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June 20, 2007

New Water Mains!
After meeting with the residents of Depot Street and discussing their concerns, the City is moving as quickly as possible to install the long awaited water mains connecting the new water wells and the new water treatment plant.

The goal for years has been to provide Louisville residents with some of the best darn water, this side of the Platte. What you see is the next step in getting that done.
The Honorable Mayor Mueller gave me some of his time this afternoon to assure us that the inconvenience of construction, will be as short as possible and every effort is being made to accommodate residents and businesses for what should be 2 weeks at most. No guarantee, but probably less than 2 weeks.
Click Here to see:

Access to Gambino's Pizza, Quick Pik, Bank of Cook, Subway and the Car Wash is open so get in there and buy stuff.
Lets help these guys through this couple of weeks

Mayor Mueller informs me that representatives of Burlington Northern railroad are considering using this period of down time to fix their tracks and make that bumpy patch smoother.
Wouldn't that be nice?)
If you happen to meet any Burlington-Northern folks, it might help to encourage them to seriously consider this opportunity

Louisville Volunteer Firefighters
Thanking our local Smoke-Eaters

The country had a real gut-check this week with the shocking news out of South Carolina. 9 Brave Firefighters died, Click Here doing their job. Last week a volunteer firefighter was fired-on by some cretin in Ashland Click Here so I guess there are more dangers then just the fire in fire fighting.

The best thing that we can do here, is to take a minute to honor and appreciate our own Louisville Volunteer Fire Fighters. It is just amazing to me when you consider that these guys risk their lives, give up their free time to protect us and buy Don't wait until God-forbid we have a tragedy of our own to say thanks to these brave neighbors.
Click Here
Hey, you might even consider becoming part of this brave bunch, Click Here

Buy a Volunteer Fire Fighter Lunch at Main Street Cafe!
Here is the current roster
Click Here>

Jaycees/Firefighters Auxililary
Fireworks Booth
Opens Monday, June 25th!!
Again this year, more than 20 people representing the combined volunteer forces of our hard working Louisville Jaycees and the Louisville Firefighters Auxiliary will offer a great assortment of Fireworks from the booth next to the Taylor Quick Pik.
Money raised from this sale, is divided between the Fire Fighters and the Jaycees.

This is the single most important fund raising event every year for our volunteer firefighters, and it pays for equipment, protective clothing, training, and supplies including expensive emergency rescue medical supplies.

Funds that the Jaycees raise go towards the Louisville Jaycees Scholarship fund, that will be awarded to our Louisville graduates for many years to come.

This year, there will be several select items offered with a Buy 1, Get 3 discount!!
Get More Bang for your Buck!
Instead of buying your 4th of July fireworks in Papillion or LaVista;
why not spend your dollars where you get the extra benefit of a well equipped Volunteer Fire Department, and help fund our college bound graduates!

Mark your calendar now,
Dinner a week from Friday is Spaghetti!!
Spaghetti Dinner
Louisville resident Deb Rhoads was in an auto accident resulting in multiple injuries and causing her to lose her source of transportation and wages for several weeks.
Deb has limited income and serious financial challenges to meet. She has given much time and service to our church. Please help us relieve some of her financial burdens by attending our spaghetti dinner.

Friday June 29th
5:00 - 7:00pm
Suggested donation $8.00
(no amount will be turned away)

United Methodist Church
222 Walnut Street
Louisville, NE

Dee's Corner
from the Desk of City Clerk Dee Arias
Commemorative Publications Honoring the Beginnings of Louisville are fast disappearing. The second order is almost sold out!! These books are for sale at the city office.

Also available at the city office are 150th anniversary T-shirts. The shirts feature the city logo and match the fabulous flags on Louisville's historic Main Street.

The books and T-shirts are $15 each with all proceeds going to the B.U.I.L.D. organization.

Dee Arias
City Clerk/Treasurer
City of Louisville, Nebraska
[email protected]

Common Sense is Not Common
Guest Editorial
by Mark Leibman

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
Robert Frost

When poet Robert Frost penned these words in the last century, he captured a world of
unexpected discoveries. While we appreciate the romantic aspects of the verse, it also
has value as an introduction to contrarian investing.

Many people invest at the wrong time, then sell at the wrong time to buy something else
at the wrong time. When you think of the massive capital that poured into glamour
growth stocks in early 2000, or gold in 1980 at the peak, or the massive capital that came
out of the stock market at the bottom in 2002 to be invested in bonds near their peak, it
seems clear that the ‘well-traveled road’ can lead to disastrous losses.
Conventional wisdom is not wise, and common sense is not common.

The human character traits that push a declining market down too far, and raise a rising
market to prices far in excess of fundamental value are exactly that - human character
traits. A whole new science, behavioral economics, is studying the phenomenon. Our
investment theory is, if markets tend to excess and people usually buy at the wrong time,
taking the road less traveled may make all the difference.

Certainly, in 2000 when it seemed as if everybody was buying Microsoft-Cisco-Intel-
Oracle-Qualcomm and the rest of the tech stocks, one who bought out-of-favor
stocks ended up with handsome gains in names like Union Pacific, Berkshire
Hathaway, and Commercial Federal - while those tech stocks got hammered.
One who bought out-of-favor junk bonds like Level 3 and Calpine at discounts of
30 to 70 cents on the dollar (from 2002-2005) ultimately enjoyed high yields and
generous gains.

One who bought out-of-favor treasury bonds in 1982 after their worst performance
in history, when ‘the death of the bond market’ was on business magazine covers,
enjoyed 15% interest for twenty years.
Among the broad market sectors, history shows numerous examples of one year’s worst-performing sector becoming the next year’s best performer - and vice versa.

“The first shall be last and the last shall be first."

There are no guarantees in the investment markets, and past performance does not
guarantee future results. Out-of-favor investments may lose value, and what seems
cheap may become cheaper. Nevertheless, by choosing the road less traveled, we may
increase our possibilities.

Leibman Financial Services, Inc.
(402) 234-2337 or (800) 550-6275
e-mail [email protected]
fax (402) 234-2667
Securities sold through
Linsco/Private Ledger, a registered broker/dealer and investment advisor
Member NASD/SIPC © 2007 Leibman Financial Services, Inc

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