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October 24, 2007

L i o n s F o o t b a l l
takes on Last Year's C -2 State Champion Trojans
Tomorrow, Thursday 10/25 in Wakefield, NE
Read all the Latest, Click Here, from the Lions Den
Click Here for a Printable 2007 Playoff Bracket
Provided by Mike Krambeck and Krambeck Photography

Re-Cycling Breakthrough Announced!
  With the Whole World Debating Alternative Energy and Re-Cycling Scenarios
it is the Little Community of Louisville that takes a leadership position.
Congratulations Ash Grove!

Ash Grove has been given permission from the state of Nebraska to utilize Tire Derived Fuel at our Louisville plant. The process leading to the approval has been a long one and many folks from Ash Grove were involved. 
The Omaha World Herald is conducting and poll today on its website asking whether or not we should be allowed to use TDF, which can replace up to 30 percent of the coal used in Louisville.  It will also mean that the plant can dispose of about one million scrap tires a year - in a state where 1.8 million scrap tires are produced annually.
We would like to encourage you to click on the link here scroll down to the bottom and then vote in the poll to show our support for the company's sustainability efforts.
Alan Mueller
Senior Vice President
[email protected]

Spooky Saturday in Cedar Cr...EEEEEk!!
Haunted Hollow at the City Park in Cedar Creek
Saturday, 10/27 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Click HERE for details!!

New Books and CD's

Recently purchased titles are now available for checkout! 
They include:  Trilby by Diana Palmer, Where Angels Go by Debbie Macomber, The Choice by Nicholas Sparks, and Playing for Pizza by John Grisham.  You can also check out The Choice by Nicholas Sparks on CD. Come check out our huge selection of books on cassette and CD!!!!!  Also, recently purchased DVDs are available for checkout and they include Evan Almighty, Surfs Up and Transformers. Our regular hours are 10-12 and 1:30 - 5pm Monday and Friday, 1:30 - 6pm on Wednesday and 8:30-12 on Saturday.  Please come check us out!
Email the Library at [email protected]
Thank you!!
 Lisa Sheehan

Safe Driver Seminar
Posted by Terri Scholting on Tuesday, October 23, 2007

American Family Insurance Agent, Terri Scholting is sponsoring a Teen
Safe Driver seminar for Louisville and surrounding communities at
Louisville High School on November 27, 2007, 6:30PM in the commons area.

The program employs DriveCam technology to capture audiovisual data
both inside and outside the vehicle whenever an incident of high risk
driving behavior occurs-sudden braking or acceleration, swerving, etc.
You may have seen this on Good Morning America, or the Today show as
we introduced it in other states. Now, it's coming to Nebraska.

An actual vehicle will be on display to demonstrate
DriveCam throughout the evening.
The teen safe driver program is free to all American Family auto
policyholders. We'll even pay for the quick and easy installation.
Visit for additional information. Or email [email protected] .
Even if you are not a current American Family insured
you are invited to come check out the program.
Click Here for Terri's Website

V i s i t t h e Li o n s D e n
Get all the latest on our Louisville Lions at
Provided by Mike Krambeck and Krambeck Photography
View and purchase professional photos of our athletes (Click Here) that will provide a lifetime of memories, and help support the fine work of Mike and Pam

..and Now,.. for the REST .... of the story..
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Louisville Birthdays,
Anniversaries, Celebrations
 and Special Announcements
this will be a now be regular feature in this weekly newsletter, send your announcements to [email protected]
Cheryl Knutson
is celebrating her birthday today!!
Wednesday, October 24th
Please Stop By and say: Happy Birthday!

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From the Editor
Sock Signals
Last Sunday morning we were a little slow getting started.

Obviously I blame Bill Callahan for this, as I was recovering from yet another painful Big Red Saturday. With my mind on foolish 3rd Down play calling, I selected some church clothes, and polished shoes and started getting dressed.

Hey! There was going to be a Free Pancake Breakfast following mass this morning, ( Hospitality Sunday ) and I was wondering if that included sausage links.

Anyways, I went to put on my socks, and noticed that my 2 brown socks,  ...had somehow became only one brown sock. ...hmmmmmmmm...

It has been my life long experience that the world of Newtonian Physics applies to all matter, except socks. Socks have the ability to slip through cracks in the time-space continuum, and re-appear in another time and place. Frequently!

After a frustrating 5 minute hunt, I concluded that it was not physics, it was senility.
I just imagined that I had grabbed 2 socks. Ok, then ..get another pair.

Mass was great, Ralph and the Choir were doing a pretty good job, and I am still wondering about the big sausage question.

You can start to smell the Pancakes getting ready!!

Afterwards, we are walking out to find the car and a I hear the desperate running steps of a breathless woman chasing me in the parking lot.
There is a strange
Tug on my pants!! She is about to hyper-ventilate as she holds up before my wide and confused eyes a brown sock ..

She says;
"I saw this when you went up for Communion , and I thought that it was a special signal of some kind..."    apparently I was sending out  this special signal to the whole congregation.  I wonder what my message was..

Ok, what I have learned from all this is YES!
Sausage WAS included in the Free Pancake Breakfast!

Having Fun and Counting my Socks South of the River
Computer John
mailto:[email protected]

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