the prizes are still coming in! There will also be a mini bake-sale at the Trivia Challenge, in case you don't have time for dessert before you get there!! Oh, I forgot....there is a prize here from Salon Envy that includes haircare products. We just got another prize from the new Mane Street Salon!! Haircare products and a $23 Gift Certificate for a haircut/shampoo/set!!

In addition to the fabulous prizes you can win, don't forget what this is all about! "ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TOWARDS OUR SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS DISPLAY" to be held in honor of Louisville's 150th anniversary celebration during Louisville Daz on May 26th! There will be free admission to the fireworks display for the entire community because of this fundraiser!
BUILD appreciates any and all donations! Thank you!

Don't miss out! there.. or be square...

Friday, April 20, 2007 6:30PM, Louisville High School's Old Gym

$5.00 admission fee at the door get's you 5 "chances" to select your favorite "Ringer Team"!

All proceeds will go towards Louisville's 150th Anniversary's Grand Fireworks Display to be held Saturday May 26, 2007

Sponsored by B-U-I- L-D (Businesses United In Louisville's Development)

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