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May 30, 2007

***L o u i s v i l l e Sp a r k l e s***
Louisville Daz 2007
co-sponsored by the Louisville Jaycees, and the BUILD Group

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The clouds parted, the floats rolled and the parade began with cheering, waving and smiling kids running for candy!!!

Dee and Nancy, and members of the BUILD Events committee gave us a smooth, flawless and memorable parade!

The Louisville Daz parade 07 was predicted by every single weather man to be a rain-out.
fortunately a weather forecast in Nebraska, in May is not worth much

Click here, for all the wonderful parade photo's
provided by Sharon Carrasco - Held

At the conclusion of this special day was the amazing Fire Works display that followed the Alumni Banquet.

Last minute negotiations between BUILD and 2 professional Fireworks companies, made it possible.

I had the chance to speak to the artist behind the special display. Todd Morris.
Todd owns a company called Night Vision Fireworks and he prefers to refer to himself as a "shooter".

The display that stopped people on Highway 50, amazed campers in the parks and delighted our Louisville Alumni's covered the sky with an amazing
Purple and Gold light for close to 40 minutes.

Todd explained that this was the work of 9 crew members, he was worked with them for many years.

" The most difficult part, besides avoiding the early rain drops, was the extremely short notice. An event like this, I like to provide a year of preparation, especially when special colors, such as the Lions's Purple and Gold are required, that can be a real challenge." says Todd, "Teri was great to work with!"

The fireworks display was the culmination of an idea offered by BUILD president Teri Scholting, funding was provided by the Trivia/History contest event, and a matching grant from Home State Bank.
The goal was to really show our returning Alums and the whole area what a proud and progressive City Louisville has become after only 150 years. What it proves is that a small City can do big things with people that have the right attitude.

It was explained to me that the commercial value of a display this size was $16,000 and we saw every penny of that in the night sky Saturday evening.

Here are your Louisville Daz Photos:

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Having Fun and Remembering Fireworks South of the River
Computer John

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