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August 29, 2007

Louisville Library
..It's Cool Man..
One of the many cool features that the City provides it's residents is the Louisville Library.

Since 1901 the City Library has been providing resources that improve the quality of life for it's residents and that tradition continues with new energy today. 
( Click Here to see the current Library Board, Hours, and General Info )

Clearly the best deal in town is the Louisville Library Card. For the cost of free, you have access to thousands of, books, magazines, and now a broad and growing assortment of DVD's that include some of the most popular new movies.

Finishing up the summer reading program, entitled "Get a Clue" at your public library, Ruth is selecting new books in preparation for the exciting Fall Reading Program. (Details Soon)

"We have our regular frequent visitors, avid readers stocking up on paperbacks, students with their research and regular groups from 2 local day care centers." says Librarian HLavac.

With the recent gift from Carla Knott and the Farmers Bank of Cook, the Library was able to take part in the BUILD WireLess Louisville Initiative and now has free Hi-Speed Broad Band Wireless Internet access for it's visitors.

Louisville Librarian Ruth Hlavac explains that Park visitors, and campers regularly visit the Library to check email, or do a Google search on a fishing lure. She has also observed that the
Air Conditioning is very popular as well.
You can now send our librarian an email at the most obvious email address:
[email protected] that nobody could forget.

Give a gift that will stand the test of time
Louisville Proudly Features the

Worlds Highest Quality Custom Engraved Stones

Plan now for special Anniversaries or a Christmas card that Rocks!
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Hope Rocks!

Simply FYI:
From the Desk of Superintendent Kasl
School is underway at Louisville.  Initial enrollment numbers are as follows:
Pre-School 19
K-5 Elementary 220
6-8 Middle School 117
9-12 High School 162
Total first day enrollment 518
Ed Kasl, Supt.

Friday our Lions
Host the
Cougars 7PM
Be A Booster and Cheer on our Lions!

View Professional Photo's of Last Fridays Football Game
Click Here

From Our Friends to the West:
Elmwood Murdock "Local" riders are encouraged to join the "Local Fun Race" as part of " ElMur Fest" on September 8th.  The Local Fun Race is for non-professional bike riders.  It goes from Elmwood to Murdock and back.  Registration costs $10, and that gets you a T-shirt.  To participate, complete a registration at the "ElMur Fest" registration desk on the day of the race by 9am.  Bike Helmets are Required

...Summer Comes to a Close...
Thanks for all the Memories!
This weekend, we celebrate the last great excuse for a barbecue before we have to start shoveling snow again.
Labor day, is the only national holiday that has absolutely no strings attached.
This next Monday the sheer glory of under-achieving is held up as an inspiration for us all.
Labor Day is a celebration of goofing off, and so be it!
Even John Plucknett is forced to take a day off.

Hammocks, and hamburgers, and possibly even a cold frosty beverage should mark this day. Just don't do any work.

Hey, we made it to Football Season!!!!
Nebraska vs Nevada
The Big Red Machine takes the field Sat at 2:36PM
Click Here

V i s i t t h e Li o n s D e n
Get all the latest on our Louisville Lions at
Provided by Mike Krambeck and Krambeck Photography
View and purchase professional photos of our athletes (Click Here) that will provide a lifetime of memories, and help support the fine work of Mike and Pam

..and Now,.. for the REST .... of the story..
get all the real Cass County news at
Provided by the good folks at the Plattsmouth Journal

Louisville Birthdays,
Anniversaries, Celebrations
 and Special Announcements
this will be a now be regular feature in this weekly newsletter, send your announcements to [email protected]

- Saturday -
Our City Mom
is celebrating her birthday on
Saturday September 1st!
Send a Happy Birthday Congratulations to:
Dee Arias!
Click Here

-and Sunday -
Dick Crofton of Louisville
will be celebrating his 80th birthday with
an open house on Sunday, Sept. 2nd from 2 - 5 p.m at the Senior Center at 423 Elm St. Louisville, NE.

The event will be hosted by his children, Randall Hansen of Lincoln,
Eldon & Sandy Hansen of St. Louis, MO,
Robert Hansen of Omaha and
Jerry & Sandy Latham of Springfield and grandchildren.
Hope to see you there!
If unable to attend, you may send a card to:

Richard Crofton.
P.O. Box 69
Louisville, NE 68037

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you too can experience the Better Life!

From the Editor
Paradyne Shift
It has been an interesting decade!

I remember arriving in Louisville in 1997 and asking where the laundromat was, and who the local Internet service provider was. Well, I found the Laundromat ok, but I got a universal deer-in-the-headlights response to the request for internet access. It turned out that the closest Point-of-Presence for the Internet was Lincoln, and that was a long distance telephone connection. I later discovered that everything was a long distance call, even 3 miles to the north side of the Platte.

10 years later what a pleasure it is to sit in the Main Street Cafe, or lounge in the Library and sip free Hi-Speed wireless internet with my Laptop. Life is Good!
I literally have access to the Library of Congress or the Smithsonian Museum  from our Louisville Library

Here is a bit of Trivia to Ponder:
As of June 10, 2007, 1.133 billion people where using the Internet world wide.
As of July, 2007, the world's population had reached over 6.6 billion.
That basically says that here in August 2007 1 in every 5 people with a pulse use the Internet.
I mean that includes the remotest reaches of Africa, and Asia and even Fridley, Minnesota
Hey, all that in about 10 years! When in history has there ever before been such a dramatic increase in the ability for people to communicate, and access knowledge any time, anywhere?

It may just be, that these days we are living are actually the Good Old Days, we just haven't noticed yet! - Stay Tuned!

Having Fun and Goofing Off South of the River
Computer John
mailto:[email protected]

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