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May 23, 2007

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oldest cottonwood tree in the area is damaged
( rumored to be the oldest Cottonwood tree in the State of Nebraska )

Intrepid reporter Irina Harrington gets an exclusive scoop on this "breaking" story!
Working diligently Dan Henry, Randy Payne and our City Heros worked with extra diligence knowing that storms, and heavy rains are forecast for this area.
The recent Louisville Trivia contest reminded everyone that the largest loss of life in the history of Louisville, came about when this creek flooded back in 1923
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Taking no chances, the crew quickly set about to clear the fallen tree clogging the creek, and clear the way for....

Louisville Daz!!
Louisville, Nebraska
is celebrating its
150th Anniversary
We invite everyone to join the
Louisville Daz Celebration
on Saturday, May 26
Louisville Daz is sponsored by the
Louisville JayCees and B.U.I. L.D.

7:00 -10:00 a.m. Biscuits and Gravy at the Senior Center
9:00 am – 4:00 pm Craft and vendor booths on Main Street
9:00 am – 4:00 pm Cutest Baby Contest
10:00 am Tractor pull on Main Street
10:00 am Moon walk for children and
“drippin’ wet water balloon wars”

Food vendors include: Boy Scouts burgers & hot dogs
and various others during the day

2:00 pm Parade on Main Street
with dancing entertainment and demonstrations by parade participants immediately following the parade

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Tours of the Louisville Care Community

All Day Entertainment Court
( Copple’s Parking Lot 3rd and main )
Guitar Hero, Dance-Dance Revolution
Jaycees’ D.J.
and Dance

Louisville Volunteer Fire Department Bar-b-que

Visit local businesses which include specialty shops, antique shop, art gallery, or restaurants such as an old fashioned soda fountain, family restaurant, dairy cream, pizza, and sub shop.

Special Fireworks Display!!!

in the Louisville school football field at dusk!!

“Produced in part by a grant from the Cass County Visitor Promotion Committee”

Help Us Celebrate
our first 150 Years!!

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All comments will be saved, reviewed and considered, so this is your chance to say what you think!
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Hey, Life is Better Here!
If you are among the geographically challenged that happen to live somewhere else...
Come and Join Us! Easy as 1, 2, 3..... 4
Select a lot in our new Subdivision, drive down and check it out,
get a loan then buy some firewood!
you too can experience the Better Life!

Having Fun and Parading on Main Street South of the River
Computer John

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