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October 17, 2007

N ico Lemmers and Tom Osborne
Both are TV News Items Tonight!
You may not have heard of that Osborne guy, but everybody knows Nico.
Nico Lemmers is one of the Louisville Football Lions best known personalities, a talented, durable, explosive runner and a big part of the teams exciting 2007 season!
Click Here for Details
Tonight 9PM on KPTM 42 they will air yesterdays JJ Davis exclusive interview
For this late breaking Louisville news, visit LouisvilleLions .com
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Benefit Pool Tournament
for Marnie Goodman
Sunday - 1PM at Good Times
Marnie is a local gal that suffered a stroke and could
really use some community support at this time.
Cory and Mandi are the hosts and they are sponsoring this special fun and important event
Click Here:>
Don't wait, Call to Sign Up Now, or Click Here to email Mandi

Football Game Site Changed (10-16-07)
Elmwood-Murdock officials announced Wednesday morning that Thursday's District 5 Championship football game between the Knights and the Louisville Lions has been moved to Abel Stadium on the campus of Nebraska Wesleyan University, 56th Street and Huntington Avenue. Weary Field features FieldTurf(TM) that, with the recent rains, made the decision to move an easy one. Kick-off is still set for 7:00. Please note that parking will need to be in residential areas as Wesleyan officials do not encourage on-campus parking.

Thursday L o u i s v i l l e Travels to Elmwood
According to the Lions Den: C-2, District 5 championship game next Thursday! Louisville travels to Elmwood to take on the Knights of Elmwood-Murdock,
each team unbeaten in district play .

“What better way to end the regular season but to have two teams fighting for a district title,” said Coach Johnson.
Read More> Click Here

Public Forum for discussion of Louisville Water Issues
Date is set for November 28 at the Fire Barn
Click Here:

South Bend Re-Roofing Village Hall
The Village of South Bend requests bids for removing and re-roofing of the Village Hall.
Bids need to include break out of removal cost, re-sheeting, shingling, when the job can start, and expected time of job.

Bids will be opened at the Village Board Meeting on November 7, 2007 and
need to be received by 12:00 clock CDT on Wednesday November 7, 2007. Mail bids to P.O. Box 68, South Bend, NE 68058.

Contractors must be bonded and provide proof of insurance upon bid acceptance.
The point of contact for the project is Pat Cunningham at 402-944-2349.

V i s i t t h e Li o n s D e n
Get all the latest on our Louisville Lions at
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Louisville Birthdays,
Anniversaries, Celebrations
 and Special Announcements
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Bret Belter is having a Birthday!!!
Friday October 27th
Provided by Jim & Teresa Belter

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From the Editor
Mower is Back
Well the mower got fixed, and it is raring to go! If it stops raining.

I have heard that farmers are having a hard time, onacounta this is the wettest October in recorded history. Crops did very well this year, now they just gotta dry out for a couple days, so they can get them out of the fields.
Everybody is getting kinda tired of all the rain.

Here is something to dwell on for a minute
; we are one week away from the 10 year anniversary of the Monster October Snow Storm that brought the area to it's knees.
October 24-26, 1997
Remember? Click Here  I sure remember.

I was in a crummy little apartment on 2nd and Walnut. I was amazed at  the quiet, that morning, it was dead quiet. Nothing was moving. Just these loud cracks as branches couldn't stand the weight of the snow any more, and Bang! Radio was saying hunker down, don't even think about going no where.

I was struck by something else, everybody seamed to know just what to do. Larry at the Hardware store, was staking snow shovels on his side walk, Jeff across the street was clearing a path, (
how the heck did he even get in to open the store? Police, ambulances and hummers were getting stuck!), coming from the big City my reaction was, sit tight and let somebody get this mess all straightened out.

What I saw was that somebody, was us!

Everybody just got busy and pitched in! (
Weird) There was nobody with a bull horn giving directions, there was no need. Listen to all those chain saws starting up!

Everybody just knew their bit.. Everybody just knew everybody else, there was no panic, everybody and pitched in..
I guess this is how they do things in a small town, in Nebraska

Kinda Nice!

Hey, Larry, ..hand me one of those Snow Shovels..

Having Fun and Waiting for the Snow South of the River
Computer John
mailto:[email protected]

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