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December 19, 2007

You are Specially Invited
  City of Louisville
H o l i d a y O p e n H o u s e
Friday, Dec. 21, 2007
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  City Hall, 210 Main Street
Louisville, Nebraska

Cookies & Refreshments will be served
There will be glad tidings, and modest frivolity

Lively and Festive Holiday Music Provided by our own
L o u i s v i l l e Hi g h Sc h o o l
Jazz Combo
beginning at 12:00 noon

Better than a Louisville Gift Card
Give Louisville Community Bucks!
Looking for a gift for that “hard to buy for” someone in your life?
Well, take the guess work out of gift giving this season and give that special
person a Community Bucks certificate. Community Bucks work just like a regular gift certificate
and are sold in denominations of $10 & $25.
They are redeemable at all participating Louisville businesses.
Stop by Home State Bank to purchase your Bank Bucks today!

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Ok, Folks, you have officially run out of time and you are now in FSM : Full Scramble Mode
You know your brother in law needs a new radiator, but they are tough to wrap...
Community Bucks - Perfect for NAPA

The Gals in your Bridge Club, are Dying to go back to Art Chicks...
Community Bucks - Perfect for Art Chicks

Your Hubby is Really getting tired of shoveling Snow...
Community Bucks - Perfect for Larry and Maureens Hardware Store

You know that your wife would just love an original Marxhausen Painting ...
Community Bucks - Perfect for the Louisville Art Gallery

That young lady that did an extra great Job with the Church Decorations...
Spoil her with a Latte in Style
Community Bucks - Perfect for Coop De Ville and Feathers

That neighbor that returned your Trash Can after the Raccoons carried it off...
Community Bucks - Perfect for Fudge at Blakes

You better get a fist full of these Click Here to Read More.
Hey, here are some more great Community Bucks ideas..

Need a last minute gift idea?
Here are a couple of local options:

1. Home-baked goodies from Main Street Cafe
2. A gift certificate to Main Street Cafe
3. A gift certificate to Good Times
4. A t-shirt or hoodie from Good Times
we just got a new order in last night!

H a p p y H o l i d a y s !

Shopping in Louisville is a great value in service and convenience and it helps keep our Community Strong!

A Note from Kari
During the Holidays when your family is home, please don’t forget to come and tour the Louisville Care Community.  The Care Center and Assisted Living facilities are anxious to give tours to community members and their families during this holiday season.
Please call Britany or Kari at 402-234-2125 and schedule a tour today! 

Angel Tree 2007- Success!
Posted by Heidi Warner on Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thank you to everyone that has picked out an Angel
from the Angel Tree at Home State Bank.

All the Angels have been taken, and I know some
have asked about how to continue to help.

Gloves, scarves, undergarments are always welcomed. Canned and boxed
food items are helpful. But even bath towels, or kitchen towels that
can be given to any family would be nice as well.
Any of these items can be left at Home State Bank, Jeff's Jack and Jill,
or at the Elementary school.

Cash donations are also welcome. With the money we collect, we will
give gift certificates to Jeff's Jack and Jill.

This is one way to truly help out in the community for the season!!

Thanks everyone!
You can reach me at 402-499-3123 if you have any questions
or want todrop off something with me.

Don't Dis the Dog!
Local Printer Snow Dog Printing has been adding equipment, technology and staff at an amazing rate this year ! The new features and capabilities of our home town Printer is staggering! Some of the newer equipment provide for printing and binding of complete books, and photo-quality hi-res reproduction.
When it comes to signs, if you can dream it up,
the dog can do.

It is Dis-couraging when people still assume they have to travel to Omaha for serious, difficult printing projects, when it is all right here, and comes with a regular Jeti-Master of Printing, Todd Ray to make sure everything is perfect.

So don't assume, that you have to go to Omaha.
Don't Dis the Dog - The Dog can Do!
Call Todd at Snow Dog 234-2611 and ask him what's New in Louisville!

...and now, a message from our sponsors...

Henry Motors
the areas best selection of
Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles

Unique Gift Ideas that Always Fit, and are Always a Hit
Christmas Spirit from Soaring Wings
Soaring Wings Wine Club

Shadow Lake Towne Center
Where Shopping is an Event!
Gift Cards - On Line!
http://www.shadowlakeshopping .com/giftc.asp

The Lofte Season Tickets Online
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Kids Tae Kwon Do  Classes
Speed, Balance Strength, Flexibility, Stamina
Limited Size Classes Forming Now
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Buy your Buddy a Blog
Give someone their own Blog site
Get them online, just in time for the 2008 Elections
Includes helpful tutoring as needed
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V i s i t t h e Li o n s D e n
Get all the latest on our Louisville Lions at
Provided by Mike Krambeck and Krambeck Photography
View and purchase professional photos of our athletes (Click Here) that will provide a lifetime of memories, and help support the fine work of Mike and Pam

Look Up Your Own Name!
The Cass Gram has an Online Feature that allows you to do a look-up
on News items that were published in past issues.
The Cass Gram is that handy, free single page news leaflet that you can
pickup at Subway, or Home State Bank
Click Here
enter any keyword, such as your last name to see what past news stories pop-up
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All comments will be saved, reviewed and considered, so this is your chance to say what you think!
Take The New Survey _to_build.htm

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Join Club Louisville
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Hey, Life is Better Here!
If you are among the geographically challenged that happen to live somewhere else...
Come and Join Us! Easy as 1, 2, 3..... 4
Select a lot in our new Subdivision, drive down and check it out,
get a loan eat dinner, then buy some firewood!
you too can experience the Better Life!

From the Editor
Card Shark

I was made to sit in the corner and write out everything I did this year.
Last time I was told to do that, there was a Nun with a Yard Stick scowling at me.

I was told that we received one page newsletters with family photographs from friends and relatives as Christmas Cards last year, so we had to keep pace.

It was further explained; this is how you can track to see if you are a good person, or not. The number of Christmas Cards you receive, should increase each year.

That shows that you are being good, onacounta bad
people don't get
C hr is tm as C ar ds . OK, Got It!

Kinda reminds me of what I was told would happen if Santa were to find out that I teased my little sister, ( the Weazle ), or I did not finish my lima beans.

...makes sense...

As you get older, you have to have to find new ways to keep score
and this time of year it is good to do a little accounting.
Tally your results. Be a Card Counter

This year, we seem to be sending more Christmas Cards to important people than normal. If you get a card back the following year, you can go tell people that you get a Christmas Card every year from the Mayor, or the Bank President, City Clerk.

Instant social status!!!

You should try that! Phone book is right there, Blakes still has cards, and you still have time! Not a lot, so hop to! Everybody likes to get a real Christmas Card.
(forget the goofy e-cards, that is so OVER)

Just don't everybody show up
at Allison's place at once...
she is one busy Gal this time of year!

Having Fun and Wearing my new Good Times Hoodie South of the River
Computer John
mailto:[email protected] ebraska.Com

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